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We warn you now, if you try to attack us, injure us, harm us, or ruin us, we will come, for our claws are shrouded, and you will never see them coming.

General Information Edit

Founded: 1/28/16

Tags: Silver

Badge: Paw Print

Theme Song(s): N/A

Species: Domestic Felines Only

Roleplay: Traditional, no anatomy, adv. vocab or latin.

Realm: Undecided

Recruiting?: Yes!

Religion(s): Felines of the Beyond.

Names: Singular Names Only. (No clan names such as: Mossfire, Sparrowcheek, etc.)

Ranks Edit

Alpha- the leader of the pack. They receive 9 lives.

Beta- second in command. Takes over when leader dies.

Healer- medicine cat of the pack.

Head (enter rank here)- The head of a certain rank, they are the most trusted and respected of that rank.

Elites- Special cats that hunt, patrol, and fight.

Searchers- Cats that patrol, they also take care and capture prisoners.

Predators- Cats that hunt and steal from other groups.

Attackers- Cats that fight and are on battle patrols.

Trainee- apprentice cats learning one of the ranks.

Newbies- The little cats of the pack.

Mothers- Mothers of the pack, that take care of the newbies.

Wise Ones- Old cats of the pack, that retired from their duties.

Omegas- The lowest rank of the pack. Usually, if a prisoner joins us, they become an omega until they earn respect and a higher ranking.

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