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This tribe is up for adoption because the leader has abandoned it. Please contact Derpy Hooves' Apprentice on her message wall if you want to adopt it.

In this Tribe, it is fight or take flight. Like it or not, you're never changing it.


You lay along the muddy shore of a swamp, resting near the surface. The warm, damp air touches your fur, making you feel hot and tired. A malamute greets you with the following words, "Hello, newcomer. I am Starla, leader of the Tribe That Takes Flight. You seem like you need rest. Come on, I'll help you." You were so tired, but you followed Starla anyway. She lead you to a den with Sof and comfortable beds. She had fed you prey, and took good care of you. "We are a pack of peace. If you decide to join, it is fight or take flight. It is your decision to join." You touched muzzles with the malamute, and rested.




Alpha- The leader of the Tribe. Gives orders to the Beta and keeps the Tribe in shape.

Beta- The second in command. Organizes patrols and is future leader.

Healer- Heals the sick and injured with specific herbs.

Warriors- The hunters and fighters of the Tribe. 12 months old or more.

Apprentices- The hunters and fighters, maybe even healers in training. Are expected to take care of the Tribe. Under 12 months.

Pups- The youngest of the Pack. They are under 6 months old. Expected to be taken care of by the dams.

Dams- The mothers of the Tribe. Take care of pups.

Elders- The oldest of the Tribe. Are retired and have served the Tribe for a long time.


1. One must kill another to survive or in self defense. Only kill prey to eat it, and only kill other dogs in self defense.

2. The weakest are fed first. The pups, elders, dams, sick, and injured are always fed before the stronger ranks.

3. Do not powerplay.

4. Double-clanning/packing is fine as long as the leader is okay with it.

5. No bullying/harassment/trolling. Please, don't.

6. The healers aren't allowed to have a mate or have pups. It distracts them from doing their job.

7. Don't cause too much drama. Don't catch a terrible disease and have your pups at the same time when the healer isn't around.

8. Pups are expected to stay in camp.

9. An enemy is to always to be chased out of our territory, unless on occasion.

10. We only allow basic vocabulary, that's it. No anatomy or advanced vocabulary or Latin roleplay.


Joining FormEdit





Desired Rank:






Alliance FormEdit





Will you help us in a time of need?:

Are you active enough?:



Starla (Hungrysharklover on Animal Jam and Totallymeme on Play Wild)- 3 year old Alaskan Malamute, hazel eyes, white and red, weighs at about 70 pounds


12/25/15- Tribe was created

1/2/16- It's past New Year, but for the rest of y'all out there, happy new year!

Allies and EnemiesEdit


None yet.


None yet.