About a year ago.... mates Thrush and Storm split from their falling pack, they traveled high into the mountains, only to find a small group of wolves who were willing to take them into their small pack, they didn't have a leader so they all agreed to choose a stone from the cliff to see who would be leader. A grey wolf named Erosion chose a jagged brown rock, Thrush chose a round stone, a black wolf named Onyx chose a smooth white stone and Storm chose a jagged black one. The four wolves agreed Thrush had the larger rock, therefore he had the right to choose a second Alpha. Thrush told them that whoever he chose was not out of favoritism, but because he thought they had the most characteristics of being a Alpha. Thrush considered Erosion, for
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his physical strength, Onyx for her swiftness, but chose Storm because she was his mate and for her wisdom and honesty. Thrush told them "The Alpha has to have a special bond with his other Alpha, therefore, i choose Storm." The other two nodded, understanding, they didn't care about being Alpha as long as they were with their pack. Thrush and Storm then continued to explore the mountains finding new wolves the whole way. Dusk, a loyal and persistent wolf who would make a great Zeta. Huntress, fierce and swift. Gray, strong and wise. They also found two pups, frozen from the cold. Thrush took them in as Avalon and Snow. They found Echo and Cloud, two healing-smart siblings, and lastly, Bone, an old but wise wolf. They found Spark and Stream two young and determined Phis and a strong Chi to teach them, Cunning. They are growing and continue to grow as a pack.

We are the Pack of the Frozen North.


 * Pack Talent: Speed/swiftness. Anything relating to speed, stealthy, Shadowing

  • Clan character: We value honesty, wisdom and loyalty most. Although we are strong and fierce, we do not act on impulse or impetuousness. We think before we act and consider the consequences. We rather strength in numbers then rely only on our physical strength.
  • Roleplay: Mainly traditional but some know advanced.


  • No Double-clanning: We need loyal memebers. Double-clanning is not acceptable in any form.(normal double-clanning, seperate accounts, sharing accounts etc.)
  • Leaving: If you are leaving The Pack, please let one of the alphas know and tell them why.
  • Be professional: Although both Alphas love to goof off... we do need seriousness when it is necessary, you will have free time in camp to goof off when the time is right.
  • Respect: Respect all members even omegas. Everyone deserves the respect you deserve.
  • No power-playing: We take power-playing very seriously, and if you choose to power-play, you will be given 3 warnings, after that you will either become an omega or be exiled.
  • Tour: This will be given when you arrive and wish to join our pack.


  • Season: Mid new-bud
  • Prey: Running slowly
  • Current plague: None
  • Server: Cascade
  • Territories: Las vegas
  • Tags: Silver
  • Activity: Semi
  • Recruiting: Always!
  • Allies: Pack of long fate, The pack of Silver Meadows and the Pack of Flowing Water




gamma(third in command)

Delta(healers of the pack)

Theta(Elite warriors)


Phi(like an apprentice)

Chi(a mentor)

Mothers(like a queen)

Pups(the young)

Sigmas(members who are good at one specific talent over others, can be Alphas, Betas, Thetas, Gammas, or Zetas)

Omegas(those who have been dishonored or have dishonored their clan)

Alphas: Thrush, Storm Edit

Betas: Bramble, Snow, Avalon Edit

Gamma: Stone, Asuna, Ivy, Frost Edit

Delta: Echo, Pine, Cloud Edit

Theta: Akira, Maple, Breeze, Sky, Hikari, Lion Edit

  • Avalon
  • Snow
  • Thrush
  • Lion
  • Lupe
  • Bramble
  • Falcon
  • Sparrow
  • Storm
  • Echo
  • Bone
  • Swift
  • Jewel
  • Luna
  • River

Zeta: Ice, Blue, Katsumi, Kaiya, Swamp, Moss, River, Dusk, Luna, Aura, Lilac, Gray, Oak, Leaf, Sparrow, Cliff, Falcon, Shade, Buzzard, Autumn, Rock, Smoke, Jewel, Swift, Flame, Rapid, Huntress Edit

Phi: Emerald, Spark, Stream, Lark, Blizzard Edit

Chi: Fallen, Dawn, Cunning Edit

Mothers: Meadow, Moon, Soramai(expecting) Edit

Pups: Blossom, Strike, Lightning, Fox, Lily, Ember, Star, Shyla, Silver, Thunder Edit

Sigmas Edit

  • Shadowing: Luna
  • Swimming: River
  • Sprinting: Avalon
  • Battling: Lion
  • Hunting: Snow
  • Leaping/jumping: Sparrow

Omegas: Howler, Red, Lupe, Scarlet, Crescent Edit

Casualties Edit

These are the members who have died. Edit

  • Lark, died as a Phi, his mentor was Snow. He died by swallowing poisoned drinking water.
  • Blizzard, died as a Phi, his mentor was Avalon. He died by a bear attack.


  • The North Star: This is what some call the stars, this is where the good, kind and honorable deseased members and ancestors reside. They mainly speak through leaders, betas, and deltas but can reach anyone just as easily. The starry warriors believe that anyone can read and interperate omens. Their appearance is as breath-taking as ever, the deseased ancestors have glowing, pure eyes and beautiful starry coats. Canines, good and pure, end up there, where they stay for eternity afterward.
  • Night of no Stars: The Night of no Stars are the evil canines who lied, betrayed, and tortured as they lived. They corrupt vunerable minds. They influence the wicked. Their coats are slightly faded, their souls cold as a wintery night. Fog trails from their paws and tails, and their eyes flood black smoke. They are the ones to stay away from

Traditions Edit

  • The Prey Share: Every night, once the day's duties are done, the pack gathers to eat. They eat in order of rank. They talk and enjoy each other's company. At the end of the Prey Share, the members often settle, either talking to one another or listening to a story from the Leaders.

Celebrations Edit

  • The New Bud Feast: When the last snow melts, every canine in the pack celebrate for surviving the cold and harsh year with little prey and little warmth. They sprint though the warm sunny valley and hunt all day while the pups, cubs and Phis play in the fresh blossoming forest by a beautiful stream filled with fish. Once they finished hunting and the day is almost over they bring the prey to the stream and have a huge feast. We talk and enjoy the givings of New Bud and Fresh Wind.
  • Coming of the Cold: When the last leaf falls, the pack gathers in the mountains to work together to hunt and prepare for the coming cold. The pack sits and talks about what fun they had during the warmer seasons, they share their experiences and the share tongues and share prey. The pack prays to the North Star for warmth and health and prey for the coming cold.

Ceremonies Edit

  • The Phi Ceremony: When a pup becomes an phi, we have a special tradition, the newly made phi will go hunting with the Alphas and discuss what they want to do when they become Zeta. The newly made phi will show the leader battle moves and hunting techniques.
  • The Warrior Ceremony: A Phi-ship usually last 6 or more moons. Once the Chi is satisfied with the Phi's training, they recommend them to The Alpha or The Betas. Then, the Phi must PASS an assessment, where their abilities are checked. If a Phi has made a important contribute to the pack, The Alphas may decide that there is no need for an assessment. During the Zeta ceremony, when the Phi is made a Zeta, two major virtues of the Phi is listed (ex: courage, honesty, loyalty, etc.)When the Phi is made a Zeta, by tradition, they must sit a silent vigil for the night, the next day, By The pack's traditions, the newly made Zeta hunts for the clan.
  • The Dying Phi Ceremony: When an Phi is on the verge of dying, and has proven him/herself of their Zeta title, there is a special ceremony used so that the Phi can take his/her Zeta title to The North Star. Alphas: i ask my ancestors to look down on this Phi. (He/she) has learned the Pack code and given (his/her) life for the clan. Let The North Star receive (him/her) as a Zeta.


If you would like to be an ally with us, its much appreciated! Edit

  • Pack/Clan names
  • Your pack/clan leader's name
  • Your rank
  • Why do you want this allegiance?