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Tranquil Prowlers

'We shall put those beasts in the depths of hell, where they righteously belong.'


It was a dark and stormy night, a full moon shined upon the night sky giving off only one streak of light. Stars beaming giving off just a bit light to light up the world. Thunder crackled through the sky, rain collapsing to the ground forming puddles of water surrounding a cliff. Lighting burst across the sky ending in a deep rumble of thunder, revealing a huge figure. Lightening stroke downwards near the cliff, clearly not scaring the small figure. As a loud rumble of thunder crackled through the sky you heard something from behind, the huge black figure suddenly appeared twitching their ear murmuring something under their own breath smirking slightly. The black figure got closer to you. A loud clash of thunder making it loud and bright, all you saw was a brown huge wolf with green soulless bright eyes staring at you. It said "State your business of why you have crossed into The Tranquil Prowlers Pack's territory" as the huge black figure said clearly. You stayed silent, not sure what to say as thunder crackled through the sky. You were very frighted not wanting to get up. "Very well if you will not speak, welcome to The Tranquil Prowlers Pack " as laugh came from the huge brown wolf. The wolf motioned his tail for him to come with you to the place where the other members lived. This is only the mere beginning of your grand journey, there are many numerous things out there. This is only a small moment. But in an interesting way, this is a tremendously large fragment of your life. There are much more treacherous beasts sauntering this cruel world that lay beyond your path. We shall put those beasts in the depths of hell, where they righteously belong.