~ Introduction ~ Edit

The trees lashed out in a violent frenzy, lightning ruptured the indigo sky. Paws thrummed on a thick expanse of moist land, and through the shadows there was a pair of starless eyes, an unreadable demonic spark behind them. A dark gray Wolf emerged from the engulfing shadows, it was dauntingly large, nothing to it but battle scars, it's vampiric zenith was almost torn completely in half, and a scar ripped down it's cheeks. It curled it's black cracked lips. "Ressurection Of The Demonic Hounds. Slaughter, now." It spoke, there was no emotion behind the words, not even anticipation, silhouettes began to writhe. The superior Wolf arose it's well constructed broad cranium. It began to saunter among the withered terrain, paws descending into the mud. Below it was a scent line, but the Wolf crossed over it, clearly undaunted by the warning. It gesticulated something with it's shredded tail, a group of large, muscly compacted wolves went one way, another group went the other way, they began to split up. "Circle them."

Suddenly a Wolf padded up to it's superior, standing tall and fair beside the beastlike behemoth. "We have done well, after tonight, the only thing they'll remember is our glinting fangs and monstrous jaws." After this comment, the superior wolf shook his head. "No." He barked dryly. "After tonight, they won't be around to remember us at all, but in the depths of hell may they fear our name."

The Wolf made a gesticulation with it's tail, a group went North and another West. The seemingly robotic canines behind it's superior began to walk forwards, following it's superior deeper into the thick undergrowth. "Patrol." The superior behemoth bellowed, in a snarl most defiant. On the visible yet unanticipated signal, the beasts began to slink backwards, compacting their large embodiments to the jade terrain, or concealed by brambles.

Suddenly the patrol was visible, about five felines, they were small, yet they were healthy and substantial. "I smell prey." One mused excitedly then began to stray from the others, nearing where a canine was cryptic in the bushes, but the feline didn't have any knowledge of that. The feline uplifted it's mighty embodiment, but while in the process of reaching altitude, monstrous jaws clasped around it's neck, then heaved it into a tree, the feline let out a wail of agony, it was practically being torn apart by the advancing Wolf, the other felines heard nothing, for they too, were mercilessly being shredded at the paws of Resurrection Of The Demonic Hounds.

The offensive patrol shoved the deceased embodiments of the feline patrol aside. "I'll send Scouts to retrieve them for our feast later, now it's time to finish them." Ressurection Of The Demonic Hounds, slaughter!

~ About Us ~ Edit

I'm aware our introduction made us seem merciless and brutal, with no minds or hearts at all. Let me tell you deeper inside of us. We are a Wolf pack, pure Timberwolves, Gray Wolves, or Tundra Wolves. Wolves are more muscly compacted then most undomesticated felines which is partly why I chose them. We are brutal and demonic, though inside we are a loving Pack, we care greatly for our companions and our allies as well. We may come out as unfriendly to outsiders, but you truly must look inside. We will be merciless to enemies, but we don't often attack without reason unless out of boredom.

~ Ranks ~ Edit

Alpha- There is a male and female Alpha, they both share the rule of the ultimate superiors of the Pack, they are the highest level of respect and have all authority over EVERYONE in the Pack.

Beta- There is only ONE Beta. The Betas are the second in Command and they send out patrols and are usually head of the battle patrols.

Deltas- There are four Deltas. The Deltas are the head of the Inferiors, they command them and make sure that they are following rules, the Deltas are also in the Bloodhound squad.

Lead Bloodhound- This rank leads the Blood Hounds in missions/ect.

Bloodhounds- Inferiors and Elites can also be Bloodhounds, Bloodhounds are the bounty hunters of the Pack, they take prisoners, track down the exiled, and they also find packs or clans that need destroying, they as well serve as Scouts for the Pack, and sometimes spies.

Elites- Elites are higher than Inferiors, but they do not have command over them, Elites are simply the advanced Inferiors, it is an honor to be one.

Inferiors- The Inferiors are the Fighters and hunters of the Pack.

Novices- The Apprentices of the Pack, each given a Master ( Mentor ).

Pups- The playful infants of the Pack, the most heavily guarded.

Detainees- This has no respect, these are the ones that we've imprisoned, punished, exiled, or merely found straying within our borders. They will be tortured daily.

~ Members ~ Edit

Keres- The Male Alpha of the Pack ( description is a W.I.P )

Scythe- The Female Alpha of the Pack, Scythe is a Gray Wolf, Tundra Wolf Hybrid, she has a flat face, and a pelt painted like the night sky. Her curved fangs always have blood on the tips, and her vampiric ears are almost torn in half. A lot to her is battle scars, she has many, rupturing her pelt. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Scythe has long legs, and she is tall for her species. She is more muscly compacted than most females, and her tail is almost shredded, she is an intimidating sight, and has gore moves in battle, she is vicious and fierce, and defensive. Don't mess with her or her Pack, she is Scythe.

~ Rules ~ Edit

1. Doubleclanning/packing/ect. will NOT be tolerated whatsoever.

2. Do NOT disrespect or talk back to a higher rank than you when given orders.

3. No unnecessary drama please, that would include omens/fake raids/or a fire.

4. No taking charge, especially when the Alphas/Betas/Deltas are on.

5. When the Alphas and/or Betas are on it's immediate roleplay.

6. Do not stand up for another group other than us.

7. Krabbits/apoxes will be laughed at and immediate locked out.

8. No goofing off during roleplay, it's annoying and dishonorable.

~ Punishments ~ Edit

1. Sliced ear

2. Tail ripped off

3. Eye gouged out

4. Confined to the Detainees den for a moon, and you're treated like them.

5. Demotion

6. Exile

7. Death in front of the Pack

8. Torturous death in front of the Pack

9. The canines around you will make two lines, you'll be bit, shoved, and pushed until you collapse by force. ( Credit to Whitememory )

10. Number 9, but after that you'll be a Detainee and a slave.

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