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Carrying on the legend of the Moon, with the skills of the Stars. 

♕ ♕ ♕

For eons, humans have wondered about the shadows. They cowered in the darkness of imposing midnight, fearful of the creatures it's graceful curtain cloaked. The darkness was an ideology few dared to explore, and so its wonders, beauty, and majestic integrity were left quiet, feared by the races who couldn't utter the bravery to venture inside.

Then, arose the canines. They were a singular race, simplistic in their creation, made in La Luna's image. Balanced between wisdom and spite, aggression and peace, they were untouchable in their skill and prowess. With their beauty came the heartbeat they shared, the same thoughts, ideals, and desires pounded through their mortal bodies, curiosity rushing through their moon-dusted minds.

And so, rose one, the figurative leader. Risen from the ashes of the fearful human society, he dared to seek the majesty of the darkness, the graceful shadows that the world once cowered from. He graciously ventured into the mystery, and returned victorious, clutching the wisdom of the shadows within his brain, uttering them but once, and allowing such celestial words to slip off his tongue with ease. These words, rules, thoughts; they danced within the minds of the canines, teaching them a single route of motive, one they would follow, a path they would leave for future generations to follow.

As they left our earth, descending to an extraterrestrial realm, they did as the darkness told. Behind they left a way of life, knitted tightly in the gentle grasp of night. We grained the traits desirable for life, our wisdom, bravery, and respectability made us true to the purpose we were molded in. As Luna herself desired, we were the followers of the secrets humans feared.

We created a race; we are The Shadowed Paws.


♕ ♕ ♕

Founded 8/12/2015
Founder Velocityy
Status Active
Orientation Neutral
Species Canines
Member Count 64
Roleplay Style Descriptive traditional & vocabulary
Recruitment Open

1. RebelPerfection

2. Tigerlover00294

3. Griffey

4. Tinyturtlelove5

5. Water2305

6. Tribxl

7. o0shadowdream0o

8. Rekkless

9. Collidetheskies

10. Ilovecandy18111

11. Phyxis

12. Dogzer20

13. Baltarf

14. Budgielover19

15. Pandagrowl

16. Outlaw

17. Cønsecratiøn

18. Queenlauren1

19. Bassethounder

20. Animallover1236

21. Drake9265

22. L1zardlegs

23. Revival100

24. Jammer32855

25. Wolfarine2

26. Libertyy360

27. Hailey7700

28. Skreemx

29. Kiera1239

30. Birdlover1818

31. Blushdraws

32. Iamagymnast

33. Dragon852

34. Snowclawed

35. Xxthewarriorcatsxx20

36. Crimsøoncat

37. xhoppingfailuresx

38. XxGreyclawxX

39. Westparkpnut

40. s29094

41. Smallwarrior

42. XxLeostarxX

43. Bunniesforever2015

44. Aerodynamical

45. Simba23012

46. Wolfsirock


48. Halounsc34

49. Kali44877

50. Ilovecat228

51. Footballplayer5555

52. Angle37805

53. Novations

54. Imnotperfectdude

55. Isabellathegreat

56. Theriverwollf

57. Rubbabubba

58. Smartjammer9174

59. Rosekat1010

60. Eggie6

61. Shadow45981

62. Idiøsyncratic


64. Popcorng19

65. OldRobot

66. Mmmm712

67. Queenofhorsesq

66. Magentagal9


♕ ♕ ♕

I. Obedience

Under no circumstances should you go against your superiors words, nor should you argue with them. If such behavior reoccurs after three warnings, severe punishment will follow. This concerns the powerful three and monarchs, when they're in control.

II. Loyalty

Double-packing will not be tolerated. Even if you are using a different character, it is still considered double-packing. On discovery of such action, you will be either demoted or exiled, depending on the severity of the case.

III. Behavior

If you are seen roleplaying using un-realistic or physically impossible moves, you will be given a warning. After three warnings, you will be exiled. NN and NM are allowed, yet only if your opponent won't take the hit without it.

IV. Concerning Youth

1. Youth under six moons are not allowed to leave the camp without supervision.

2. Youth will not be permitted to assist in battles unless they pose as adults. If they refuse to do so, they will be expected to remain in camp.

3. Youth are not permitted to hunt, scout, fight, or do any mercenary duties.

4. Youth without an assigned caretaker are cared for by the pack as a whole.

5. Youth cannot have mates.

6. Youth must pass a skill assessment in order to become acolytes.

V. Concerning Acolytes

1. Acolytes must be accompanied by an adult when visiting allies or other lands outside our territory.

2. Acolytes are not allowed to have mates. It distracts them from whats important.

3. You must have been watched training by an official three times before you can graduate.

4. Acolytes require their mentors approval before they can graduate.

5. Inexperienced or new acolytes are advised not to hunt outside of our territory or take place in battles. Mentors should seek official approval before allowing their acolytes to do so.

6. Acolytes will occasionally attend gatherings, but if they do, they must have their mentor with them.

7. Acolytes must pass a skill-based exam in order to graduate.

VI. Maturity

Unless the majority are messing around, you are expected to be serious. It gets quite annoying having to constantly remind people to be serious. If you have to always reminded to be serious, you'll just be removed from the pack to make space for someone that will actually roleplay.

VII. Confrontation

If the officials are trying to sort out an issue with an intruder, enemy, etc. you are not to attack unless told to. Usually, you'll just make the situation worse. Once the officials have weighed out the situation, they will give their orders; whether it be escort them out of sight or attack them on the spot.

VIII. Activity

Please do not register in this pack to become extremely inactive. As new requests come in, the sovereigns need new buddy spaces available. You being inactive takes up unnecessary space that could be used for someone new. If you are inactive for ten days, you will be given a warning and placed under the status of inactivity. If you are inactive for fifteen or more days, you will be swiftly removed from the pack.

IX. Visitations

Visitors or friends are always welcomed to our camp, but please ask a sovereign before bringing them. They are allowed to stay with you, however they cannot disrupt roleplay, pretend to be a Shadowed Paw, or annoy/insult any members. Disrespectful behavior will event in attack, friend or not.

X. Concerning Spars

1. All injuries inflicted in a spar do not follow you out of the spar.

2. Youth, acolytes, correctational, and injured wolves cannot spar. Acolytes are only allowed to spar when in watch by an adult.

3. Spars do not begin without mutual agreement. Do not randomly attack a member and claim it was a spar.

4. Do not exit the spar until one opponent has reigned victorious.

XI. Concerning Rank Challenging

1. The powerful three can not be challenged under any exception. Attacking them will event in punishment.

2. Monarchs can only be challenged when one of the current monarchs is unable to fulfill their duties, or they accept the challenge.

3. You must have served the pack for two or more weeks before you can challenge for anything.

4. You must wait for two weeks to challenge a rank after graduating from acolyte-hood.

XII. Concerning Characters

1. Before you can change characters, you must have used your previous character for three or more weeks. You are permitted to jump to lower ranks when switching, but you cannot jump higher.



The Powerful Three


RebelPerfection & Tigerlover00294

⦕ x2 | 2/2 ⦖


The Sovereigns of the pack are the strongest figures. They oversee the control of everything within the pack, including the ulterior ranks, actions the pack carries out, and generalized decisions. The two Sovereigns must work together in total harmony.

High respect is required. If disobeyed, punishments will follow.



⦕ x1 | 1/1 ⦖


The Ambassador is the third in command over the pack. While the Sovereigns control the pack's actions as a whole, the Ambassador carries out smaller actions, such as setting patrols, arranging battles, and monitoring the pack's actions. The Ambassador is the successor to the throne, and when a Sovereign steps down, they will take their place.

High respect is required. If disobeyed, punishments will follow.

The Commanding Union


Aircatcherr & Drake9265

⦕ x2 | 2/2 ⦖


The Monarchs are the leaders of the pack's fighting forces. The two canines chosen for this slot are in charge of leading our wolves into battle, arranging spars, battle practice, or training.

High respect is required. If disobeyed, punishments will follow.


Phyxis, Collidetheskies, Ilovecandy18111, Rekkless, L1zardlegs, Baltarf, Budgielover19, Jammer32855

⦕ x8 | 8/8 ⦖


Clever or sharp thinking; scheming, Proxies are smart wolves who are chosen by the powerful three and worthy of the spot. They are the most turned to fighters of the pack, normally sparring new-wolves, taking novices, or escorting officials to meetings.

The Delegate Union


Water2305 & Kali44877

⦕ x2 | 2/2 ⦖


The Medics are the wolves who heal the pack using natural resources and herbs. The medics will rarely participate in battle unless it may be a dire situation. They may partake in some decisions, but they must be invited to by the powerful three.

M E D I C  A S S I S T A N T


⦕ x2 | 1/2 ⦖


The Medic Assistants are the younger Medic. The Medic Assistants carry out the same duties as the Medic does, and they may have the same skill level, however, The Medic Assistants will help with gathering supplies and cleaning up after the Medic. They will never participate in battles.

M E D I C  C H A N C E L L O R

Tribxl & xhoppingfailuresx

⦕ x2 | 2/2 ⦖


The Medic Chancellors are the younger Medic Assistant. Separated only by age, they have the same duties as the Assistant does, however, they don't directly help the Medic with lesser jobs, such as gathering herbs. They will never participate in battles.

The Ground Union


⦕ x30 | 23/30 ⦖


The Mercenaries are very skillful warriors. They must know at least basic and/or advanced battling and combat skills. The combatants are very unique in each of their individual attacks. They fight in wars or battles and must respect the higher ranks. They are under the control of the powerful three.


⦕ x25 | 11/25 ⦖


The Pursuers are the assigned wolves who hunt for the pack, and find useful materials, such as herbs, moss, or camp supplies. They are mostly known to hunt and only do that, but on occasion they may take Mercenary duties.

The Chronicle Union


⦕ x∞ | 11x ⦖


The Youth are the young blood of the pack. They will become acolytes once they surpass the six moon mark. They are cared for by the pack and any family members.


⦕ x∞ | 5x ⦖


Acolytes are the wolves over six moons who are in training to become a certain role. They are the next generation of the pack, and work with much effort to prove themselves worthy. They are assigned a mentor from the rank they desire to be.

The Punished


⦕ x∞ | 0x ⦖

Tumblr nmwx41io091r96bo6o1 1280

The Correctational are the wolves in the pack who have been demoted as a certain punishment. They will be returned back to their original rank once they prove they have learned their lesson.

This rank cannot be chosen.


The Powerful Three

Name Username Gender Rank Species
Finn RebelPerfection Male

Lead Sovereign

Iberian wolf
Josh Tigerlover00294 Male Secondary Sovereign Yukon wolf
Aila Griffey Female Ambassador Western wolf


Name Username Gender Species
Sebastian Aircatcherr Male Hybrid
Tazion Drake9265 Male Eastern Timber wolf


Name Username Gender Species Rank
Loki Water2305 Female Gray wolf Medic
Mina Kali44877 Female Australian Shepard Medic
Feather Blushdraws Female Grey wolf Medic Assistant
Sienna Tribxl Female

Ethiopian wolf

Medic Chancellor
Jynx xhoppingfailuresx Female Egyptian wolf Medic Chancellor


Name Username Gender Species
Azul Rekkless Male Timber wolf
Tyler Collidetheskies Male Mexican Wolf
Ballad Ilovecandy18111 Male Timber wolf
Debby Phyxis Female Hudson Bay wolf
Senya L1zardlegs Female Mexican Grey wolf
Aria Budgielover19 Female Tibetan wolf
Rasha Jammer32855 Female Mackenzie wolf
Anathema Baltarf Female Hybrid


Name Username Gender Species
Austria Dogzer20 Female Hybrid
Ayka Idiøsyncratic Female Alaskan Tundra wolf
Apollo Outlaw Male Yukon wolf
Breeze Pandagrowl Female Gray wolf
Cedar Westparkpnut Female Arabian wolf
Drift Catgirl0727 Female Grey wolf
Eva Queenlauren1 Female Steppe wolf
Genesis Bassethounder Female Gray wolf
Gerard Animallover1236 Male Hybrid
Raiden Revival100 Male Grey wolf
Katana Magentagal9 Female Unknown
Okai Queenofhorsesq Female Maned wolf
Shadow Wolfarine2 Male Grey wolf
Sol Libertyy360 Male Hybrid
September Oddessey Female Indian wolf
Soul Skreemx Female Iberian wolf
Gene XxLeostarxX Male British Columbia wolf
Halox Jammer9154212 Male Hybrid
Oak Hailey7700 Female Northwestern wolf
Naomi Xxthewarriorcatsxx20 Female Tundra wolf
Kori Rubbabubba Female Alaskan Malamute
Kiko OldRobot Male Italian Wolf dog
Wisp Kiera1239 Female Grey wolf
Jester Footballplayer5555 Male Hybrid


Name Username Gender Species
Almond Birdlover1818 Female Tibetan wolf
Asia Crimsøoncat Female Northwestern wolf
Midnight Iamagymnast Female Grey wolf
Nightmare Dragon852 Female Grey wolf
Northern Ilovecat228 Male Red wolf
Star Mmmm712 Female Timber wolf
Kage Smallwarrior Male Yukon wolf
Lightning Smartjammer9174 Male Himalayan wolf
Spark Bunniesforever2015 Female Iberian wolf
Void XxGreyclawxX Male Grey wolf


Name Username Gender Species Mentor
Fir Isabellathegreat Female Hybrid Azul
Tohru s29094 Female Grey wolf Feather
Leilani Novations Female Hybrid Aila
Willow Aerodynamical Female Coy wolf Raiden
Jem Simba23012 Female Alaskan Husky Tyler


Name Username Gender Species
Archery Wolfsirock Female Hybrid
Acacia o0shadowdream0o Female Iberian wolf
Anarchy Angle37805 Female Hybrid
Topaz Halounsc34 Male British Columbian wolf
Thorn Eggie6 Female Maned wolf
Teva Cønsecratiøn Female Eastern wolf
Rush Shadow45981 Male Hybrid
Mona Imnotperfectdude Female Grey wolf
Night Popcorng19 Female Black wolf
Shadow Rosekat1010 Female British Columbian wolf
Jagged Theriverwollf Male British Colombian wolf


Name Username Gender Length Reason
Unavailable - - - -


The Restricted

These people are permanently banned from the Shadowed Paws.


05rain | Caused issues

Etherealistic | Used up trials

Seal47723 | Used up trials

202hh | Left during first trial

Snowflake32093 | Left during first trial

Codex | Left during first trial

Hallxween | Left during first trial

Karenten | Left during first trial

Skiddles7 | Left during first trial

Triked | Caused issues

Gotgote111 | Caused issues

Yanderechan28 | Caused issues

Cordelious | Left during first trial

Captainkittenx | Used up trials

MentalHabbits | Left during first trial

Moonthetowering | Left during first trial



Known breakage of set rules - Temporary demotion

Vandalism - Demotion

Behavioral Infraction - Demotion or confinement to camp


Verbal or physical harassment - Exile

Double-grouping (one case) - Demotion

Double-grouping (multiple cases) - Immediate exile

Violent acts or threats - Immediate and permanent exile


Murder or assault - Execution

Betrayal - Immediate and permanent exile


♕ ♕ ♕

Time Zone: Eastern

AM/PM Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
[Begin] 2:00pm 5:00pm 5:00pm 5:00pm 5:00pm 4:30pm 12:00am
[End] 6:00pm 7:30pm 7:30pm 7:30pm 7:30pm 7:30pm 6:00pm




Title Description Result Date
Fall of the Flightless After weeks of territory quarrel with FallingClan, The Shadowed Paws took the clan to war and easily dominated on the field in a short yet effective battle. Victory 12.03.2016
Shade Against Shadow When ShadeClan threatened and taunted The Shadowed Paws to a breaking point, an ambush was carried out to teach the felines that their actions have consequence. Victory 04.03.2017


♕ ♕ ♕

Camp Location - RebelPerfection's Den

  • Main Entrance
  • Guest/Correctational Bedding
  • Proxy/Monarch Bedding
  • Powerful Three Bedding
  • Medic Den
  • Mercenary/Pursuer Bedding
  • Acolyte Bedding
  • Guard Deck
  • Hierarchy Hall
  • Meeting Point
  • Youth Bedding
  • Feasting Circle
  • Acolyte Training Zone
  • Sparring Cage

The Cloaked Greenwood


Worlds - Nile, Sawtooth, Elbe


The Cloaked Greenwood is a vast land, covered in ranging tree-species, mixed terrain, and a plethora of plants. The large forest inhabits many creatures that the pack traditionally preys on, and it's responsible for the growth and stability of much needed herbs and supplies, such as moss. Widing through the left treelines is a slender stream that runs directly from The Shadowed Wetland. The Greenwood is infamously known for housing unwanted strangers; loners that normally disturb and pester The Shadowed Paws. The forest, however, still remains the preferred hunting land for our canines.

Prey: Voles, Mice, Sparrows, Finches, Elk, Moose, Fish, Deer, Eagles, Rabbits

Threat Level: 


The Cascading Mountains

Worlds - Nile, Sawtooth, Elbe


The Cascading Mountains are much different compared to The Cloaked Greenwood. Trees are scarce, the land is covered in a forever-lasting snow, and mountainous terrain can injure wolves' paws. The land is commonly used for other things than hunting, the warm water pits serve good healing for injuries and scrapes, the fire pit and plateau over it are good for meetings, and the rocks serve as good climbing practice for wolves and pups alike. The land is known for snowstorms, which on occasion pass into the Greenwoods.

Prey: Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goats, Antelope, Marmot

Threat Level: 


The Shadowed Wetland

Worlds - Nile, Sawtooth, Elbe


The Shadowed Wetland is the second most used hunting land. The jungle is known to be foggy, due to constant rain hitting the area. The jungle is filled with prey, and a thin stream running through from Greenwood is a good water source, and is filled with fish of many sorts.

Prey: Raccoons, Squirrels, Elk, Deer, Wood Mice, Rabbits

Threat Level: 


Other Important Lands:

The Crystalline Cavern

World - Nile


The Crystalline Cavern, located in the Shadowed Wetland, serves as the pack's connection to other worldly things, including dead wolves from before. All leaders gain their nine lives here. All crystals in the cave resemble a wolf from past or present in the pack, a missing or broken crystal can mean the near death or vanishing of someone.


The Sandy Plantation

World - Nile


The Sandy Plantation is a specialized area where our medics grow vital herbs and plants. The Plantation is lush with life, as trees and plants of all sorts surround the rocky area. A huge boulder juts from the ground, and huge, red rocks protect the area. The soil is sandy, but underneath is lush, rich dirt, perfect for planting.


♕ ♕ ♕

Alliance Request Form

Notice: All requests from groups with under fifteen members are automatically declined.

Group name:

Leader's name(s) and username(s):

Current member count:



How will you benefit?:

How will we benefit?:

Link to page:

Traditional/advanced roleplay?:

Loyalty promise:


Joining Form

Name (One prefix only, please.):



Personality (Minimum five traits):

Species (Canine only):

Roleplay example (Hunting and fighting, please.):

Orientation (Dark, light, neutral):

How you found us (If suggested from a friend, please state the name of said friend.):

Other (Do you share an account with anyone? Member or non? Do you have free-chat?):

Desired rank:

Previous group(s):

Reason to join us (Optional, but we'd love to hear it!):



Group Name Leader(s) Names Username(s) Member Count
FireClan Fala Tessabird 87
FinchClan Stormstar & Gladioustsar Gabbycheer9 & Shadowfall22 64
TimberClan Ravenstar Shinehoofs 41
MistClan Whisperstar Kaydoodle 40
ThunderClan Runningstar Tyrannosaurus 39
ElmClan Pinestar Brdese 60
HollowClan Conqueror Fromthebushes 43
FrostedClan Snowstar Reflectinglight 21
The Corrupted Division Fate, Crius & Orthodox Shera0000, Arcadien & Jammer637306 35
Crowned Illusions Alumit & Delusion Artistnamedwulf & Ninjasnowpuppies 20
Chained Terror Hex & Nebula Compulsion & Risingxx 29
Tortured Souls Mortus & Zyla Leviiathan & Crazywildkid1431 25
Mistaken Athena & Aroe Xxgoldpaintingsxx & Camodude5 22


Group Name Leader(s) Names Username(s) Member Count
Unavailable - - -



  • Small Battle Line
  • Halloween Party
  • Sparring Vigilance
  • Paw Point Preparation
  • Reaction Training
  • Wave Training
  • Christmas Party
  • Thanksgiving Party
  • Sparring Falling Stars
  • Victory against Fallingclan
  • Battle Line
  • Aiding Fireclan
  • Gathering with Lazarus
  • Awaiting Tigerclan for a gathering
  • "SP" Line
  • Proxy Tryouts
  • Battle Line ft. The Silenced
  • Gathering Preparation
  • Battle Line Testing
  • Centurion Division Meeting
  • Gathering with Primal Walkers
  • Centurion Division Meeting
  • Gathering with Elmclan
  • Gathering with Thiefclan
  • Gathering with Thunderclan
  • Centurion Division Game Day
  • Youth Testing
  • Centurion Division Game Day
  • Graduations
  • A Wedding
  • Centurion Division Game Day
  • Gathering with Elmclan
  • Game Day with Thunderclan
  • Game Day with Thunderclan

Credit to Astarcis for banner.

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