••The Tribe Of Jade Souls••


Clip 4-2
Welcome stranger, I see you are as weary as they all are. do not be afraid, young one, for we do not hurt the innocent. Perhaps larger things wait for you here.. do you see a new life ...? Come now. Step inside. We welcome you...


You pad along a rugged trail. You are starving, your empty self-growls loudly, alerting the wilderness around you of your presence. Unknowing to your eyes, but open to your ears, a bush rustles. "Well, I welcome death!" you call out, your limbs buckling under yourself.'A hiss, a spit, and an awful pressure at your back. You writhe in pain, flinging the attacker off of yourself from instinct. It -she- slams you back down. "For you welcome death, but you will live, if that is so true what your heart yearns for" You slowly nod, your dull eyes narrowed. The she-cat allows you up, her mesmerizing blue gaze digging into your pelt.''"Well?" She hisses. "Umm. Well, what..?" You ask, confused. Her claws flex and she turns her nose up at you, taking you for an idiot. "Well, why are you in our territory!?" She spits at you, her white tail lashing. Suddenly a shadow fell upon the both of you and then a large lean looking jet black tom leapt down from the rocks above, landing lightly. his cold almost creepy looking green eyes surveying both you and the she-cat. "an intruder... our new celebrity..." His voice was soft and full of sarcasm and cold. you take the moment o suddenly start running, scrambling over the rocks and rough terrain. then you skid to a halt, for there was the black tom again, staring at you with an impassive expression in his unusual green eyes. The male said,"Don't run again. I am sure you will find the result... undesirable.." You glare at the tom and he smirked back at you. He then gazed at you before speaking again "well since a bumbling fool like you stumbled in here, then you might as well come see what we are about since it wouldn't be good if you were to die on our territory. " He turned and joined the she-cat as the two of them headed back the way you had just come. with a sigh you follow, curious about who these strange cats were. WIP
Clip 4-2


Clip 4-2

May 8th, 2016

Current Leader(s)


Status Inactive
Recruiting Not Currently
Member Count TBD
Species Felis Catus (Feral Cat)
Camp TBD
Orientation Neutral
Tag Color Green
Badge Symbol ?
Theme Song Being Decided


In every clan there are rules we must follow. These are here to help us stay orgonized. Read them over carefuly, for if you break one, you will be punished. It may be severe, or it may be small. It depends on what rule you break.

OC Limit

Multiple oc's per each account is getting overwhelming, so we've decided to cut it down to 2 oc's per person. If you have more than 2 oc's right now, please choose your most vital ones, or we will choose for you. You must also use those two oc's equally. There is no point in making an oc that you will never use.


If you fail to respect your Leader, and higer ranks, severe punishment will follow your actions accordingly. These felines have fought hard to gain their ranks, your life should respect them.

●Stress & Pestering●

Most certainly do not put stress on your Leader. Your Leader already has enough on their list, and don't need your stress on top of that. Do not pester them to do clan, as they have lives outside of Animal jam.


Power playing includes but is not limited to using any other language than english, fake anatomy, ignoring another enemies moves, and claiming to have powers ESPECIALLY without a reason.This is not tolerated in any form here and you can be punished for it.


drama can be a big part of Clanning, but it can also be the worst thing about it. Most clans do evolve around drama, but most drama is very sutle and doesn't affect the entire clan. Still here in the Tribe, we don't like drama of mostly any kind. That is why we only allow 2 events of drama per week. We need to remember that drama can and will stress people out and/or cause more issues than thought of.


Verbal Warning

A verbal warning consequence isn't major and is frequently given for those who make minor mistakes. You will just speak face to face about where you've done wrong and clear up any nonesense. 

Public Humiliation

Public humiliation comes after verbal warning. A public humiliation will be something wrong you have done that gets mentioned infront of your peers.

Bound to Camp

This often happens if you act wreckless and kit-like outside or within our camp. You will be forced to stay within the camp area. This punishment can run anywhere from a day to a full moon.

Torn Ear &/or Tail

We bay be on the neutral side of things, but if the case is severe enough, we will not hesitate in tearing your ear or tail clean off. It will often be done infront of your fellow clan members, and be comitted by the deputy.


Depending on your actions, you could be demoted from your current rank you have. This will last as long as our leaders choose. If demoted to an apprentice, you will be given a mentor to punish you for your actions and teach you what it truely means to be a warrior here in ShadowClan once again


We exile people for only a several reasons, and they are mainly for out of character actions. This includes Double-Grouping.


Death is the darkest punishment, and will happen within roleplay. It may often be a full-clan mauling. You will be torn at and picked apart by your fellow clan members. And after the deed is done, you may never returne to our humble Tribe.


Quartz Teller


[ Challengable by Protectors ]

'The Quartz is the highest rank in the Tribe. they are in charge of everything from recruiting new members to leading us into war. 'They double as a shaman, therefore are also in charge of tendening to the ill and wounded.

Name Username Mate Description
Soon to be decided to be decided



[ Unchallengeable ]

Second in charge after the Quartz Tellers. The Tribe here has two Protectors so there is always one on during roleplay sessions. In charge of patrols, warrior meetings and apprentice training.

Name Username Mate Description

'♦Cave Guards


[ Earned ]

'Full grown cats who protect  the Tribe. These cats do border patrols, and keep the area free of threats. Seniors are some of the most respected cats, and are to be treated with full respect. To become a Senior you must be active within us for atleast 3 months. This means you come to roleplay sessions every week.

Name Username Mate Description

Wolf That Howls at Dawn


Catsanddogs58104 Hushuzu A long haired storm grey tabby tom with dark bluish eyes. He is described as very bold and out-going, but cold when you first meet him. He also has a missing right back leg.
Tangled Web That Spins Through The Night (Tangled) Ninjagirl01 N/A A slender she-cat with a large right ear and and torn left ear. She is a grey Abyssinian cat. She has large yellow eyes, she also has a tiny claw mark shaped scars on the side of her left cheek.

'♦Prey Hunters


[ Earned ]

Full grown cats who  provide for the Tribe. These cats do hunting patrols, and keep us fed through no-leaf. Seniors are some of the most respected cats, and are to be treated with full respect. To become a Senior you must be active within us for atleast 3 months. This means you come to roleplay sessions every week.

Name Username Mate Description
Vine Where Snakes Slither (vine) Eagle27751 Dawnstar A slender, broad shouldered black and dark gray tom with snake like green eyes. He is a cross between Norwegian long haired and a serval/savannah cat and described as great complexity, whose coldly sarcastic and controlled exterior conceals deep emotions and anguish.He has the strength of character to realize his mistakes, even though it's hard for him to admit it. But he will always try to correct them.He has a harsher conscience than most cats and He is very stubborn because he stands for his principles and does not accept to lower them. He has no patience for complete idiots, evil cats or cats he knows are trying to deceive him. He sees the wrongs and this keeps him from sliding in evil. He tends to state his mind simply and clearly, without diplomacy.His honesty and sincerity (especially with cats close to him) earn him the respect he is direct with opinions. He is very polite though and respectful. Though cold and distant by nature, Vine displayed his loyalties through a clever deception for his tribe.

Owl that Flies Over Snow (Owl)

Vlb123 Mindyourownbuisness12 Owl is a pure white she-cat with a black mark on her head that a group of cats called the crows gave her. She has bright blue eyes and can be quiet at times.

Fox that Scales Cliffs (Fox)

Fidget04 Ni4376 Fox is an orange rag-doll cat, sporting beautiful blue-green eyes. She has black markings on her fur, giving her the appearance of a small Fox.



[ Earned ]

To-be's are the young Guards or Hunters of The Tribe of Jade Souls. They are 6 moons old and are training to hunt orfight. They must treat their mentors with the upmost respect, and listen to their orders.

Name Username Mate Description

Milk-Givers and Kits

[ Earned ]

Milk-Givers- The expecting or already birthed she-cats of the Tribe that give us our newest members. They get to eat first along side the Quartz Teller, and elders. They deserve respect and the To-Be' are in charge of seeing to their needs.


Kits- The youngest cats in the Tribe who will grow to become Guards or Hunters. Can not leave the camp until 4 moons old. Become To-Be's at 6 moons


Name Username Mate Kits Description
Name Username Description



[ Earned ]

Retired Hunters or Guards who have served the Tribe well. Must be respected and taken well care off. To-Be's are in charge of seeing to their needs.

Name Username Mate Description

Cats outside of the Tribe♦


Name Username Mate Description

●Spirit Guides●

Spirit Guide information Edit

Your spirit guide is the animal or thing your character is. It represents you and has all elements of you, and what you need to overcome. They may communicate with you, you may be able to change into them, you may have increased abilities, and they may come to you as omens. Spirit guides can range from many many things. Make sure your spirit guides are honestly your oc, don't make them super op, like a supernova spirit guide who rules the world. Most often, our spirit guide is connected with our name, although many find their spirit guide separately. The most common spirit guides are spirit animals, and they are the easiest to work with. If you do not find a spirit guide, that is because your spirit guide never found you. Everyone finds one eventually though.

Spirit Guides Edit


Owl's spirit guide- Glass

Glass Edit

Owl's spirit guide, an ice- looking snowy owl with bluish white feathers and almost looks transparent, like glass. Glass is a rare sight and has many unknown relationships with Owl that flies over snow. In owl's dreams, she is a pure transparent ice owl. In the world, she appears as a snowy owl with white feathers that flicker blue and icy often.

Fire fox by deviantroze-d5cxv8u-0

Fox's spirit guide- Kasai


Kasai Edit

Fox's spirit guide, a fiery-looking red fox with a flaming pelt that looks as though it could burn right through you. Kasai is a rare, yet stunning sight, and very few people have laid eyes on her. She has a strong bond with Fox that scales cliffs. Fox often see's her fiery friend in her dreams, where Kasai will show her omens and shaky visions. If you see Kasai in the real world, she will look like a lithe red fox with bright red fur, and glowing amber eyes, that look as though they are a-blaze themselves.