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The Realm of the Whistling Winds is where the ancestors of certain packs reside. Some ancestors live in the peaceful Pack of Silver Stars. Others, however, dwell in the dark depths where the Pack of Withered Souls rule the shadows.

The Pack of Silver Stars Edit

" Dawn, we have watched over you, and now we invite you to join our good ranks. Is this your wish, or would you rather enter the evil world of.....them?"

"Thank you, Lily. I accept your offer."

"Excellent. Now, follow me, and let me introduce you to your new pack, the Pack of SIlver Stars..."

The Pack of Silver Stars are the good ancestors of certain packs. They watch over the packs who believe in them, and share things with their Medicui. They welcome the good who have died bravely or just died of old age. The bad, however, join the Pack of Withered Souls. The Pack of Silver Stars is peaceful, and rarely ever argue with each other. When you die, a member from this pack will greet you, and either invite you to join their pack, or reject you into the shadows, where you are fetched by a member from the Pack of Withered Souls.

The Pack of Withered Souls Edit

" Slither, we have seen the way you behave, and we wish for you to join our evil ranks. We assume you will join us, since you've either declined the first offer, or have been rejected by.....them."

" Of course. "

" Good, come right this way, and meet your new pack, The Pack of Withered Souls..."

The Pack of Withered Souls is the opposite of the Pack of Silver Stars. They almost always fight, and only the worst of the worst reside here. They also watch over the packs who believe in them, but only to look for cats and sometimes wolves who are evil enough for them. They welcome those who have died because of their evil nature, or just because of old age. When you die, you are first greeted by a member from the Pack of Silver Stars. If you are evil, you are cast into the darkness, where a member of this pack will fetch you. If you refuse the offer to join the Pack of Silver Stars, the same thing will happen.

Duxi(a) of the Packs Edit

The Duxi of the Pack of Silver Stars is a Snow Leopard named Lux. Lux is a perfect leader for his pack. He will gladly sort out any problem a cat or the occasional wolf might have, and even a glimpse of him will brighten your day. His Procosulia is his mate, Clara. Clara is much like Lux, for she is fair, trustworthy, and is the nicest spirit you'll ever meet. Together, Lux and Clara make the Pack of Silver Stars a place where cats and even wolves can enjoy the afterlife in peace and happiness.The Duxa of the Pack of Withered Souls is a wolf named Tenebris. Tenebris is rarely seen, and that's a good thing. If you do see her, it'll probably be the last thing you'll ever see. This is because of Tenebris's love of death and destruction. Her mate and Proconsuli is Mortem, a black wolf. Mortem is almost as evil as his mate, and will torture you until you die if you ever defy him or Tenebris. Tenebris and Mortem both love pain and suffering, so they try to make those two things common in the Pack of Withered Souls. After all, it is the afterlife for the evil.

The Guidelines of the Silver Stars Edit

These are just suggestions given to us by our ancestors. We don't have to follow them, but they are good advice.

  • You needn't kill to justify yourself.

Killing is for food and self-defense. If you must kill anything other than prey, it must be for a good reason.

  • Treat each pack member with the respect that you would treat your Duxi(a).

Disrespect is a crime in packs. You will respect your pack like you would yourself.

  • A pack member would never participate in cannibalism.

It is a serious disgrace for a pack animal to even think about trying cannibalism. It is disgusting, disrespectful to your pack, and just plain bad. Pack animals eat prey, not each other.

  • Listen to your superiors.

Listening to your superiors is great advice, for they most likely know something that you don't. Failure to listen to your superiors leads to disgrace, injury, sickness, and even death.

Believers of The Whistling Winds Edit

Starshine- The Pack of Whispering Breezes

You may get back to The Pack of Whispering Breezes here.

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