A long time ago, before all civilized beings, there were wandering souls. When an animal died, their soul would aimlessly wander, causing hardships and chaos. All hope seemed lost for the creatures, but one day, three canine sisters took charge. They made a pact to watch over all souls and keep the universe in order. "I will watch over the souls who are kind in their core," Spoke the eldest sister, Ouiam. "And I will make sure the bad souls are imprisoned," The youngest sister, Praesida, chimed in. "And what about you, Indicia?" Ouiam and Praesida asked their sister in unison. "I will decide who watches each soul,

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" She replied. And with that, it was decided. Praesida would keep the evil souls locked away below the ground, where they would be in agony and shame. Ouiam would watch over the kind souls above the clouds, where they would be in comfort and happiness. And the middle sister, Indicia, would judge the undecided souls until they could be sent above or below. Each sister is also a patron of necessity. Ouiam is the patron of Eta, or healing. Praesida is the patron of Zeta or fighting. Indicia is the patron of Theta, or hunting.

Each soul is a color. The good souls are soft shades of green, blue, pink, and purple, and the bad ones are deep hues of red, orange, and brown. The ones in between were colorless tints of gray. When a soul under Presidia's watch began to change its color, it was sent to Indicia, then to Ouiam. The same could be said for souls who weren't polarized. Even in present times, the three spirits still watch the souls, keeping order and balance in the universe.

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