We aren't the dawn-dwellers that seek the light, we're the dusk-dwellers that seek the dark.


You were walking through a peaceful forest at night, looking around for prey. The birds were nowhere to be seen, and the squirrels and deer were absent. Your stomach was growling, desperate for food. However, you kept walking.

Until, you realized you were standing in front of a large pair of yellow eyes, staring blankly at you. You stood still because you didn't want to get hurt. The shadow revealed itself. "Do you have a reason to pass our territory?" You stood still and spoke firmly, "I was looking for prey because I was starving. I don't have a place to stay, and I often get attacked by other creatures." The wolf replied, "I see that you have the traits of our pack, you may join if you wish."

About usEdit

We are a pack that worships the dark. However, we only kill in self-defense. Unlike most dark-realmed packs, we are rather peaceful and respectful. We wouldn't want the night spirits to be angry! Our current leader is Sera, a female gray wolf.

Our pack came from an ancient tale told by the greatest elders of our time. Only we remember the true story:

Below the cold mountains, there was a pack that didn't believe the light. They would follow dusk instead of dawn. They would eat anything that was prey, and quickly ate it because they were all starving because there wasn't enough food to stock up. The pack would fight for every single scrap of prey. The great wolf who kept them down there was named "Ko", the wolf emperor.

Ko was an evil emperor. Those who worshipped dark would be banished to the bottom of the mountains. If he wanted food, every pack would have to give all their food to him before they watched him eat the food they were supposed to eat. The pack who didn't got beaten by Ko and after the wolves were injured, steal their prey.

Until, the bottom pack formed a rebellion. Rebellions were often used to take down emperors, but this one was different. Ko was the strongest of them all, and they had to climb big steps. When the other packs joined, they started to live below, and so did prey. When the alpha, Aron, gave them instructions, they set all of their plans up in one.

The wise set up traps. The strong were taught battle skill after battle skill. Healers would learn new herbs and treatments. And finally, the alphas gave commands.

They were ready

When Ko got down to steal prey, he tripped over a dried bramble, and his paw got tangled in the prickly vine. All of the wise and strong wolves pulled up the cruel emperor and the strong wolves looked at him. One wolf, Heris, stared. "You lived a long life, my emperor, but it needs to end." She then let go on the long bramble and Ko was diving down to the ground, where his soul shattered into pieces.


Alpha [x2]- Sera (totallymeme)-Play Wild Alpha

Beta [x2]-

Warriors [xinfinite]-

Trainees [xinfinite]-

Pups [xInfinite]-

Dams (Infinite)-

Elders [Infinite]-

Healer [x3]

Healer's Trainee [x3]


  • Anatomy or vocabulary is never allowed in any way, shape, or form
  • Never attack a pack member, no matter what
  • The alpha's word must be followed, no matter how hard the task
  • Double-packing is never allowed
  • Do not catch needless prey. It's selfish and rude to the other packs, and we tend to be peaceful
  • Do not disrespect any trespasser unless they are a powerplayer


  • Doing apprentice tasks for 3 days
  • Clean up the elders' bedding
  • Sort all the herbs
  • Nipped on the ear
  • Nipped on the tail
  • Lengthening your time of training (Apprentice only)
  • Exile


Our territory is Sarepia and Zios Temple on Flint. We do not mind anyone who also owns this territory.






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