"Children of Crescents, Born from Legends, We live as a reminder that some Myths are Reality"

Introduction (Disbanned until further notice) Edit

Darkness greeted you, enveloping you in its icy grasp. Shapes started to appear in the darkness, two beacons of light in the dark void. Your eyes flutter, revealing whispering poplar trees in a bright forest. two shapes appeared in front of you, frightening you so you scramble backwards. swinging your paw forwards, you aim a feeble blow at the large grey several, who with a quick motion, hooked her paw around yours, and twisted it so you flipped onto your back. planting a delicate paw on your chest, the other she-cat growled menacingly "What should we do with this scum, Hecate " She spat out the word scum, prodding you with a paw. "patience, Okai" The several's voice was gentle and clear, like a bell. The large she-cat grumbled a bit, then sat. The Several, who you thought to be Hecate released you, and you scrambled to your feet. "who-who are you" you hiss weakly. Okai chuckled, a deep raspy sound. " We are the leaders of the Pack of Mythical Terrors ". your eyes widen. These were some of the most dangerous cats in the forest! You try to run, but Hecate planted a paw on your tail, pinning you "not so fast" she said silkily. "Im not finished." you turn slowly to face the piercing grey eyes. "We are in need of recruits, and your bravery is uncanny. Never have i seen a rouge that would try to fight us " Okai pipped up "I still have fur stuck in my claws. Your lucky Hecate wants you to join" you look in amazement at the legendary faes. A chance to join The pack? you nod your head vigorously. They both laughed, their eyes softening. But Hecate stopped almost immediatly. "lets go". With a sharp flick of her silky tail, Okai by her side, they padded into the foliage. you take one more glance around your home, before ducking into the undergrowth, following your new family.

Basic Information Edit

*Origin* Edit

POMT was made as a miniclan for Crescentclan and its allies. Only those cats may join POMT.

*Tag Color* Edit

As POMT is a miniclan that is consisted of multiple clans,we only require that you have the Wing badge during role

Panic! At The Disco- Vegas Lights (Audio)03:10

Panic! At The Disco- Vegas Lights (Audio)

play, as we do not want to create confusion of clans

*Theme Song* Edit

Our theme song is Vegas Lights, by Panic at the Disco

*Realm* Edit

As We are made up of different clans, we consider ourselves to be Neutral

*Avatars* Edit



Warriors and above- wolves

*Names* Edit

All names are the names of ancient greek gods and godesses.

Examples of names:





















Ranks Edit


The Igetis is the leader of the pack, and is a well respected feline. The Igetis must be able to rule the pack with an iron paw, and demand respect with a single look

Anaplirotis (Deputy)-

Farmako (Medicine Cat)-

Treno Farmako (Medicine Cat Apprentice)-

Polemistis (Warriors)-

Afrocrema (Elite Warriors)-

Genikos (General leads the warriors into battle)-

Treno (Apprentices)-

Nearos (Kits)-