Welcome to the Realms of Mortality. This is a religion of two beliefs, the Spirits of Vitality, and the Ghosts of Fatality. Both Realms are uniquely created for both felines and canines.

» The Spirits of Vitality »Edit

Enchanted Forest

» The Spirit's Paradise »

The Spirits of Vitality is the lighter of the two Realms. It is a paradise for those who have faded to join their ranks. This enchanted land of eternal peace is for those who have passed on with good in their hearts. Here, the Spirits watch over their loved ones from above, and wait patiently for their time to come.

» Rulers of the Spirits »Edit

The Spirits of Vitality is jointly ruled by Kryptaris and Serenity, creators of harmony and peace.
White Lion

» Kryptaris »

Kryptaris is portrayed as a majestic lion, noble and royal. His fur is a pale golden, streaked in white. Kryptaris's eyes are like crystals, a vivid, sky blue. He is brother to Necrosis, who is his mortal enemy.

White Wolf

» Serenity »

Serenity reveals herself as a beautiful wolf, regal and elegant. Her lush coat is pure white; her eyes like sapphire. She is the sister of Acrimony, her once best friend, now arch nemesis.

» The Ghosts of Vitality »Edit

The Ghosts of Vitality is the darker of the two Realms. Any creature who has sinned against the Spirits will wander alone in this forsaken hell. Here, faded felines and canines are trapped in their own fear. Prey is scarce, so those caged in this Realm must fight to survive in this hell as sins corrupt their dark minds: greed, hate, and anger.

» Rulers of the Ghosts »Edit

The Ghosts of Fatality is ruled by Necrosis and Acrimony, bringers of evil and corruption.
Dark Lion 2

» Necrosis »

Necrosis. Corrupt. Evil. Bloodthristy. Power-hungry. Necrosis is a glorious lion, his tangled fur obsidian in color. His eyes are a smoldering red, like the burning coals of the fire. His mind is shaded with greed and jealousy, forever hateful of his brother, Kryptaris.

Black Wolf

» Acrimony »

Acrimony is portrayed as a dark wolf. Her pelt is pitch black, tinged in midnight-blue. Her eyes are icy blue, frosty with anger and hate. Acrimony is typically quiet and reserved, but in that silent mind of hers is a bitter taste that can only be relieved with revenge against Serenity, her sister.

» The Law of Vitality »Edit

Unlike the Ghosts, the Spirits have a set of commandments that all Vitality Mortalists must obey. If you break one of the laws, you may either ask Kryptaris or Serenity for forgiveness, or you can make up for your wrong-doings.

One does not kill to achieve victory.

You need not slaughter someone to win your battles, unless absolutely necessary. Negotiate peace whenever possible, instead of flinging one's self into battle.
Honor every creature killed for consumption.

The Spirits of Vitality has breathed life into all of the world's creatures. Their lives are as important as yours. Give thanks for every creature you hunt for freshkill.
Every individual is equal, no matter the gender or the rank.

A Vitality Mortalist must not discriminate another, whether the species, gender, or rank. All those you see beside you are equal in every way and deserve the equal respect.
One will not participate in cannibalism.

None of the Vitality Mortalists will divulge in cannibalism. Those of your species are not prey. Devouring one of your kind shows just how desperate one is for nourishment. 
Always do your best; never settle for less.

Fight for what you believe in. Don't settle for 100%, but for 110%. One must stand up for a righteous cause and never give up, no matter the cost.

» Believers of the Mortality »Edit

These are the Mortalists, or those who follow this religion. Those who believe in the Realms of Mortality pledge to follow the ways of either the Spirites or the Ghosts. Choose your own path.
Lion & Wolf

» The Symbol of Mortality »


Vitality Mortalists:

P The Empire of Abstract Beauty ~ Adderstar[xxstitchx], Abstract [Misskinny], and Scream [Xxraww]

Northern Stride ~ Coven [xTORNoxLOVEo] and Anastasia [xxstitchx]

The Pack of Enlightened Spirits - Eris [xoHAUNTEDxPATHox]

JayClan - Jaybird (jagurz/Quillflight)

Fatality Mortalists:Edit

Sanguinary Canines ~ Aetrix [xxforestleafxx]

Wolves of the Horizon ~ Tundra [floppingtoquito]