This is a religion for cats and big cats. If you will use it for your clan/group/pack/tribe,please do not claim that you made it.

Backstory Edit

Long ago there were 2 brothers: Amani and Hasira. Amani was a white and massive tiger,Hasira was a black Puma. Amani was a peaceful,friendly and wise tiger,Hasira was closed and rude. Everyone were saying that the names suits brothers as 'Amani' means peace and 'Hasira' means rage. Amani's and Hasira's parents were worried ,because no matter how hard Amani tried Hasira was always rude to his brother and few times deeply injured him. However time passed,everyone liked Amani and meanwhile Hasira was sitting in shadows...- Hasira wake up - Amani nudged his brother. " What do you want?" Hasira snapped. - I had a dream. It was from the stars. Someone from the sky appeared and told me,if we will fight,it will end bad. We have to live in harmony - Hasira bursted laughing * you must've watched the stars for too long this time you fool. Go away before your tail belongs to me* he snapped. Amani shook his head -the stars don't lie- ....

One day Amani's and Hasira's parents passed away and brothers padded away from each other hoping to find a new home... Time passed,both brothers started to lead packs. Amani's pack was based on harmony and respect when Hasira was happy killing innocent lives and living in shadows.

Hasira was trying to ruin Amani's life and repeatedly attacking his brothers pack as he was jealous and couldn't forget the past when Amani was loved and he was left. Amani tried not to begin a war,but one day his patience ran out...

That night they met for final battle in middle of the forest. Amani stared at his brother. Hasira snapped to begin the battle and dashed at his brother,leaving his pack behind him. Amani also dashed at his brother,but when they were about to leap at each other,lightning striked,knocking brothers back...


  • Kindness
  • Diligence
  • Chastity
  • Amani
  • Temperance
Amani woke up. He was confused but he was happy and calm. He knew that everything around is in harmony and peace. He looked around and noticed he was somewhere he never was. He suddenly looked at the puddle and saw the same forest,his and his packmates dead bodies. Sadness filled his heart,but suddenly he felt a nudge. He turned and saw his packmates and smiled. Now they all had different names...

CHASTITY- Chastity was a large old tiger. In Everlasting Peace he was representing knowledge and wisdom. Usually Chastity takes care of elders,guides them through dreams and tries to help them to make right decisions.

TEMPERANCE- Temperance died young,but he always knew how much important is respect. The cat,which is under Temperance's care is very lucky. If cat will try to do something bad,like ending innocent life, Temperance might appear in front of his eyes and scare him away. Temperance tries to show how much important is harmony and how expensive life is.

KINDNESS-Sadly,Kindness passed away when she was a cub,but in Everlasting Peace's Realm she got very important role. Kindness represents loyalty,mercy,love and satisfaction. If a cat is very loyal and compassed,if he/she cares about everyone you can be 100% sure that the cat is protected by Kindness.

DILIGENCE-Diligence was a shaman tiger and usually protects other meds/shamans. Diligence thinks that if you work hard for your dream- you will achieve it. She also believes,that you won't solve anything with lies. Diligence protects only very special cats as not everyone can be honest,thruthful and trusted.



*what the hell...* Hasira lifted himself. He turned around and noticed,that he is in some dark and cold forest. All he felt was guilt and pain. He padded near dark,swampy water and glanced at it. He saw the forest,his and Amani's dead bodies. Suddenly a memory came back,where Amani warned his brother that they should stop fighting. He realised that its all his fault and he felt even more guilty. Hasira roared loudly. His roar was filled with pain,guilt and sadness. He turned and sighed,as in front of him were standing his packmates. But now they were different...


INSANITY- The cat,which is captured by Insanity,is probably the most unlucky creature. Insanity is a mercyless puma,which believes that doing what you want isn't bad at all. Insanity can go blank and end whoever is standing in his way. Insanity can see things,which aren't real,the only dream he has is nightmares.

DECEPTION - 'No matter how,no matter how much it will cost,get what you want!' - screams Deception. Deception was a tiny female puma,she believed that the only thing that matters is she and her dreams. Cats captured by Deception are liars,egoistic creatures.

RAGE- Rage is Insanity's brother,but has some differences. Rage kills and tortures creatures exactly knowing what he is doing and enjoying it. The cat,which is under Rage's control,is heartless.
  • Insanity
  • Hasira
  • Deception
  • Rage
  • Prance

PRANCE- Prance is a dark brown female. She thinks that everyone are pathetic creatures,except herself. She thinks that she is amazing and the best. Prance says that the she can do stuff perfectly,but if she fails,she always finds someone which will be 'responsible for her fail'.


How to figure out who is protecting you? The Peace Realm or Chaos Realm? The only one who can help you is yourself and maybe the medic/shaman. The Realm cats might appear in your dream,it may become a vision or you just look somewhere,like into the water and the cats reflection will appear.

It is believed that shamans/medics has strong connection with the realms as they live more with the nature than anyone else.

When a cat dies,he/she will wake up in one of the Realms. If the cat appears in Everlasting Peace,she/he will feel peace,happiness and harmony. If he/she becomes a Chaos Realm cat,he/she will feel guilt,pain and sadness. In nightmares they will see every single innocent creature they killed.

You can't belong to both Realms. You can't switch between Realms. The only thing that can happen - Everlasting Peace will stop to mentor you if you become more evil.



Once in 20 moons there is a Moon of Reincarnation. In that night Full Moon is fully red and cats of Everlasting Peace gets a chance to come back as another living creature. Sadly,the cats of Everlasting Chaos just gets a chance to come back as Spirits for one night and explore the world of living creatures.

( Idea - Velox (justemazas)

Editing - Ventus (aurimas14 ))