~ The Pack Of The Silent Killers ~ Edit

'' If you can't hunt your own prey, heal your own battle wounds, can't protect your own packmates then what's the point of your pathetic life? ''- Quote from Wolfstar

~ Intro ~

Pack of The Silent killers territory

You limp around the forest, your body ached from the battle scars that were caused by a clan attack. Your body stiffened as you approach a dark misty forest that seemed to have no end other than blood and bones scattered everywhere, wincing at the pain you took the challenge and went into the forest, the wind blew hard as it nearly toppled you over and the rain trickled down your soaked pelt your paws dug into the muggy damp mud '' If Any cats lived here they are mousebrains! i mean who can survive in this weather? '' you mumbled to yourself. suddenly you heard yowling coming from the mist was it a cat in trouble? more cats to attack you or kill you at their paws? you could not tell, you began running not caring about the pain in your body you just kept running deeper.. deeper and deeper into the woods until you were in the stomach of the misty woods. shadows began to surround you as another yowl came from a rock signalling the shadows to attack, the cats knocked you on the left and on your right making you fall, you could hardly see anything with the droplets of rain in your eyes, the cats smirked showing a large sneer on their faces their claws were as sharp as talons that could easily rip a cats throat open, you closed your eye's waiting to die under these cats as one of them put a paw on your neck but then hissed '' Who are you tresspasser! Why are you on The Pack Of The Silent Killers territory! '' you hesitated as the cat again hissed '' Speak Weakling! '' you still kept quiet, a cat flicked its ears signalling the cat to get off '' Lets make this cat talk by leading him/her to Wolfstar, he will snap him/her out of this. '' the cat nodded and four or three cats hauled you up to your shaking paws some kept behind snarling as you looked back, everything was getting darker... and darker... and darker... Who was this Wolfstar they spoke of? the cats came to a halt, you skidded hard as your eye's stared in fear at a large shadow and it spoke '' Who is this... Don't say another trespasser or kittypet.. '' the cats around him meowed in agreement '' Just a tresspasser Sir, a stupid one in fact '' the cats shoved you infront of the rock, you shivered as the shadow leapt down face to face '' Explain yourself crowfood or my cats will tear you from limb to limb.. '' you spoke in a fearful way '' I-I'm ______ I-I N-Need S-Somewhere T-To L-Live, M-My clan W-Was d-destroyed.. '' the norwegian forest cat hissed '' First we will test you.. ''. The test was against a cat of his but luckily you defeated the cat, Wolfstar rolled his eye's in shame and meowed with a cold icy voice like he doesn't care'' Looks like you have some strength weakling... I Suppose you will be accepted into The Pack Of The Silent Killers '' You were a strong cat with sharper claws, sharper than teeth whenever you battled and had scars was an honor of bravery.. you Don't care what others say or mock about us.. We Are The Pack Of Silent killers!

~ Information about our clan ~

Our Pack is for rogues, cats who had been exiled or abandoned as a kit who seeks revenge. We are bloodthirsty for battles, we end those who beg for mercy. Our clan was found on the 7/2/2016 By Wolfstar (eyeoftiger75020) And some other cats who inspired us to do it. Wolfstar is also the leader Of Scarceclan ( now disbanded ) The clan who took over many clans. As we expect we like strong cats as we love going to battles, Our pack also rarely comes out in the bright areas, Our Claws and stealth are like assassins Thats how we got our name.. We stalk our enemies till we kill them we also have a fierce and serious attitude sometimes mixed with icy cold voices.

Unlike Some packs we Do not Believe in '' Starclan '' We believe in our own ancestors The Pack of Echoeing souls, but we belong to the war pack for evil cats and bloodthirsty cats The Pack of Bloody Nemesis's as whenever we go to war we trust them with our lives that they will give us strength in battles to have victory. Including we like hiding in the fog and mist since we use our stealth to overtake others and also we use the mist to scare others, we use the mist for games that are traditionally played out by the pack.

~ The Ranks ~

Centurion- The Head of The Whole pack, He/She is the main cat to give out punishments, chores and hunting or border patrol. They are also the most respected ranks but The Centurion must also have respect for the Pack healer and Ancients in the pack.

Beta- They are the deputy of the centurion, They must also carry out patrols including control the pack when the centurion is unactive or offline, They also get treated with high respect.

Pack Healer- They are the medics of the pack, Heal the injured and cure the sick cats and only rarely fight in battles. Unlike other packs we bring the medic into battle so the cats wont need to go all the way to camp and back to be healed and also the take the herbs undetected.

Warcommander- These cats are the highest rank of assassins, they train them for battle also can give assassins punishments for lazyness or nto working hard enough as they push their cats to the limits of fighting.

Co- Warcommander- The Assistant of the Warcommander, They tell the Warcommander if any assassin is on any lack of tiredness and also takes over warcommander when they are unactive or offline.

Assassins- They are the warriors and protecters of the pack. They hunt daily to keep their pack full from starving to death. They also train with the warcommander and co-warcommander when needed, but also needs permission to be able to hunt or raid another clan.

Cadets- They are the apprentices in training to become Pack healers or assassins

Scraptaker- The queen(s) who looks after the kits, also highly respected they don't participate In battles or hunting as they need to stay with the kits unless going to get freshkill

Scraps- The kits, Younger than 6 moons and the most respect of a warrior as assassins, and warcommanders must protect them with their lives during a clan raid.

Ancients- They are the elders, deeply respected and tell stories to the kits about the history of the pack or about other packs/clans

~ The Packs leaders and ranks ~

Centurion- Wolfstar. A Sleek grey Norwegian forest cat, He is very fast, stealthy and short tempered as if you get into the wrong side of him his sharp talon like claws will slash your throat open


Pack healer-








~ Territory ~

Calle, tigris Sarepia, zios and kimbara outback

If you are caught on our territory you will either be slaughtered or kept as prisoner as entertainment for us.

~ Rules ~

Do Not Neglect a scrap in danger or in the hands of an enemy if you do there will be something harsh coming to you

The Centurions and beta's words are law

Do not double-clan/pack if you are caught 3 times i will exile you

Do not cause a muting as the leader of the muting will be punished for life

Don't cause any drama, random fire, flood or having a kit at the wrong time, taking long to fake die ect

No powerplaying, so no nn nd na nm nh '' dodges '' you have to take the attack.

Don't say A CLAN/PACK IS ATTACKING when there is not as we will get annoyed of you unless you have proof

Do not use slang words like : cri : we won't take you seriously

You have to be active, do not be on brb every 1 min if you have something to do

Don't Eat before Ancients, Scraptakers and scraps as they need to eat first.

Don't Back down from battle OUR MEDIC IS AT BATTLE he/she can heal you

Do not edit our wiki page without MY permission as you will be humiliated.

Don't Kill your own packmember

~ Punishments ~

Disobey the leader: Ear(s) torn off or half a tail

Ate before the kits- You will be humiliated and set as prisoner, this means you will have no shelter from the rain

Disrespect medics, ancients, kits and centurion: Held under water for 8 seconds

Don't follow the dresscode: Publicly Humiliated infront of the pack shamed and will need to look after the kits for ___ days

Kill your own packmate: Pack execution, attacked/killed by your own packmates

drama: instantly exiled we can't stand sillyness

Not active: exiled unless you have a restricted time limit on your device

Double-clan/pack: Pack execution and exiled, this is a serious offense to the whole pack

Lack of lazyness: Prisoner for __ days

Powerplaying: Instantly exiled

Ran from battle when the medic is there: Made fun off and multiple scars

Slow dramatic death for attention: exiled and held under water for 10 seconds ( may die )

Muting: The leader of muting will be instantly killed with the whole pack watching along with his/her joiners, This is an offense to leadership

Left a kit on its own to die or in the paws of an enemy: Used as bait for EVERY battle and last to be fed, with the leftovers of the freshkill.

~ Pack News ~

Our Pack Was Found on 7/2/16!

Joining application



Desired rank-

Why you want to join-


Any former clan or pack?-

Freechat Yes/No-

Roleplay example ( can be in anatomy, vocab or latin )


Name Wolfstar

Use- Eyeoftiger75020

Desired rank- Centurion

Why you want to join- To be able to control and trust any of my cats and give orders to those who need

Description- I have a scar down my left eye from a battle and my breed is a grey norwegian forest cat, im short tempered and can easily get on the wrong side of me.

Any former pack/pack- Yes Forestclan, Pack of Broken souls

Freechat yes/no- Yes

Roleplay example- Q The Monumental herculean norwegian forest cat industrille flantish oscilliate from side to side Q

Alliance/ Enemy Application

Pack/Clans name-

Leaders name and use-

Why you want to be enemies/allies-

How many members u got-

~ Packs gallery ~