~-~Welcome To The Society Of Faded Souls~-~

The Society Of Faded Souls Isn't A Pack Or A Clan. We Don't Conform To Those Standards. If You Join Us Your True Loyalty Is Ours And ONLY Ours. Now Please Enjoy Your New Life Here.

 We May Fade, But We Are NEVER Forgotten.


You are wandering through a dark forest filled with luminescent fireflies and strange glowing mushrooms. You feel like you are being watched, every one of your hairs standing up on edge. Then you see something, that looks like the outline of a cat. It comes closer to you. It appears to be bigger than any normal house cat. As it gets closer you can tell its about the size of a Panther. It Stops. There's on a rabbit length apart from you and the creature. Then Suddenly a beam of the moon shines between the trees. What you see standing in front of you is a sleek black, white-eyed panther staring at you. It looks like a ghost with the moon shining on it. When the moon leaves its gone. Not knowing what just happened you stand still your eyes unwavering from where the spot the panther just was. Just Then you hear a heavy breathing behind you. You turn around To See The Panther again. It Spoke. "Welcome To The Society Of Faded Souls.".

S T A T U S: Activeish
F O U N D I N G: April, 1st 2016
R E C R U I T I N G: Always
M E M B E R C O U N T: 2
S E A S O N: Early Blossoming.
T H E M E S O N G: Hanging Tree [1]



You HAVE to be loyal no matter what. You Trust and will not disobey your leaders rules or orders.


Cannibalism is NOT allowed

Cannibalism is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in SFS. The eating of your own or similar species is completely disgusting and disloyal of your clan and ancestors. This act will get a severe punishment.

Punishments: Killed by a Surrogate, Killed By Both Of the Monarchs, kicked out of the society, killed by the whole clan.


Monarchs Word is Law

What ever the Monarchs say is LAW. If you are disrespectful or do not follow these laws, you will have a punishment.

Punishments: Cleaning out all the dens, Checking the Elders for ticks, not being allowed out of camp for patrols, hunting parties, gatherings ect., beaten in front of the whole camp, Killed. ______________________________________________________________________________

Killing of other members

The Killing of other members of the society is NOT ALLOWED. If you attack another member of the society as well you will be punished.

Punishments: Killed, being attacked by the family of the feline, Demoted to a Unwanted. ______________________________________________________________________________


Doubleclanning and Doubleclanners will not be tolerated. If you are caught doubleclanning you will be immediately kicked out of SFS. If this happens to you Don't bother coming back. _____________________________________________________________________________

Neophytes are NOT ALLOWED to have mates

Neophytes are not allowed to have mates, however they can have crushes. We don't allow this due to the fact of overpopulation.

Punishments: The kits if any, will be giving to a pregnant or nursing Willow(a queen). Will be held back in their training to be an Ethos or other rank. The Same goes for Senrings(medcats). ____________________________________________________________________________


Moarchs- Monarchs are the leaders of the society. What they say is law. If disrespected, they give a severe punishment. The Monarchs are not to be messed with.


Surroagte- Surrogates are the deputy of the society. They deserve as much respect as the Monarchs. These Felines organize patrols, sparring times, and hunting parties.


Senring-Senrings are the wise med cats of the society. Knowing every herb and how to use it, the senrings help the wounded and sickly. They also share dreams with our ancestors to help guide the society.


Altos- The Alto's are the Guard's of the society. They watch over prisoners, and are the elite of the Ethos.


Ethos- Are The Warriors of the group. They go on patrols, hunting parties, and train the Neophytes. They are allowed to have mates and tykes.


Willows- Willows are the queens. They watch over the tykes and nurse they're own. If a Female Ethos wants to transfer to a Willow, that is fine. They will help and watch over all the tykes in the society.


Tykes- The Kits. Aren't allowed out of Camp. Become a Neophyte at 6moons.


Doyens- 'The Elders we thank for their service to the society


Unwanteds- Unwanteds are the lowest rank in the society. We do not care for them. They have broken the laws and are punished until their death.

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