Introduction Edit

Basic Information Edit

Founding date --> March 18, 2016
Tag color --> Black [More info on tags below]
Theme song --> Of the night - Bastille - Young Volcanoes - Fall out Boy
Status --> Active
Recruiting --> Yes, always!
Members --> 8 [This is new]
Page editors --> Catsareawesome ~ SS Founder
RP style --> Traditional [though Kodak is learning some anatomy]
Name format --> Clan name or Rouge name
Season --> Early winter
Orientation --> Pretty light and welcoming (Inspiration of this is from "Ori and The Blind Forest")
Weather --> Cold and snowy in the winter (Current season is winter)
Prey status --> Good
Territory --> World: Gila

Lands: All of them!

Info on the lands: [There is info down below]

Herbs --> More then enough
Allies --> None

🎀Dress Code🎀Edit

Face~ Skull helmets, Flower crowns, Head flowers, or nothing (You may suggest things)

Back~ Spartan armor, swords, Worn, or nothing (You may suggest things)

Tail~ Tail armor as long as it doesn't look weird, or nothing

Paws~ Elf bracelets, Arm cuffs, Flower bracelet, Spike wrist, and legendary glove (You may suggest things)

Neck~ Spikes, Pine cone necklace, Fang necklace, Scarf, or nothing (You may suggest things)

👐Groupranks👐 Edit

[Some of these ranks came from "The Empire of Daunting evil" most credit goes to them]

Devansha~ They are the leaders of the pack. They are in main control and sets the laws of the pack. They demand respect and are in the position to demote, exile or even kill those who don't follow the pack's rules.

Chaman~ The Betas are in second command. If the Devansha isn't on then the Betas are left in duty, and are to do the same duties as the Devansha.

Gladiator ~ A gladiator is a fighter and hunter of the pack. They roam the pack territory to enforce control. They guard the night and watch over the pack. Gladiators are trusted with the pack and if not it will lead to punishments.

Guardian~ Guardians are the mentors of the pack. They receive a Kanak and are expected to teach them what they learned over moons of training. Guardians must past down all they have been taught to them and pour the same knowledge into the heart of there Kanak.

Kanak~ They are the apprentices. Kanaks each get a Guardian, who trains them and teaches the ways of the pack. Kanaks have the job of assisting the Medic by collecting herbs, collecting bedding and collecting fresh kill for the kirit as well as removing ticks fleas etc.

Queens~ Queens are the mothers of the packs. They care for the kids as well as feeding love to the whole pack. They watch over the kids even if there not their own.

Kids~ Kids are the pups, cubs, and kits of the group. They stay in the nursery until 6 moons old and maybe 7 moons if they are runts. As long as they are kids they must listen to the higher ranks and respect every pack member. Kids cannot fight, hunt, or leave the camp.

Kirit~ Kirits are the elders of the pack. They earn great respect for serving there pack with there life. Kirits entertain the Kids and kanaks with there adventures, story's, and memory's. Kirits also bury the fallen pack members.

Medic~ Medics are they healers of the pack. Medics deserve deep respect and honor for serving there pack. Medics heal and treat the wounded and sick. Medics will usually find a kanak after a couple of moons on there own.

 ✌Quotes✌ Edit

"We cannot fear what we cannot see."

"You are at peace if you know its okay to be afraid."

"We are as strong as fire, but as soft as silk."

"We can only fear one thing... That thing is our own fear."

"Sometimes the most trusted, can be the most cruel." - To a past leader who was cruel...

"You may outnumber us physically, but we outnumber you mentally, and we will win gracefully."

👉Rules👈 Edit

1. Be silent and respectful when Kodak starts a pack meeting. Nothing is more annoying then hosting a pack meeting and mid way in the meeting this happens...

Kodak ~ Greetings everyone! Im happy to announce that we have been blessed with three new pu-

Some pack member ~ Vv Whispers vV Hey Snow, wanna book it? eue

Thinking as though Kodak and the rest of the pack couldn't see the chat... :T

2. Roleplay when necessary. We roleplay regularly, obviously. So please manage to roleplay when needed and make sure you understand what anatomy is and what vocabulary is.

3. Show no mercy when in battle. If we show any sort of mercy we will be showing weakness. All though Kodak personally hates wars and battles he is willing to tear someone apart. I hope your ready to do the same.

4. Do not harm your leaders or pack-mates of the pack. If you do so the same attack methods will be done to you by Kodak as you are restrained by other pack mates. For example, if you bit someone's neck Kodak will bite yours. So, if you'd prefer keeping your body intact, do NOT attack anyone in the pack. For omegas there is a slight tolerance to attack, but if the omega is recovering from an attack, having pups, or just in the medic den in general then you may not do so. We'd also prefer you not to murder our omega, but throwing them around is alright. Keep in mind if the omega has pups and or is expecting then you may not attack, and if you do so you will receive a major punishment.

5. If caught double clanning you will be exiled or extremely punished. "Why?" you may ask. Well, because it can cause serious problems between clans or packs, like war, battles, invasion of territory, a murder of a pack member in return for the lost member, and a lot more. Even if the pack doesn't have a wiki or isn't known well it is still considered double clanning.

6. Do not start random drama. For example, waking Kodak up when a twig snaps outside, unless someone who is not in the pack says it, in which case get Kodak right away. Another example is saying there is a bear outside of camp when its just pretend.

7. Do not engage in "mature" intercourse in the pack den. If you are into that kind of stuff, then please have the common sense to go to either one of the partners den. It IS okay to just fast forward the process, for example. ( Fast forward through all the weird stuff ouo ) We will not tolerate ANY sort of mating or intercourse, it is not only inappropriate but it is bad for the younger kids who may be in the pack.

8. Explicit gore and such is allowed, but please do not use gore or intense violence around children. Examine everyone's looks, usernames, and behaviors to ensure your not using violence in front of an eight year old..


10. Explicit language is somewhat tolerated, but we prefer not to have the heavy words..

Okay words to use Edit

Damn - I)amn

Hell - He'll

PLEASE do NOT uses any explicit language other then these four..

 🐾Punishments🐾 Edit


1. Clean out bedding

2. Clean elders pelt, involves finding ticks, fleas etc.

3. Cannot go out of camp

4. Is banned from a battle

5. Reported ( For rule 7 or 10 )

Major punishments Edit

5. Banned from pack for a week

6. Shredded tail

7. Held under water for 8 seconds

9. Tortured

10. Tortured then exiled  

💩Exiles💩 Edit

Maple - Luckywolfstar21 - Constant disrespect towards the alpha and being an unfaithful mate. If you find her on our territory warn her and ask her to leave.

Quartz - Savvy050 - Cat fishing Kodak. If you find her on our territory do not give her any warnings whats so ever... Kill her brutally, for she has done something that has hurt Kodak deep inside... She is to be one of the most hated exiles of this pack and will be here on the exiled list permanently...

 🐺Glossary🐺 Edit

1. The Cliffs~ Coral canyons

2. Timberland~ Saperia forest

3. Ghost Town~ Jamaa township

4. Crystal Waters~ Crystal sands

5. Dessert~ Kimbara outback

6. Mountains~ Mt shiver

7. Tundra~ Appondale

8. Forgotten Land~ Lost temple of Zios

Territory: Gila and rarely Aldan

 🐹Prey🐹 Edit

1. Snow owl (Owl prefers NOT to eat another owl...)

2. Arctic fox

3. Mice

4. Hare

5. Caribou

6. Elk

7. Deer

8. Vole  

💕Couples💕 Edit

[None so far]

💘Ships💘 Edit

[The ships have been made official]

 ☀Night and day cycle☀ Edit

Day - 1 hour

Patrol and hunting time - 25 mins into the day cycle

Sundown - 2 mins

Night - 4 mins

Midnight - 2 mins into the night cycle

Sunrise - 1 min

❄Extra ❄ Edit

Each season - 1 week

 ~Alliance or enemy Forum~ Edit

(Fill these questions no matter what, and please stick with this format)

Pack/clan/tribe name -

Alpha/leader name -

Alpha/leader user -

How many members are we to be expecting -

(Only fill these questions out if you are going to be forming an ALLIANCE)

How do you think we'll benefit you -

How do you think you'll benefit us -

(Only fill these questions out if you are going to be an ENEMY)

Why do you want to battle us -

Why would this benefit you in anyway -

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Name -

User -

Backup user - (optional)

Breed -

Sex/Gender -

Desired rank -

Appearance -

Personality -

🎊Members🎊 Edit

💀An inside look on Kodak💀 Edit

Kodak thought he’d have a normal happy life with his well-fed pack and loving parents, but that was all going to be changed… Kodak was off playing with his brothers and sister nearby a rushing river, going by his luck Kodak slipped on some mud on the edge and fell into the quickly moving river. His brothers and sister bolted after him on the ground above but it was too late, Kodak has already been swept off to somewhere new. Kodak slammed his head onto a rock and was quickly knocked out. He awoke in a pond not too far away from his pack. As he got up and out of the river his brothers and sister bolted towards him. They all made sure everyone was okay and slowly began padding towards the pack. As they entered their territory again they smelled something strange that began to worry them… Blood… Blood is all they could smell, weather that was Kodak’s head or not, it wasn’t normal. As they peered into their camp they were all traumatized to see their pack painted with blood… They realized that they weren’t hearing crows while they played… They were hearing the cry of Their pack. The group of scared pups quickly bounded towards their den only to see their parents were murdered brutally. Kodak was filled with rage and scanned the camp to find any sign of who did this to their beloved pack. Kodak quickly spotted a few paw prints leading away from the camp. He quickly bounded out of the cave and towards the paw prints and followed them restlessly. His brothers and sister attempted to catch up to the sprinting wolf pup.

Herbs the medic MUST know Edit

Borage leaves – Increases milk in queens. Brings down fevers.

Burdock Root – Applied to bites. Cures infections.

Catmint – Remedy for greencough.

Chervil – Applied to wounds. It’s leaves cure infections, it’s roots help bellyaches.

Cobwebs – Stops bleeding.

Coltsfoot – Helps shortness of breath.

Comfrey – Sooths wounds. Mends broken bones.

Dock – Soothes scratches. Leaves make fur slippery.

Dries Oak Leaf – Stops infections.

Feverfew – Cools down body temperatures for cats who have fevers or chills.

Goldenrod – Applied to wounds.

Honey – Soothes throats.

Horsetail – Treats infected wounds.

Juniper Berries – Soothes bellyaches. Helps with troubles breathing.

Lavender – Cure’s fevers.

Marigold – Stops infections.

Mouse Bile – Used to remove ticks.

Poppy Seeds – Soothes shock, distress, and eases pain. DO NOT FEED TO KITS.

Stinging Nettle – Dispels poison. Brings down swelling.

Tansy – Cures cough.

Thyme – Calms anxiety and frayed nerves.

Watermint – Helps bellyache.

Wild garlic – Prevents infections.

Yarrow – Applied to wounds. Prevents infections. Expels poison. If swallowed, will make a cat vomit.

Adder Barrack – Helps toothache.

Alfalfa – Prevents tooth decay.

Aloe Vera – Treats burns and skin problems.

Blessed Thistle – Strengthens heart & lungs; Increases circulation.

Bramble Twigs – Helps to sleep.

Broom Malice Poultices – Apply to open wounds.

Celandine – Strengthens weak eyes.

Chamomile – Gives physical strength.

Echinacia – Eases infection.

Ferns – Used to clean out wounds.

Ginger – Used for asthma and coughs.

Hawthorne berries – Treats heart burns and indigestion.

Huckleberry – Relives muscle pain.

Ivy – Calms down body.

Daisy leaves – Soothes aching joints.

Dandelion leaves – Calms a cat of nervous breakdown or shock.

Goosegrass – Also stops bleeding.

Parsley – Stops the initial flow of milk in nursing queens.

Raspberry leaves – Eases pain during a queen’s kitting.

Advanced vocab Edit

Colors Edit

Black – Atramentous/Ebony

White – Alabaster

Blue – Cobalt/Cerulean

Light Blue – Azure/Sapphire/Cyan

Greyish Blue – Slate/Livid

Grey – Achromatic/Achromic

Brown – Burnt Sienna (There are many shades of brown)

Reddish Brown – Russet

Red – Crimson/Cerise/Scarlet

Tan – Tawny

Cream – Ivory

Yellowish – Amber/Golden

Green – Emerald

Physical Edit

Qualities Of A Female – Feminine

Qualities Of A Male – Masculine

Fur – Pelage

Soft Fur – Velutinous

Fluffy – Floccose

Sleek – Satin

Strong – Stalwart

Large – Voluminous/Monumental

Small – Diminutive

Attractive/Beautiful – Alluring/Exquisite

Handsome – Pulchritudinous

Thin – Slender/Tenuous/Fragile

Over-Weight – Stout

Nose – Rhinarium

Scent – Fragrance/Essence/Aroma

Blindness/Blind – Amaurosis

Sharp – Serrated

Teeth – Dentures

Claws – Unguis

Belly – Abdomen/Solar Plexus

Backbone/Spine – Spinal Column/Vertebral Column

Tail  – Caudal Appendage

Part Of Neck/Windpipe – Larynx/Pharynx

Upper Jaw – Maxilla

Lower Jaw – Mandible

A Hoarse Voice – Husky (Huskily)

Terrible/Awful – Appalling

Emotions Edit

Kindness – Benign

Happy – Ecstatic

Gentle – Compassionate/Sympathetic/Temperate

Energetic/Loud – Boisterous/Rambunctious

Scared/Fear – Petrified/Terrified/Horror

Sad/Depressed – Dismal

Contemplating Morbid Memories – Brooding

Creepy – Eerie/Menace/Ominous

Evil – Corrupt/Malevolent

In Pain – Agony

Harsh – Astringent

Aggressive – Belligerent

Angry/Mad – Splenetic

No Courage – Cowardice

Intimidating – Daunting

Movement Edit

To Release Claws – Extract/Unsheathe

To Bring Claws Back – Sheathe/Withdrew (Withdraw)

To Back Away – Recede/Withdraw

Wrap Around – Entwine

Move Downward – Descend 

A Liquid Pouring Out/Down – Cascade

Do Without Thinking – Instinctively

To Soothe – Appease

To Clean – Cleanse

Sway – Fluctuate/Oscillate

Leap – Ascend/Escalate

To Study – Examine/Scrutiny

Sit – Ensconce

Growl – Bellow/Snarl

To Hiss – Sibilate

Shaking Uncontrollably – Convulsing

Walk – Amble/Ambulate

Narrow – Constrict

Widen – Broaden

Destructive Edit

Scratch(es) – Scarification

Cut/Wound – Laceration

Dig/Dug – Gouge(ed)

Blood – Sanguine Fluid

To Wound/Tear – Lacerate

Suffer From Pain – Anguish/Torment/Excruciating

Vicious – Atrocious

Opponent – Foe/Adversary

Paralyze/Not Able To Move – Incapacitate

Torn/Mangled – Lacerated

Dislocate – Disarticulate

Advanced antomy (For felines AND canines) Edit

Neck = Occiptingealis Femaralius OR Gastrolas Omantransarius

Connects Head and Neck = Sternocleidomastoideus

Joint That Helps Move Neck = Sermockidomastion

Muscle In Neck = Levator Scapulae

Windpipe = Canalis Animae OR Embouchment

Jugular Vein = Interne Halsader

Claws = Ephinephring(s), Eponychium Scather(s), Scorpulasphictionalemiths

Paws = Phentoudphenduse(s) OR Pedistral(s)

Foreleg = Antebrachium

Forearm (more less) = Exteriores Vesalius

Legs = Letutisus OR Extremeties

Hind Legs = Pedes Ad Posteriorius

Leg Muscle = Yrenchinital Raspiters

Chest = Sternocephalicus

Abs = Rectus Abdominis

Lungs = Ademhaling Periferieen

Internal Portion Of Chest = Interius Praecordia

Side of the cat/dog = Lapitis

Stomach = Solar Plexus

Muscle In Stomach (I believe) = Serrates Ventralis

Exterior Of The Stomach = Paelliculus Aqualiculus

Ribs = Intercostals

Back =  Lumbar Dorsal Vertebrae

Bottom Hips = Illium

Hip Muscle = Caudofemoralis

Liver = Primitive Chordate Amphixoxus?

Back’s Arch = Boethinic Lapitis

Spinal Cord = Medulla Funiculus

Muzzle = Epigastricinguinal Recticulum

Makes Cat Purr = Lagngeal, Nueral Oscillators (don't use as a canine)

Voice Box = Vox Transitus

Nose = Eternal Nasal OR Nasaliso Conchae 

Outer Snout = Buitenste Snuit

Tongue = Articulation 

Fur = Integumentary Pelage

Muscle(s) in Shoulder  = Glenohumeral, Infraspinatus, and Supraspinatus

Internal Muscle = Internum Musculus

Teeth = Sorcpalishians OR Dentals

Lower Jaw = Pheetoudendosallis OR Zigomaticus

Cheeks = Zygomatic Arches

Ears = Sagiologio Anios 

Eyes = Trentonomous Sicogliceneral OR Glucomatouses

Head = Capitus Dimintious Maximus

Part Of Head = Corpora Quadrigeminia 

Tail = Idustrille Flantish