The Pack of Fogged Dreams

Introduction Edit

The fog swirled around you.You wandered the forest lost and stuck in the fog.Suddenly, a wolf padded up to you."Hello, I'm Whisper", she said."What are you doing here?"You answer back by telling her that you are lost and don't have anyone to accompany you."Ah, well would you like to join my pack?" She leads you to the pack camp and your adventure begins.

Ranks Edit

Alphas- Female and Male leaders of the pack

Beta-Second in command and trusted to take over when the alphas aren't there

Attackers-The hunters and warriors of the pack

Raiders-The only dogs/wolves that may spy , Commanders of some raids and attacks

Healer-The dog/wolf and their trainee that heal other dogs/wolves when hurt or in pain

Maa-Mothers with pups or other female dogs/wolves that take care of pups

Pups-The young dogs/wolves of the pack

Trainee-Pups that can now eat whole pieces of food and are trained to become attackers

Omegas-The dogs/wolves that can be disrespected because of punishment of disrespecting pack rules

Packers Edit

Alphas-(F) Whisper -vggood12 (M) none


Attackers-none ( only highest will be here if too many dogs/wolves)







Dress Code Edit

Members-Any spike,elf armor,Spartan armor,jamaaliday bow,leaf neclace,leg armor,elf bracelets,nothing

NM-head flower,worn,raccoon hats,fox hats,nothing

No pink fur or eye colors nor purple fur.

Captured Edit

Cats,dogs,or wolves that have been captured and help out around the pack

Shatter (cat)-warriorcats609

Pack Rules Edit

The words of the Alpha is law

No one must neglect a pup in danger

Always respect the higher ranked dogs/wolves unless they are omegas

If the Alpha were to die without having offspring the beta is next in line to be alpha

There shall not be double-packing or clanning unless you are allowed and no saying "I was spying" unless you are a raider in which that is your job

Punishments Edit


ear(s) torn off


given the rank of Omega


Entrance Slip Edit

(unless I am advertising which is probably not you will need to fill out this slip)


Canine name

Breed(for dogs)

Roleplay EX.