As you run faster and faster, black tigers growled with red eyes and they growl in the distance, as you run and look back you fall, falling over a root. You pant and you get up, the canines and the big tigers catch up to you with their bloody claws growling baring they're teeth and you think '' they killed my family'' you are petrified, eyes widden looking at them with their bloody teeth & claws. They tower over you and they look down at your baring their teeth, the canines starts attacking. The bloody large cat clamp their dentals onto your capitus dimintious maximus starting to crush your skull causing agony throughout the spine, you shriek in agony, yelling to stop, but they keep going on and on ending you slowly. The bloody large tigers yowl the clan name, The Tribe Of Broken Shatters!

Info Edit

tag: red
Animals: Wolf Foxes and bunnies
Breeds: Wolves and big cats


Symbol: Phantom


Dark or Light Tribe: Dark


We use Vocabulary/anatomy/latin


Status: Inactive

Rank breakdown Edit

Admin/Alpha Edit

The Admin/Alpha Is The Leader Of The Tribe, Their Word Is Law. And Those Who Disobey Will Be Punished

Orion/Elites Edit

The Orion/Elite Is The Deputy Of The Tribe, They Are Second In Charge, They Keep Everything In Place They Follow Orders Of The Admin. The Orion Tells The Admin Everything Even If Its A Small Thing OR A Secret To Be Told.

Troopers Edit

The Troopers Are The Hunters Of The Tribe. They Hunt For The Tribe.

Combatants Edit

The Combatant Is The Fighter Of The Tribe. They are always prepared for any sort of fight. 

Watchers Edit

The Watcher are the spies of the tribe. They spy on enemy groupings, and they spy on the enemies of the tribe to see what they are planning what to do if we're going to a war/attack. And sometimes even follow around a new tribe member if the Admin or Orion say to do so. They also track down certain traitors or double-groupers, and give them to the Admin for a punishment.

Shamans Edit

The Shaman is the healers of the tribe. They help anyone in need if they are hurt badly or sick. And they are know all the herbs and they know what they are doing.

Trainees Edit

The Trainees are the apprentices. They get to choose what rank they want, and they train under the rules of the mentor, they listen to their mentor and do as they say, until they are promoted.

Youth Edit

The Youth is the cubs of the tribe. They are to stay with their mothers until they are 2 moons old. They can get to train earlier by the trainees, until they are two moons and they. ( But they have to do the basics of training, dont let them get away with anything or let them get lost or you'll be punished)

Prisoners Edit

Whoever Trespasses In Our Territory Get To Be Prisoner, And They Will Be The Last One To Eat, If They Try To Leave The Camp With No Canine/Cat Watching, They Will Be Attacked, And Get Thrown Back Into The Prison And One Canine/Cat Will Watch Them 24/7

Ranks Edit

Head Admin- (1/2) Edit

Saber~ ( Jammer87tc4 ) She is a wolf-dog hybrid, she has red pelt with gray spots and a black underbelly, she has white eyes, that's clear as snow. She is serious, she's wise, she is vicious sometimes. She mostly nice all the time. She was born to kill. She is known as The Killer.

Secondary Admin- Edit

Head Orion 0/1 Edit


Lead Trooper- Edit


Watchers- ( 0/16 Edit


Combatants- Edit


Shamans- 0/3 Edit


Trainees- Edit


Youth- 0/14 Edit

Prisoners Edit


Announcements Edit

this tribe hasn't started yet.

Rules Edit

dont mess around

follow orders

alpha and Orion word is law

so not disrespect higher ranks

dont be silly

be serious when roleplaying

no double packing

If there are roleplayers that trespasses, we take them hostage. ( Prisoner )

Punishments Edit

Tail ripped off

brutal death

killed with pack watching

ear torn off

one eye blinded

taking care of pups for a moon

ear ripped

sleep in the cold

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Ships/Mates Edit


Joining Form Edit

AJ Username:


Are you advanced?




Roleplay Example:

Why do you want to join?

How did you find this Tribe?


Ally Form Edit

Alpha/Leader User:

Pack/Clan name:

Why do you want to be allies?

How did you find us?

How will we benefit you?

How will you benefit us?

Light or Dark:



Danube- Sarpia Forest, Coral Canyons, Temple Of Zios, & Kimbra Outback.

Sarpia- Is where we hunt and find herbs

Kimbra Outback- Is where we spar ( Option ) Fight in the fighting area in camp

Coral Canyons- Is where we have battles

Allies Edit

The Pack Of New Hopes

Incoming Life Or Death


Enemies Edit


Pack Quotes Edit

( 2 Quotes For Each Member )

Sabor ~ Rise Together, Fall Together, Get Back Up And Thrive Together.