Many dazzling stars spot the sky, as if someone had just taken a box of glitter and dumped it onto a velvet black sheet. You stare up at them and fall into an inspiring trance. You look at the stars and grow overwhelmed with emotion as you imaged those stars as souls, all the souls of the fallen, shining brightly and promptly in the sky, living on past their death.

You push away your feelings and stand up. You followed the brightest star towards that you hoped would be your sleeping spot that night. You find a clump of ferns, covered in pungent scent, and you wondered if there were any other cats living here. You felt hairs rise along your nape, but you dismissed the thought, too tired to muster up the courage to go and check. However, as you wandered closer, more scents flooded your nose. You even saw marks, claw marks, streaked on the trunks of nearby trees.

There's scent marks all past this border. You wonder if you should continue and see if they'll let you at some of their own food and shelter, and you'll bolt the next morning. Probably the best idea. You walk along the territory and even mark it yourself to mock whoever even lives here. Suddenly you hear a voice, coming from the ferns besides you. You turn just in time to see a burning blue gaze.

"What are you doing on the territory of The Paranyx Hybrids?" Her eyes narrowed. "You can either join or leave."


❆Never attack/kill a packmate. If carried out, it will result in your own death. Counts as major disloyalty.

❆If you are caught doubleclanning, you will be displayed to the pack and chanted guilty—then exiled. Counts as major disloyalty.

❆If it is found out that you were spying the whole time, you will be killed on the spot. Counts as major disloyalty.

❆If you ignore, disrespect, or attack your leader, your ear will be ripped off/leg will be broken. If you do this more than once, you are exiled immediately. Counts as minor disloyalty.

❆ If you disobey the dress code and choose not to change your look after told multiple times, you are exiled. Counts as minor disloyalty.

❆ Dont disobey those of high rank ( Leader, deputy, healer, ect ) Will cause being exiled and public humiliation.

(To be added to)

Dress Code Edit


❆Spiked Collar

❆Elf Armor

❆Elf Bracelets

❆Leaf Necklace

❆Leaf Bracelets

❆Spartan Armor

❆Jamaaliday Bow

❆Skull Helmet



❆Pirate Sword

❆Jamaaliday Scarf

❆Rare Glove

❆Bow And Arrows (Not preferred)

❆Worn Blanket

Joining? Edit

Copy-paste this form into your comment and fill it out. If you have accurately done so and have or will meet with the leader on AJ, you will be accepted into the pack.


Nick Names (Optional):






Crush (Optional):




Eye Color(s):

Visual (Optional):


Backstory (Optional):


Alliance Request Edit

Copy-paste this form into your comment and fill it out if you wish to ally with us. Most likely, this will be accepted.

Clan/Pack Name: (Answer here and attach with a link to your clan/pack's wiki)




Members Edit

All current members of the pack are listed here.

❆Aki- Hopecasmire

❆Rapture- Renee72623

❆Opal- Vb234

❆Rowan- Ryan194aj

❆Akane- Fluffyclaws81911

❆Kasumi- Serena915

❆Kagemusha- Blanketsleeper

❆Jun- Wolfychann

❆Fox- K8177

❆Dusk- Dogsaregrant

❆Kit- catlove81626

❆Bone- CheeryCheetah10

❆Camrynp- Comet

❆Xy- Jammer9n2bt

❆Untamedwolf- Plague

❆Silly334- Tundra

❆0324- Wolf

❆Lilly8910- Hype

Allies Edit

❆The Vermilion Souls of Malevolence

❆The Empire Of Demonic Ruins