The Pack of The Unforgiven was founded by two cats, a Bloodclan cat, and a Streamclan cat. Eclipsefall, the Streamclan warrior, always wondered how life would be as a rouge, she always had wanted to lead a pack of cats, but, Eclipsefall had a strange urge to lead cats who have sinned, broke the warrior code, or did the unspeakable. Flintclaw, a Bloodclan warrior, had already done this, he has killed many cats, but he refuses to kill them without Eclipsefall's permission. While Flintclaw and Eclipsefall were secretly hunting together, they noticed they have gone a long ways from their borders. Flintclaw was ready to go back, but Eclipsefall stopped him. "Look!" She mewed with excitement. Flintclaw stared at the place Eclipsefall pointed out, and then after a several heartbeats Eclipsefall spoke. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Flintclaw nodded slowly, and then they dashed off to check it out. It was perfect! There was a dip in the ground, right next to a clearing, Flintclaw and Eclipsefall got to work immediately. Brambles and moss were placed where they thought would be the best areas. After they were finished, Flintclaw said he would take the place of the deputy, knowing how much Eclipsefall wanted to be a leader. Flintclaw and Eclipsefall are now known as Flint, and Eclipse. This, is the story, of how The Pack of The Unforgiven, Begun.

The Rules Edit

  1. >Defend your pack, even at the cost of your life.<
  2. >No hunting or trespassing on other territories but our own.<
  3. >ONE oc only, if you die then you may restart.<
  4. >do NOT edit the wiki unless told to by Eclipse.<
  5. >No hurting other pack members without Eclipse's permission.(Looking at you Flint e.e)
  6. >Obey both your deputy and your leader, or face a consequence.<
  7. >Doubling clanning/packing is allowed, but if it isn't at the other clan/pack don't do it.<

Basic Information Edit

When were you founded?: 2/17/16

Are you recruiting?: Always! C:

Are you active?: Whenever I can be online

What are your beliefs?: Darkforest

What season is it?: New leaf

Dress Code Edit

Head: Skull, Fox hat

Neck: Spike, Leaf necklace, Jamaaliday scarf

Back: Sword, Worn, Elf armor

Tail: Elf tail armor

Legs: Elf bracelets, Leg armor

Cats of The Pack Edit

Leader: Eclipse - Faithfulwolf

Deputy: Flint - Need345

Medicine cat: None - None

Medicine cat apprentice: None - None

Senior Warriors: None - None

Warriors: None - None

Apprentices: None - None

Queens: None - None

Kits: None - None

Alliances/Enemies Edit

Alliances: None - None - None

Enemies: None - None - None

Tags Edit

Our tag color is black

Leader: Star

Deputy: Star

Medicine cat: Flower(Shecat)Clover(Tom)

Medicine cat apprentice: Flower(Shecat)Clover(Tom)

Senior Warriors: Lightning Bolt

Warriors: Lightning Bolt

Apprentices: Paw

Queens: Heart

Kits: Feather

Applications Edit

Application to Join:




Previous Pack/Clan/Tribe:

Why did you leave the previous:

Reason to join:

Why can I trust you:

Experienced with role play:

How did you find us:

Application to Ally:

Leader's name:

Leader's username:

Clan/tribe/pack name:

Reason to ally:


*Eclipse <3*