This religion is open to anyone.

The World was peaceful, beautiful.

No animal needed to worry, for life was pure and enchanting. In this magnificent land called Earth, sorrow, disease and misfortune were all unheard of. Whenever the subject of anything "bad" happening was brought up (and it rarely was), it was merely dismissed by the animals as a "Child's tale," or a "Silly little myth." (Coming Soon)

The elemts

W A T E R  W O L F

The Water Wolf is the controller of all water forms. If living and the closest relationship is with the Water Wolf, you are able to receive messages of any water danger. When you pass, you will be sent to the Water Realm by now you have the ability to sent messages to the living.

Wolf of water by yuumei-d1f2huq


E A R T H  W O L F

The Earth Wolf has the ability to maintain Earth forms. If closest to the Earth Wolf, you will be alerted if any weather malfunctions or direct change of danger from the Earth. When you pass, you can have control of messaging and changing the Earth structure to help the living.



M O O N  W O L F  &  S U N  W O L F

The Moon and Sun wolves are sisters and they control night and day, light and shadow. If closest to the Sun Wolf, you will quickly know when any upcoming lighting danger (sunburns, ill sickness from the Sun's rays, etc.) as well as the ability to stare into the Sun without blinding yourself. If closest to the Moon Wolf, you are capable of seeing clearly into the darkness as well as guidance through little amounts of light. When you pass, you either go to the Sun or Moon Realm where you can warn the living or give them guidance.



W I N D  W O L F

The Wind Wolf is a trickster with the ability to change workforce of the wind. If closest to the Wind Wolf, you are more graceful and easy toto come by. When you pass, you travel to The Wind Realm where you can change the wind force to have fun with the living.



I C E  W O L F

The Ice Wolf has the ability to shapeshift and create ice. If closest to this wolf, you can withstand cold temperatures and you have a pretty laidback perpersonality. When passing, as an Ice Wolf, you are able to help others in torrent temperatures.

Wolf of Ice by yuumei-1


F I R E  W O L F

The Fire Wolf is the opposite of The Ice Wolf with its power toto warm up anything as well as creating fire. If closest to this wolf, you can withstand scorching heat as well as you have a feisty personality. When you pass, you will escalate to the Fire Realm where you help the living while warming them in blizzards and other cool temperatures.



The sinz


Fear is one of the most common sins out of all of them. Fear will sometimes take over a canine, causing them to block out everything. They will then be concentrated on their Fear. Almost every canine has at least one fear, but it will only become their sin if they are really afraid of something. Watch out, because this sin is feared!


Envy finds its victims by looking closely. It looks for canines that are jealous, and wish to be someone else. If any canine that has this sin forgets about their envy, they will go to the Celestial Land when they die. If not, it's the Shadow Land for them!


The root of insanity Rage picks victims with troubled pasts and canines that can be easily manipulated. Canines who try to find peace there rage diminishes and go to the Celestial Land but those who don't quickly fall to the similar sin Insanity who calls them to a life of revenge anger and bloodlust. Rage will find u and when it does it will control the canine.


Chaos finds stressed victims and manipulate them to being overwhelmed pressured and stressed with great ease. The canine connected to this sin sometimes when giving multiple tasks will get overwhelmed and curl up more than likely crying from there own stress. Chaos is everywhere and never-ending confusion lurks close behind.


The deadliest of them all insanity. Insanity causes bloodlust crazing dogs to the point of suicide. Insanity comes from Rage and picks dogs Rage affected making emotionally and mentally break down till there own revenge controls them. Blood is spilled with insanity. Dogs connected to her more than likely commit suicide or go into a depressed state most never get out of there crazed sin. Once insanity holds the canine they suffer and die.


The thought that lurks every decision a canine makes. Not much can be said about the self explained sin only, those canines connected to doubt always assume every single circumstance soon going into another sin fear. Doubt will lurk everywhere.


Greed targets dogs who are wanting power and feeds their ambition. Canines connected to greed wants anything and everything and could kill to get it and will never stop wanting more. Greed is everywhere somewhere deep inside everydog wanting and begging to get out.

Shadow wolves by nutty acorn-d5l7f4w