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You're padding through a dense forest, tree's looming over you. As you continue walking, you're slammed to the ground. A large midnight colored brute stands, dominating you. He meows coldly,

"Who are you? What makes you think you can stay on our land?" You lunge out his grip and meow back,

"I'm sorry, I just got lost... I had no intention this was YOUR land." As you finish, a thin but strong Fae appears out the misty darkness. "I'm sure Eclipse and Korosu will be happy to see this." She meowed sarcastically. "But, it's too bad... Iron, lead her to camp. Avoid the Scraps and Novices, just straight for Eclipse or Korosu." The brute, supposedly Iron, nudges you with his tassel, and began scrambling towards an entrance to a midnight-filled camp. You follow nervously and soon arrive to High Rock where two cats sat. One of the two cats was a Black brute with wisps of brown on his underbelly, the other was a muscular Fae with a mix of Black and grey in her bristling pelt. "Meet Korosu and Eclipse. Greetings, Eclipse. Korosu. I found this cat trespassing." The Fae examines you before springing off the High Rock. She meowed, "Trespassing? And what matter was that for?" You stutter back feeling outnumbered, "I wasn't exactly trespassing... You see, I was looking for a place to sleep before finding myself in a forest opening. I wanted to explore and, as you know, I was pounced on. I'm sorry... Eclipse." The feline nodded before signalling you to meet outside. Moments later you are standing in the cold wind outside with Eclipse and Korosu. "So you got lost and taken here?" The tom meowed in a deep, dark voice. "Yes... But, I was also thinking of joining some sort of clan/pack, I thought this'd be a good place to start..." You mew back to Korosu. He nods at your answer and replies, "Well that could happen. Eclipse?" The Fae thinks to herself and yowls, "Maybe, just need your Name and desired Rank. Nodding you answer with, "I'm _____ and my desired Rank is _____." Thanks for reading this introduction. Now for some rules...

Okay first of all, I know packs don't usually have much rules or none at all, but, this pack does- though, not much.


  1. No double clanning/packing!- I'm completely against double clanning/packing, so, if you want to be in the pack, don't do it!
  2. Respect all cats the same and don't leave anyone out.- Its not exactly 'nice' and wouldn't do it personally.
  3. Respect your leader and deputy.- Its important to respect and listen to your leaders and deputies and would consider it rude to over-talk/threaten etc.
  4. No kp's!- Kittypets aren't Warrior Cats and I will not accept them.
  5. Drama IS allowed, it sort of moves the story along, but don't make a big thing about 'dying' or having a bad illness etc.

Alliances: Shadeclan- (Xxliongirldjxx)-


The Pack Of Dazed Stars - (grandclaws06)

Enemies: None. (yet)

Members: /


  • Leader=
  • Deputy= Open.
  • Deputy- Open. (Third in command, second deputy on if the first deputy is not on)


  • None (yet)


  • Dusk-(Xd1123)-Description: This fierce feline is not a Fae to mess with. Her midnight pelt mixes with signs of silver across her tassel and muzzle.
  • Iron-(Handsome58)-Description- He would usually attack a trespasser than ask questions. This brute is a silver feline with colors of black and brown surrounding his fur.
  • Worren-(Tigeressrose)-(was last deputy but died)-Description: A brown female with a light mix of ginger.
  • Black 'rose'-(?????-please remind me of your username!)-Description: A pure black she-cat with grey blotches.
  •  ?????- (Please tell me your warrior name!)-(Toughowl)-Description: This Fae is pure white with light silver patches.
  •  ?????-(Same as above please!)-Droxk-Description: Ginger she cat with black and brown mixes.
  •  ?????(Starbucks9876)-Description: Pure grey with signs of white splotches across her pelt.

This isn't all of the warriors, there are lots more, but, none have shared a name and rank. If you're in this pack and you don't see your name, post it in the comments!


Okay we have lots of apprentices, all of which haven't told me their names! I'll put the users down below. If you're reading this and its one of your users, post it in the comments.

  • Kyrako? -Description: A white she-cat
  • Libertyy3601
  • Koalababy4828 Description: A ginger Fae with wisps of red.
  • Imsorryimsorry- A pure white she-cat with a silver mix.
  • CrimsonCreek- Fully black Fae with brown patches.

(I believe there are some more, please remind me if so.)


Oak?-(Tigeressrose-After Worren)-Description: A brown mix using dark brown, light and mid making a beautiful Darkish brown color.

?????-(Fangkit)-Description: Dark midnight color fur with teal eyes.

Shadow -(??? Can you tell me a user??)-Description: A pure black kit with blinding yellow optics.

Medicine cat and or apprentice:

Medicine Cat: Firedog1012

Medicine Cat apprentice: Lotte2206

Thats most of our members for now. Here is our form for joining!

  • First post in the comments your cat roleplay name and desired rank.
  • Next, post whether you have read the books and what book you are up to. OR recent warrior cats roleplay.
  • Rate your strength ?/10 -be honest.
  • Once we have a chance to meet on Animal Jam, if you're a Warrior you will receive a test but if you're a lower Rank, a roleplay example.
  • A description of your cat is needed too.


Our Territory.

Our territories in jamaa are...

World: Elbe

Places: Hunters Lagoon (Zios) and Sarepia Mist (Sarepia)

Ranks Edit

Leader/Alpha - In charge of the Pack, respected the most by everycat.

Deputy - Second in command, respected alot by most cats.

Medicine Cat - Helps and heals cats with injuries or sickness' using herbs and communicates with StarClan.

Warrior - These fierce cats will do anything to keep their clan/pack/tribe/colony safe by doing Hunting, Patrolling, and fighting.

Queen - Fae's who are expecting kits soon or are already nursing kits.

Elder - Retired felines who are too old/weak to perform warrior duties.

Apprentice - Young felines over 6 moons training to become either a Warrior or Medicine Cat

Kits - Newborn or near apprentice, kits are cats that are under 6 moons.

Name Tags Edit

Our tag is BLACK as we believe it is dark and mysterious.

No Adventure Levels please! (We don't need to see you brag about your 'amazing high level')

The pins are:

Leader: Star

Deputy: Crane/Mira

Warriors: Wolf

Medicine Cat: Clover

Queens: Heart

Elders: World

Apprentice: Thunder Bolt

Kits: Bunny.

News. Edit

3/12/15 The ambush was cancelled due to Christmas is soon and some other reasons.

11/11/15 Plans with Toxicbluejamaa and her clan to attack Communications' endless clan was confirmed.

8/11/15 After Worren passed, I chose a new deputy Korosu. Congratulations!

8/11/15 We recruit another 13 members to our clan! Welcome felines.

7/11/15 Dogs invaded the camp capturing Worren, we have not heard from her for a long time, our pack assume she was ended by them.

7/11/15 We make allies with Toxicbluejamaa and her clan.

6/11/15 We welcomed lots of new recruits to the Pack and made allies with Shadeclan (Xxliongirldjxx)

5/11/15 Me and Worren start the Pack!

Okay, thanks! Remember to read the rules thoroughly and sign up in the comments! I look forward to seeing your cat at the pack.