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              "To a great mind, nothing is little."
 -Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes)


    * Currently Innactive*

Please do not ask to join.

The River calmly flowed as you walked down the evergreen forest edge. You loved the sounds of quiet birds and the river flowing. There was no danger to be seen, just you, and you alone. The Quiet winds blew the tree leaves. You step on a twig, you flinch. Then you realize it was only a twig. You kept on walking through the beautiful evergreen forest. You hear the leaves moving in the distance, but you thought it was only the wind. Then you smell multiple cats. You slowly get frightened, as the scene changes. You kept on walking like nothing was happening. You smell more and more cats crowding in a group, slowly walking towards you. You jumped in the river and skillfully swam to the other side. You knew the cats were on the other side. As you walked, you heard growling. You look behind. Then you kept on walking, keeping caution. You heard cats swimming across the river, but once you turned around, they were gone. You looked back and get knocked out. You get dragged across the floor. Hours later, you end up in a camp with a bunch of cats looking down at you. You fearfully got to your paws as the cats collided into two lines. A minuscule feline walked down the isle of cats. She stopped and looked down at you. '' I'- I-.. I'm no threat to yo-u..'' You shuddered. She tilted her head at you. '' I invite you to join The Raging Storm. '' She said. '' Re-Re, Really?? '' ''Yes.'' She said as she unsheathed a claw and sliced your kittypet collar off as a symbol of you joining The Raging Storm.


Alpha (x3): The most powerful feline of the pack. If asked to do anything, you will obey, no matter who opposes. Most of the time, the alphas know what they are doing. The Alphas are also the only cats who can accept and test feline who want to join the pack. Betas or Deltas may tests them, but cannot accept them into the pack. Alphas are also the only ones who can appoint betas, deltas, guards, or omegas. If you want to challenge someone for their rank, you must ask an alpha to be present. Alphas are also the only rank you cannot challenge.

Betas(x4): The 2nd in command of the pack. Betas make patrols and send them out, usually acommpaning them, or sending a delta to go with them. In very rare coincidences, Betas may lead the pack. You may challenge someone for the beta position, however you must be a delta, or have special permission from an alpha.

Deltas(x5): Deltas are the 3rd in command, most commonly the wittiests felines. These cats make battle stratagies and often lead raids. You may challenge someone for the delta position, but you must be a guard. 

~Elite Delta(x1):The very 1st delta who joined the pack, he or she cannot be challenged. This rank is only   occured once, very ofted twice if the Elite Delta is promoted to beta. The Elite Delta is in charge of all the deltas, and on very rare occasions in ch​arge of the clan.

Guards(x): The "warriors" of the pack. They defend the pack, recruit, and destory anyone who takes negative about The Raging Storm, or their allies. They are very critical in the pack, they make up most of the pack, and try to keep everyone serious and on task. 

​Matriarch(x): The expecting or nursing shecats in the pack. They usually are very kind and nuresing to everyone. They nest in the same den with the elders and Omega when in the camp.

Omega(x1): The lowest rank there is. The Omega has to do everything anyone says; whether it be to fetch moss, to cleaning elders of the ticks. You either gain Omega from having low trust in others, or just need to be trained more in roleplaying.

Trainee(x): The youth of the pack, more than 6 moons. They train with their mentor, usually a guard, to become a guard. They train in the territory, but watch how their mentors hunt or deal with intruders. You cannot challenge for a trainee position.

​Elders(x): The retired guards/betas/deltas of the pack. Requires respect from everyone. They have spent their whole life fighting, defending, and spending their time in the pack. 

Kits(x): The youngest felines of the pack. Under 6 moons of age and watched by the matriarches and elders of the pack. We do not accept kits from out of the pack, you must have been born inside of the pack to be accepted. 

Members Of The PackEdit

Member Count: 20-ish










Elite Delta




















Rules Edit

  1. No doubleclanning/packing.
  2. Listen to the alpha no matter what.
  3. Respect your elders, and those who have a higher rank than you.
  4. Do not cause unwanted drama. Nobody needs the extra stress.
  5. If someone is bothering you, ignore them.
  6. Absolutely NO powerplaying!!!
  7. You may kill others, just outside of the pack. (try not to die though)

Dress Code Edit

Please abide to the dress code! We are not fairy princesses! I made this for a reason!!!

Head - Fox Hat, Skull helmet, or nothing

Back - Spartan Armour, NM And Member Swords, Jaamaliday Bow, or nothing

Neck - Spikes, Jaamaliday scarf, Leaf Necklaces, or nothing

Legs/Paws - Elf Bracelets, Legendary Glove, NM Glove, or nothing

Tail - Elf Tail Armour or nothing

Punishments Edit

  • Clean The Nursery
  • Watch The Kits For A Day
  • 1 day Banishment from the Pack
  • Demotion
  • 1 Ear Torn Off
  • Both Ears Torn Off
  • Half A Tail
  • Demotion To Omega
  • 3 Day Banishment
  • Paw twisted until it breaks or sprains
  • 7 Day Banishment
  • Exile
  • Death
  • *Pack Betrayal will lead to tearing limb from limb*

Alliances Edit

The Pack Of Shadowed Souls [Canines]

The Hounds Of Diminished Tranquility [Canines]

The Pack Of Crimson Bones [Canines]

Cryptic Outcries[Felines and Canines]

The Pack of Twisted Souls [Felines and Canines]

The Pack of Shattered Bones [Felines]

Endlessclan. Yes the Endlessclan. We have the same morals as them, please no trash about them.

Enemies Edit

None So Far.

Announcements! Edit

We are now allied with The Shattered Bones! 1/12/16

Kani is expecting kits!!!! 1/12/16

Dusk has joined the pack!! 1/12/16

A new Alphas will be picked soon, and possibly another beta! 1/13/16

Kani has decided to leave our pack and make her own. We will miss you! 1/15/16

Shinku has joined the pack!! 1/15/16

Thanos has joined the pacl 1/15/16

Danoka Will Be choosing the 2 other Alphas tomorrow. 1/15/16

About Us Edit

Server: Burke; Zios, Serapia, and Canyons only.

Theme Song: Click Here

Tag Color: Dark Blue

We do not follow the warrior code

We are a feline and canine pack.

Our Sparring Den Is at rainkittens. We will try to train at a daily basis at his den.

Questions, Comments, Notes Edit

Began: 1/7/16

Disbanned: 0/00/00

How To Join:

Please Leave a Comment Containing this Information




I do/do not know basic or advanced anatomy:

Rank Desired:

Roleplaying Example:

If You are Wishing to form an alliance with us please fill this form out:

Name Of Pack/Clan/Tribe:

Reason Why:

What Will You Benefit From Our Alliance:

How Much Members:

Activity Per Week/Day/Month:

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment section :D

Also: Please do not edit the wiki with permission from Danoka, Or XxCherryleafxX. Contact me if something is incorrect or needs to be added please.

~Thanks ouo

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