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"May the sins of the unworthy be baptized in blood and fear."

You padded out of the unknown group's sanctuary, hoping that nobody saw you take the frail vole. As soon as you were out of sight, you dashed away. You run desperately through the trees, limp prey crammed hastily in your mandibles. As you dart away, three dark shadows follow, only silhouettes under the pale light of the moon. They were gradually gaining on you, their details becoming clearer. An ebony long-haired shecat, a grey maine coon tom, and a short-haired silver tabby with emerald eyes like diamonds cutting through the night. They’re nearly running on your tail now. You turned your head once more to the wind, focusing on escaping instead of the felines' features.

The sound of paws against terra firma abruptly silenced, and you sighed in relief, thinking they'd given up. Your relief was cut short, however, as the ebony feline leapt onto your back. You sank to your knees, terrified. The silver tabby and the maine coon ascended towards your pitiful figure, pinned down by the ebony shecat. The silver tabby nodded to the maine coon, her emerald eyes giving the command so her voice didn't have to, and he seemed to understand without a word. He slowly walked towards you and told you to drop the prey, which you were too scared to disobey. You were just happy to still be alive at this point. He and the silver tabby ambled back into the shadows towards the heart of the forest, where you remembered that the camp was.

“I saw you take that prey”, the ebony she-cat snarled. Her voice was one so powerfully demanding, but sleek like satin at the same time.

You winced, expecting the worst as she unsheathed her long claws. They cut deep into your pelt, drawing a disturbing amount of blood. You grimaced in agony.

“It was impressive.. I was the only one who noticed - well, until I notified Emerald and Ashfur.” she explained, her deep obsidian-sapphire eyes cutting through the darkness.

“You’re quite the thief.”

She paused for a second, and, seeming to reconsider her attack, she gracefully leaped off of your aching back and began circling around you, as if she was analyzing every aspect. Finally, she nodded her head.

“My name is Raven, one of two leaders of The Shrouded Claws. The other you met back there, Emerald. And who are you, might I ask?” Her voice was hard, but with a very slight hint of respect.

You answer, still wary of her claws, stained red.

“I’m Ravenstripe”, you lie. The black and gray feline's pupils constricted almost immediately.

“I see. A liar, are you? You'll fit right in”, she laughed sarcastically, still circling. You shifted uncomfortably where you stood, wondering how she was aware so quickly of the lie.

She suddenly ceased circling and took a single step forward. You flinched. “You know, we could always use more members... and with skills like yours, I'd certainly say that you'd make a nice addition to our cozy little family. So, what do you say? How would you like to join us?" she began to groom her right claws, calmly taking a seat on the leaf-covered forest floor. You tried to hide your shock in an attempt to make a good impression.

"Of course... thank you" you stammered, a bit confused. "We'll need to know your actual name, obviously...” she turned her attention once more to you, awaiting your reply. You couldn't help grinning now. I'm __________.” Raven nodded and lead you back into the shaded thicket.

“Welcome to The Shrouded Claws, ___________.”



Founded 12/30/2016
Founders Raven & Emerald
Status Active
Recruiting? Yes
Roleplay Style Mixed
Camp Countfancypenguin's den
Territory Grande
Member Count 44
Species Domestic Cat
Beliefs Thirteen Deities
Black w/ leaf badge
Page Editors








(Cleared every month)

8.1.17 - Coal has left our ranks.

8.2.17 - Hail has left our ranks.

8.5.17 - Hade has been exiled.

8.7.17 - Qrow has been exiled.



Sovereign Proxy

x2, Unchallengeable

x1, Unchallengeable
They lead the pack together. They are granted thirteen lives when they take their place as ruler, one life from each of the Thirteen Deities. It is their job to make decisions for the Claws, and punish wrongdoing. If a sovereign should die, their place is taken by their proxy. Sovereigns are under the blessings of all of the Thirteen Deities.
The proxy is the sovereigns' assistant. It is their duty to keep order within the pack. They also organize thieveries, patrols, missions, and occasionally, assassinations. When a sovereign dies or steps down, the proxy is to take their place. The proxy is under the blessing of Zariath.

Head Mender Mender

x1, Challengeable

x5, Challengeable
The head mender is a mender who has studied and been a mender for many moons. The head mender is under the blessings of Orla, Korliah, and Salem.
The menders are responsible for the overall health of the pack. Along with this, menders also interpret prophecies from Salem, and occasionally even communicate with him. They can also get novitiates and train them to heal the clan’s members. Menders are under the blessing of Salem.

Assassin Mercenaries

x1, Challengeable

The assassin is the sovereigns' most trusted mercenary and he or she reports directly to the sovereigns. The assassin must excel in stealth and have deadly accuracy in combat. He or she is under the blessing of Hermeos.
They report to the assassin. Their duty is to spy on enemy groups for information and carry out any assassinations at the leader's command, without hesitation. Mercenaries must not let their emotions come before their duty. They must be willing to devote their heart and soul to the sovereigns' commands, regardless of what they think is right.

Commander Combatants

x1, Challengeable

The commander is the highest ranking combatant. Mandatory qualities of the commander include intelligence, strength, and above all, persistence. He or she is under the blessings of both Griselda and Dement.
They are the warriors of the pack. When they're commanded by a sovereign, the proxy, or their commander to fight, they fight; without hesitation. It is also their duty to go on patrols and guard the Sanctuary.

Marauder Thieves

x1, Challengeable

The marauder is the highest ranking and most skilled thief. They must be organized, manipulative, and intelligent. He or she leads most thieveries, and is under the blessing of Nelothe.
Thieves steal prey and herbs from other groups in order to support ours. They must not let other groups know who they are or what pack they're from. It is not their job to attack anyone unless they have no choice. They are particularly skilled in lying and manipulation.

Novices Youth


Novitiates are young cats in training. They have a mentor who teaches them to be a combatant, thief, mercenary, or mender. It is also their duty to assist whenever possible. For example, helping the menders sort through herbs, distributing prey, and guarding the Sanctuary.
The future of our empire. They are all kittens between one and six moons. When they reach the age of six moons, they become a novitiate and are assigned a mentor.

Guardians Elders


Guardians are female cats who either have kittens or are expecting. They are given a temporary break from their duties to care for and protect their youth.
Elders are cats who have retired from their roles in the clan and are treated with as much respect as the leaders. Elders are under the blessings of Chrono, as well as whatever Deities they were previously blessed by.




  • Emerald
  • Raven
Name Username Gender Mate Novitiate Lives
Emerald Countfancypenguin Female N/A N/A 7/13
Raven Supersharkie Female Qrow N/A 11/13


  • Malakai
Name Username Gender Mate Novitiate
Malakai Pip8775 Male Callisto N/A

Head Mender

  • Luna
Name Username Gender Mate Novitiate
Luna Pocketbaclover Female Ashfur Grove


  • Mistpelt
  • Sage
Name Username Gender Mate Novitiate
Amber Thecrazydoughnut Female N/A N/A
Ember Darbygirls928 Female N/A N/A


  • Amethyst
Name Username Mate Novitiate
Amethyst Female N/A N/A


  • Quicksand
  • Dovesong
  • Whitefire
Name Gender Mate Novitiate
Quicksand Male N/A Azure
Dawnsong Female N/A N/A
Whitefire Female N/A N/A


  • Callisto
Name Username Gender Mate Novitiate
Callisto S0urlem0ns Female Malakai N/A


  • Qrow
  • Briarheart
  • Callisto
  • Brynx
  • Hade
Name Username Gender Mate Novitiate
Qrow Vaermina Male Raven N/A
Briarheart Horsegal305 Female N/A N/A
Rain wolves8888 Female N/A N/A


  • Bluestorm
Name Username Gender Mate Novitiate
Bluestorm Lunakech Female N/A Fawn


  • Thomas
  • Brook
  • Vizon (decided to make him a purebreed cuz why not x3)
  • Jamie
Name Username Gender Mate Novitiate
Thomas Cookies53 Male N/A Oak
Brook Cutiewolf13181 Female N/A N/A
Vizon Kyrako Male N/A N/A
Jamie xjacksepticeyexx Male N/A N/A


  • Grove
Name Username Mate Role Mentor
Azure Tresspassinq Female Mercenary Quicksand
Sakura Lotusflower87545 Male Mender TBD
Grove ivymaimeturner Female Mender Luna
Oak Kendallcookies Male Thief Thomas
Strike Arrowlock618 Male TBD TBD
Thorn Bear48 Male TBD TBD
Sapphirepaw Kristina10 Female TBD TBD
Alois Smiletobehappy Male Thief TBD
Fawn Zammyruler12 Male Thief Bluestorm


  • Strike
  • Thorn
  • Sapphirekit
  • Jasmine
  • Mouse
  • Misty
  • Ruby
  • Vala
  • Heiko
  • Askel
Name Username Gender Parents Age
Mouse Pinksparkle148 Male Luna, Ashfur 4 Moons
Misty Belljam2 Female Luna, Ashfur 4 Moons
Ruby Synco138 Female Emerald, Hade 4 Moons
Sync Ambercall847 Male Emerald, Hade 4 Moons
Lark xJacksepticeyexx Male Emerald, Hade 4 Moons
Gaia floss25632 Female Unknown 4 Moons
Heiko Magicbunni Female Thomas (adopted) 4 Moons
Askel Reiinfall Male Thomas (adopted) 4 Moons


  • Emerald
  • Luna
  • Bluestorm
Name Username Rank Mate Youth
Emerald Countfancypenguin Sovereign  Hade Ruby, Sync, Lark
Luna Pocketbaclover Head Mender Ashfur Thorn, Misty, Mouse
Amber Thecrazydoughnut Mender N/A Expecting


Name Username Gender Mate Age
- - - - -



Group Name Species Roleplay Leader Leader's Username Events
NightClan Domestic Cats Traditional Spiderstar, Bramblestar Bewars55, Winterstream N/A
Risingclan Domestic Cats Traditional Thunderstar Bluestaryay N/A
AbyssClan Domestic Cats Traditional Darkstar Fox0107 N/A
FireClan Felines & Canines Not Specified Fala Tessabird N/A
Wolves of Imperial Silence Wolves Mainly Traditional Xavier, Willow Kittigirl17, Theharmonyoflife N/A
Pack of Harmonious Howls Canines Mainly Traditional Mist Chncprincess04 Game Night, Aug 21st
Hourglass Canines Any Damaris Daisybelle9 N/A
IvyClan Domestic Cats Descriptive, Advanced Brightstar Hollyforest N/A
SnowClan Domestic Cats Mixed Nixstar Gustavothegreat N/A
ShadeClan Domestic Cats Traditional Sprucestar Iceskate39 N/A



Group Name Species Roleplay Leader Leader's Username Events
- - - - - -



OC's Name:

AJ Username:

Breed of Cat:

Desired Rank:

Training to Become (if Novitiate is Desired Rank):


Mate (optional):



How you found The Shrouded Claws:

Past Groups:

Hunting Example:

Fighting Example:

Healing Example (if applicable):

Loyalty Oath:

Picture of your OC (optional):

Group Name:

Member Count:



Roleplay Style:

How your group found us:

Benefits of Alliance:

Leader's OC Name:

Leader's AJ Username:

Wiki Username:

Group you're currently in:


Would like to work on:

Coding Example:



The Hollow


The Main Den


The Mender Den


The Novitiate Den


The Youth Den


The Elder Den


The Sovereign Den


The Training Hollow


The Dungeon

───────●  COMMANDMENTS ●

I. Sovereign's Command

The sovereign's word is law, however confusing or unethical it may seem. Never disobey a sovereign.

II. Dress Code

Always follow the dress code below. Don't roleplay with the wrong animal, so don't come into camp as an elephant or raccoon.

III. Drama

Do not create unnecessary drama. This includes having a special condition, fighting other clan members, and double grouping

IV. Double Grouping

Double grouping is not tolerated in the Shrouded Claws. It is considered extremely disrespectful to the founders, who worked hard to make this group what it is.

V. Powerplaying

Powerplaying is strictly forbidden. If you are unaware of what powerplaying is, here are some examples: "Bites and ends", "Heals".

VI. Loyalty

Follow your word. Never lie to fellow members of the Claws, and follow your loyalty oath. This group is not a hotel that you can join and quit whenever you want.

VII. Leaving

Leaving doesn't have to be permanent. You have one chance to return after quitting, but if you were exiled, you will have to talk to a sovereign about returning, and if you do come back, do not expect to have the same rank as before.


You may only have one OC at a time. Having multiple OCs in this group will just lead to confusion and chaos. When your current OC dies, you may start a new one and join again. Some people decide to create second OCs on extra accounts. We can usually tell. Please do not do this.

IX. Editing the Page

Never edit the page without permission from the page editors. The page editors worked hard to make this page perfect, and we don't want anyone messing with it, it just makes much more work for them.

X. Rules for Novitiates

They must have at least three training sessions with their mentor before becoming a combatant, mercenary, thief, of mender. Novitiates cannot have a mate. They can't leave camp without their mentor's permission.

XI. Rules for Youth

They must stay in the camp at all times unless they're with their mother. Kits must be 6 moons before they can start their training as a novitiate.

XII. Activity

All members are expected to roleplay for at least an hour each day. If you can't roleplay on some days, please contact a sovereign and explain the circumstances. If you're rarely online, you may be exiled.

XIII. Challenging Ranks

Mercenaries, combatants, and thieves are allowed to challenge the higher form of their rank in order to gain that rank (mercenaries may challenge the assassin, combatants may challenge the commander, and thieves may challenge the marauder). A challenge is a trial of three events decided by the sovereigns. One of the events will always be a spar. The results of these three events will determine whether the challenger takes their superior's rank, or they sustain their original rank.
───────● ATTIRE ●

Sovereigns: Wolf

Proxy: Wolf

Head Mender/Menders: Wolf

Commander/Combatants: Wolf

Thieves: Wolf

Assassin/Mercenaries: Wolf

Novitiates: Bunny, Fox

Youth: Bunny

Queens: Wolf

Elders: Wolf, Snow Leopard

(If you want to wear something else you must get it approved by a leader)

(All armor included, WITHIN REASON- no gingerbread, royal, or pheonix armor)

Back: All swords and bows, spartan armor, worn blanket, jamaaliday bow

Head: Skull helmet, head flower, flower crown, fox hat, butterfly hair bow

Tail: All tail armor, skullys, bone tail

Neck: Leaf necklace, all spike collars, moon necklace, deer fur, fang necklace, pinecone necklace

Leg: leaf armor, all gloves, elf bracelets, spike wristbands, shell bracelet




  • Blank
  • Spirals
  • Splotches
  • Flames
  • Lightning
  • Leaves
  • Crescents




  • Female
  • Male



  • Edgy Berry
  • Early Battle Line
  • Training Line
  • Qrow and Hade wish...
  • Another Line