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The wind moaned as it blew threw the tree's, the rain trickled down your pelt as you pad threw the cold damp mud looking for shelter. You lay under some pine tree's for shelter you curled up into a ball. Growling you woke up thinking rain hit you again but a large wolf snarled at you, its pelt bashed against the pine leaves splashing more water on you, the wolf howled loudly when more wolves joined it, all the wolves began to step away as a black and white she wolf stepped forward, she lifted her muzzle and spoke '' Who are you tresspassing, on OUR pack territory! '' you whimpered and spoke '' I-I'm S-Sorry P-Please D-Don't H-Hurt me! '' the she wolf flicked her ears as two large wolves knocked you down by force, you looked at the two breeds of wolf, a Timber wolf and a light grey wolf smirked and sneered at you barking out loud '' HAHAHA! Look at this wolf he/she looks weak! '' The she wolf gave a serious glare to the two wolves making them stop, as they backed Away, they each still snarled at you. The She wolf padded to you her black and white pelt bristling in the rain '' three words... Leave our territory, be killed by my pack or join us for your life.. '' the wolfs stared at you waiting for an answer you pondered for a bit and huffed out your answer '' Fine i guess i will join... '' The She wolf nodded '' i am silverwind the alpha of this pack, the wolves you met are Achilles and Clover. '' Her gaze turned to a light grey dappled wolf '' and that's Dust, Achilles Jess, Clover and Dust please lead this wolf to our camp '' the wolves obeyed and shuffled you to your paws making you follow them deeper.. and deeper into the woods towards the camp.