You run faster, but howling splits the air like thunder. What are you running from? You have no idea. Your senses still tell you to run as fast as you can go. You widen your eyes as one of your paws slips on bracken, and fall. A bit scarlet red blood drips down your paw, but you think you might of twisted it.

Your ears flatten to your furry head as a large wolf pads up to you. The wolf has a snow-looking pelt, and glaring crystal-blue eyes.  The wolf sways her tail, looking down at you. "Your bleeding." She remarks, glaring at your bloody paw. You quickly look at your paw again, to see the blood has worsened. "Come." She says, flickering her tail. You slowly rise up to your paws, shaking. "Follow me, and keep your words to yourself." She says, and you look around you, only moments later to realize dozens and dozens of hounds and felines are staring at you from behind the snow-looking wolf.  You nod, and start to follow her. "Oh, yeah." She turns her snowy-looking head to face you.

"Welcome to my pack, The Pack of Ghostly Sunsets."