◾️Introductory: About Us◾️ Edit

The Pack of Ethereal Souls is a pack of canines who live in a generally peaceful life, without enemies or constant violence. It is generally interactive with each other, and bonds quite often. There are three leaders, each with their own personality and roleplay style. Each leader has a den; one has the training grounds, another the meeting place, and then the main camp. Power is equally shared, which accentuates the equality in the pack amongst its members. Although the pack itself treats each other like a family, outsiders sometimes will get hostility, depending on their attitude against the Pack. This should not be taken as a sign of malice, though, we do try our best to be a civilized congregation of canines.

◾️Rankings◾️ Edit

-Alphas Edit

Kerosene [Zergiox]

Astella [Soaringjay] Pure daisy white Alaskan Tundra Wolf with burning amber eyes.

-Beta Edit


-Deltas Edit


-Shaman Edit


-Subordinates [The warriors of the pack] Edit

whitewolfmoongirl7- Her name is Red, she is a red Husky.

-Trainees Edit

Xlaylaxx- She's a Dobermen, and her names Kai.

-Pups Edit

Not to be mentioned here.

-Den Mothers [The queens] Edit

Not to be mentioned here.

◾️Rules◾️ Edit

  1. Do not disrespect a rank higher than you.
  2. It is not possible to challenge a rank for their position.
  3. Double-Clanning/Packing is prohibited. Loyalty is key in this pack.
  4. If your favorite alpha dies, you are to stay loyal to the pack. You pledged to all of us, not just one.
  5. Work hard to prove you're worthy of your position in the pack.
  6. Do not start any major drama.
  7. Participate in every activity the pack is doing.
  8. Inactivity without valid reasoning will get you kicked out of the pack.
  9. It is not recommended to join if you "share an account" with multiple people.

◾️Territory, Tags, Prohibited Animals◾️ Edit

The territories as of now are both Sarepia Forest and Mt. Shiveer on all empty servers. We are keeping these, any problems with the territories can be arranged by contacting Zergiox, Soaringjay.

Our tag color is officially gold. Do not get our skilled members confused for Madjasterxyz's ThunderClan, there is certainly a difference in our canids and their felinaes. This tag color is one that we plan on keeping, any complaints about it will be ignored.

All leaders have come to a consensus; krabbits and foxes are not animals that shall be used in the pack. You are to strictly use wolves for this roleplay, and you are to roleplay as a canine would.

◾️Announcements◾️ Edit

1/12/2016: The Pack of Ethereal Souls is formulated. Three alphas have claimed their spots as equals, and the pack will be in full motion as of now. Alongside that, we welcome Dollarbillz, whose name is yet to be decided, as beta of us. Congratulations, Krone.

1/17/2016: Krone has foolishly left the pack to accept a lower rank in a different pack. We are now looking for new betas.

1/20/16: Themulouscat has left our pack, now me and zergiox only lead.

1/23/16 We're in need of more members, we're growing but we do need more so please jag soaringjay to join, help us grow! :D

◾️Ways of Contact◾️ Edit

On Animal Jam, you can jam-a-gram one of these two people:



Or you can post on the message wall of XxArcane.

◾️Alliances◾️ Edit

Xxbumble's pack

◾️Enemies◾️ Edit

N/A for now.

◾️Trivial Information◾️ Edit

Soaringjay is strictly traditional, and does not like to use fake anatomy or fake/strong vocabulary. She still does have sufficient roleplay, and does not need either of those qualities to be descriptive and get the word across.

Kerosene's Theme Song: Seven Devils - Florence & the Machines

Astella's Theme Song: N/A