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⚡⚡ News ⚡⚡ Edit

2/8/16 We welcome Sinister as our Lead Bounty Hunter, the position is now closed.

2/8/16 We welcome ( unnamed ) to our Pride as a Novice, she knows much Vocab but she is still coping with the update, so I'll have to help her with that before she becomes a full Inferior

2/8/16 We welcome Thyme as our new Shaman to replace Zarrah!

2/8/16 The account Buelljam has lost freechat until 2/9/16 she is currently using the account Cookiethebot until further notice.

2/7/16 We welcome Viper as our female Elite!

2/7/16 We are soon having a Gathering with all our allies, we expect each one of them to be there.

2/7/16 We welcome Akito as our Male Commander!

2/7/16 Zarrah has betrayed us to the Echoing Forest, for now we will take no offense, for we have other plans.

2/7/16 We have antagonized with Pride Of Past Memories.Shall we rearrange their facial features, split their joints, and line our nests with their spinal cords!

2/7/16 We have allied with Indomination!

2/7/16 We welcome Loki as an Inferior!

2/7/16 We announce Wither as our Female Commander!

2/7/16 We announce Scythe as the King!

2/7/16 We announce Yana as the Queen!

2/6/16 The Roaring Canyons Pride Was Founded.

~ ☣ Introduction ☣ ~ Edit

You trembled. Your body had barely any strength to go onward across the vast expanse of land. You felt too exposed out here in the endless fields. You suddenly come across the unmistakable smell of blood. You stop abruptly. You see a red smear on a nearby boulder, and realized that it was fresh. You have heard about this land, and that this was the territory of the Roaring Canyons Pride, a Pride consisting of tigers and lions alike. You've heard the rumors, but thought they were just that- rumors. How could lions and tigers live here of all places? You come closer to study the blood. It was getting dark, and stars began to spot the sky and the reeds began to sway in the wind and rustle calmly.

But you couldn't feel relaxed here. Everything seemed tense. Suddenly you heard and felt the thud of paw steps and turned around to meet a quite intimidating and hostile looking lioness, straight in front of you. She was strangely stolid, as if she was an empty husk with no emotion. She probably was, to be honest.

Other forms began to emerge from the darkness, a Panther curled her lip at you, an anticipating flare in her eyes. But you only rolled your eyes. "Wow, I guess it takes all of you to bring me down, huh?" The lioness let off a grin, easing your skeptical nature. A small fang jutted from her curled lip.

"Touche. But if you want a fight, I can give you one, eh? Just mono on mono. I'll send up one of me own against ya."

The others remained quiet and serious. Lined up behind their leader as if they were monuments. They too looked just as slate-faced as their leader did in the beginning, as if bored. The panther flicked her tail and up came a little cougar. It didn't look dangerous, it looked as if it was a cub, but the scars lining it's face told that it had suffered a fight. The Cougar crouched against the ground. It looked up at you mischievously and suddenly sprung, a magnificent leap. But you were ready you rose your paws to beat it down. You pinned it and growled in its face, giving off a loud roar of triumph.

A towering monolithic lion emerged from the shadows and suddenly laughed, "You seem proud, beating our weakest member. It was just a joke, see? I would fight you, but I don't know who'd win. But I like your spunk. Release our friend and consider joining, eh?"
We, are, The Roaring Canyon Pride.

~ ♚ About Us ♚ ~ Edit

Roaring Canyons Pride, is a pride that consists of all undomesticated cats. EX: Panthers,

Cougars, Tigers, Lions, ect. It is strictly Darkrealmed and not afraid to get their paws
  • Yana
  • Scythe
  • WitherGo to Wither
  • Loki
  • Akito
  • Viper
  • Triton
  • Thyme
  • Tsunami
  • Sinister
dirty. There is a demonic, sinister moral behind it. Making us unpredictable in combat. We have many advantages, and not just species stuff, we have special training sessions and we roleplay whenever possible.

~ ✯ Dress Code ✯ ~ Edit

Tags: Bronze

Emblem: Lion, Lioness, or Phantom

The Member Dress Code (Members may also wear NonMember items):


Skull Helmets-Or Nothing (The Mother Rank wears Flower Crowns and Spring Flower Crowns)


Spikes-Leaf Necklaces-Or Nothing


Spartan Armor-Elf Armor-Jamaaliday Bow-Pirate Swords-Or Nothing


Elf Bracelets-Leaf Bracelets-Dragon Glove-Golden Glove-Legendary Glove-Or Nothing



The NonMember Dress Code (Members are allowed to also wear these items):




Jamaaliday Scarf~Moon Necklace~Or Nothing


Pirate Swords~Or Nothing


Gloves~Leaf Bracelets~Or Nothing



✞~ Ranks ~✞ Edit

Queen/King- The ultimate superiors of the Pride. The rank with the highest respect and command over the Pride, they carry duties of demotion, exile, and lead their Pride to victory. There is a King and a Queen. ( 2/2 )

Heir- The Heir is the firstborn of the Queen and King's cubs. This cub is chosen and treated with respect as, one day they will be your future Queen or King.

Commanders- There are two Deputies, like a domestic Clan, they carry out duties such as patrols and training sessions. They are the second in command under the Queen and King. ( 2/2 ; Closed )

Shaman- The Shamans of the Pride are the healers. Not only do they heal physical wounds but even mental if needed. They communicate with the Queens and Kings of The Corrupt Forest, devising and relentlessly plotting. A Shaman is very important to the Pride. ( 1/1 ; Closed )

Elites- The head Inferiors of the Pride, only two of them. They are the most skilled and advanced in combat, they also make sure the Inferiors are doing what they're told. ( 1/2 ; Open )

Head Bounty Hunter- Leads the Bounty Hunter and is in charge of missions sent by the Queen or King. ( Going To Be Chosen Soon )

Inferiors- These are the warriors of the Pride, they protect and attack, they are fierce, merciless, brave, and never give up. ( Open Always )

Bounty Hunters- Inferiors and Elites can choose to be Bounty Hunters, the Bounty Hunters are in charge of tracking the exiled down, and finding our next victim.

Novices- The Novices are the young in training, they are given a Master ( Mentor ) To carry out their training sessions, preferably an Elite. ( Open Always )

Mothers- The Mothers are obvious, they care for the cubs, even if they aren't their own, they move into the Nursery when pregnant and move out back to the Inferiors or Elites when their cubs reach the authorized age to become a Novice.

Cubs- The cubs are the playful, relentless, infants of the Pride. They are the far most protected of the Pride.

Detainees- The lowest and disrespected rank of the Pride. The Detainees are held captive, they can be traitors, people we've exiled, or plain strays that we found on our territory, but mostly prisoners we have captured. They are mostly tortured by Inferiors that take turns guarding them.

~ ✞ Allegiances ✞ ~ Edit

Current Member Count: 14 Edit

☠ Yana ☠ {Geminiasf} Edit

Is the Queen of the Pride, fair and strong,and also the mate of Scythe. She has a bewildering sere pelt, that shines in the daylight.She is a Lioness who is unusually muscled for a female.Look into her eyes and she will look right through you.She is demonic, corrupted, insanitized feline.She is not someone you want to encounter on the battlefield, and if you think she's bad, wait till she unites with her loyal, vicious Pridemates.

☠ Scythe ☠ {Buelljam} Edit

Is the King of the Pride.Scythe has an alluring golden pelt, which a magnificent, lustrous, bewildering golden mane like a rising sunshine, a pair of Xanthous blazing eyes with fury behind them and an unreadable moral. Many scars, of fights that he has won, his fighting is brutal, torturing their enemies and engulfing them with their own blood, there is always blood stained on his anticipating fangs. An ear almost torn in half, he is mighty, and pure power and strength. Fierce, bloodthirsty, aggressive, protective, loyal, and brave is who he is.

☠ Wither ☠ {Catfue12316} Edit

Is the Female Commander of the pride. She has a icy pale gaze with a pitch black pelt resembling the painted sky, scars out lined underneath the jaw line with a muscular body. She is fearless, intelligent, aggressive, strong, and loyal. Wither is dangerous when it comes to battle, her claws long and sharp pure white with a glint of stained blood at the tips. Wither is also protective, if any of her friends or pride mates get harmed, she will kill. Wither will stand with The Roaring Canyons Pride to the end.

☠ Akito ☠{Pitch91} Edit

Is an Elite of the Pride. With sharply pointed ears, a scarred snout, and a pelt painted pitch black like a starless and cloudless sky. He was white patches and a mocha brown underbelly, with light blue eyes. He is one of the strongest, he is greatly in Command and desires much respect from his comrades. A fierce oppose that never gives up, this Panther is Akito.


☠ Viper ☠ {Sweetheart4448} Edit

Is a Inferior of the Pride. She's a dauntingly towering Liger. By far the largest in the Pride, and she's also one of the best fighters. She is sleek and stealth, you won't hear if she's coming up right behind you, she is apart of the Bounty Hunter squad, but an Elite at heart. The towering, the agile, the strong, the brave, Viper.

☠ Thyme ☠ {Bublegum862} Edit

Is the Healer of the Pride! She is a tall and fair Snow Leopard, loNg legs and much energy, though unlike her fellow companions, she wanted to choose a peaceful path away from bloodshed, but she was still loyal through and through, and her mind is filled with some corrupt, she was cleansed from most of her goodness while walking with the Corrupt Forest. She had an excellent skill of memorizing and understanding, she was the perfect Healer. This icy Snow Leopard has more than basic skills in combat, she will fight if it's completely necessary, and she won't hold back to defend her Pride, she is Thyme.

☠ Loki ☠ {Megs89} Edit

Is an Inferior of the Pride. She is a rather diligent leopard.She has an alluring lightness to her. Spots that seem to resemble splotches of the shadows dot her golden tan pelt. She is courageous, and willing to take risks. Though she is mainly quiet and protective, she is also very strong. Each day sharpening her already lethal dangerous claws upon rock shards, if you met her in battle, it would be more than fear that would choke you, she is Loki.

☠ Triton ☠ {Josephspookywolf} Edit

Is an Inferior. This Sumatran Tiger mostly keeps to himself. His vibrantly pigmented orbs stare into your soul as you stare back. He mostly follows his own rules but will respect you as long as you do the same. This brave male will stop at nothing if something he sees is wrong. His heart is filled with determination as well as vile plots as he plans the best way for you to die at his paws. He is brave and loyal to The Roaring Canyons Pride. He is Triton.

☠ Moon ☠ {Kimberkandykakes}

Moon is a loyal Inferior and will fight beside the pride. She is a Black Panther with a brilliant piercing gaze. She is agile and aggressive dearing fights, she listens to the higher ranks orders and 'always' obeys. She truly is a worthy member of the pride. She is Moon.

~ ♜ Rules ♜ ~ Edit

1. Do NOT disrespect any higher authority than yourself.

2.Doubleclanning/packing/ect. Will NOT be tolerated, will be responded in torturous death, or bounty hunters will track you down and bring you pack as a Detainee to be tortured.

3. Brown Nametag at ALL times.You are able to pick between Lion,Lioness,or the Phantom badge.

4. No unnecessary drama such as omens/fires/dinosaur attack. To add to the roleplay please first discuss with the Queen and King.

5. No goofing off during serious roleplay.

6. No krabbits/apoxes. You will be immediately locked out.

7. No emojis during serious roleplay.

8. No trying to take charge

9. Do not order others around if you're not in the place to.

~ ☠ Punishments ☠ ~ Edit

1. Ear torn off.

2. Shredded tail

3. Tail completely docked off ( this will only happen to lower ranks because of balance )

4. Eye gouged out

5. Your hindlegs will be numb for a week.

6. Sleep in the Detainees den heavily guarded for a moon.

7. Exile

8. Death in front of the Pride

9. Torturous Death in front of the Pride.

10. Your Pridemates will make two lines surrounding you, you will be bit, pushed, shoved, and clawed back and forth until you by force collapse. Then you'll be a Detainee and you'll be tortured, and put in slavery. ( All credit goes to Whitememory for this one, you're the best )

~ ♱ General ♱ ~ Edit


World- Asaro

Terrains - Red Canyons/Sandy Dunes

Themesongs None atm


"We are the darkness in the light, the luring of the sounds, the frenzy lash of the trees, making an enemy of us is like making an enemy of your surroundings." - Scythe

"The unbreakable tides, the unstoppable force, the power that corrupts the strongest of heroes, those are simply the storms we conjure." - Scythe

"The shadows betray you because they serve us."~


"Yeah, though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we will fear no evil, for thou art with me they rod and staff, they comfort us". ~


"No one owns you except your soulless, pitiful self. Don't let any mutts throw you around like their prey. Show them who you are. What you are a part of. We'll be right behind you."


~Roleplay Information~ Edit

Season- Leaf-Bare

Hunting- Scarce, but we have broke the ice in the Sandy Dunes and are beginning to fish.

Names For Terrains

Coral Canyons: The Red Canyons

Kimbara: The Sandy Dunes

Mt Shiveer: Glacier Mountain

Crystal Sands: Azure Beach ( same as Bearclan )

Zios: The Marshy Plains

Sarepia: The Woodlands

Appondale: The Muddy Meadows

Jamaa Township: The Twoleg place


We are currently active

Recruiting?- We are always recruiting

~ ♛ Enemies/Allies ♚ ~ Edit


1. Pride Of Past Memories ( ???? )


2. Indomitable ( Ivypool151 )

3. Aridclan ( Cinderellman )

4. The Rebellion ( Rainbowloveheart and Rose645 )

5. Pack Of Violation Hazards (Pandathepudgee)

We do not take Enemy forms. But we do take Alliance ones.

Alliance Form (This is only for Leaders to fill out unless you were told by yours):

Name of Pack/Clan/Pride/Tribe:

Your username:

Your roleplay name:

How you found us:

Why you want to become our Allie:

~ ☯ Religion ☯ ~ Edit

In The Roaring Canyons Pride, we believe in the Corrupt Forest. The Corrupt Forest is where we go before we are reborn, into perhaps a new life form. When we go to the Corrupt Forest, our mind is suffused with more insanity than when we were merely a specimen of the Earth. Torturing, slaughtering, and standing by our companions in an undying will.

Once your mind is cleansed of anything good you've ever thought of. The legend states that if you did good for your Pride in your life. That after a while in your afterlife you'll be reborn into another life form. This life form will be more demonic, more skilled, and will have a better chance at high authority than your previous life form. It is said that only the greatest Inferiors, Elites, Novices, Commanders, and even Kings and Queens, could achieve this. For it is a big honor. But if not, you stay in the Corrupt Forest forever. Scavenging, but still slaughtering, and fighting for power. It's our paradise.

~ ♚ Joining Forum ♚ ~ Edit

1. OC Name

2. Animal Jam Username

3. How you found us

4. Former Pack/Clan/Tribe/Pride

5. Do a short but descriptive hunting move roleplay, we do not want you to give up a strong battle move in public.

6. Why you wish to join

7. Darkrealm or Middlerealmed

Comment Below Please

~ ☠ Additional Information ☠ ~ Edit

1. We make a home in areas such as Canyons, living high up in the mountains.

2. We do not accept Lightrealmed cats. You must be pure dark or at least middle

3. We don't usually take random ally requests, but there will be exceptions

4. Enemy requests will be strictly declined. If we make you an enemy it'll either be for a good reason, or if we feel like torturing you.