About Us

Hi!  I'm Flaming Moon Howl, but you can call me Little.  I'm the leader of the pack!!  I'm a she-wolf who escaped from a burning forest, but nothing else did.  In honour of my forest, I raised a new pack inviting all animals. The Pack Of The Burning Forest is kind and helpful when peaceful, but vicious and cunning when in battle..  We believe in peace, but we are very dangerous when angered.  All pack members are given the same secret power (unless you want different) when they become a Small-Biter/Flower-User.  I will jam-a-gram you what the power is when you become a Small.  Do not tell anyone what the power is.  You can choose one of the 2 options when you become a Small-_____: !. The Pack Power, or 2. A differemt power, your choice.  Cannot be "All Powers".

I believe in "The Pack Of The Scarlet Moon", which is the spririts of my forest-members.  You can believe in others, but this is the pack I always call on.

 What Would Happen To You In This ScenarioEdit

You are a miserable heap of fur when you stumble into my territory.  Eyes wide, you hobble around, looking for food and shelter when you bump right into another huge tiger.  You fall right down on your belly.  You screech and try flee, but your weak paws padle helplessly against the cold mud, your breaths becoming quicker and more panicked.  Suddenly, shadows close in on you.  You can see animals of all sorts closing in on you, their glowing eyes focusing in on you.

"H-H-Have m-m-merc-c-cy please..." You stammer weakly.  A wolf with red glowing eyes says something that you can't hear because mud has filled your ears.  You feel yourself being lifted and carried.  Everything goes black.

You wake up in a long cave.  Your fur is clean and you feel warm.  Looking around, you realize that you are surronded by animals.  The same wolf with red eyes barks, "Welcome to The Pack Of The Burning Forest.  I am Flaming Moon Howl, but you can call me Little.  I am the leader.  Sorry for the scare last night.  We're not good at looking nice.  Here.  Food."  She pushes a turkey towards you.  You munch down.  She continues: "Would you like to join the pack??  We are short on Bites.  Tha's what we call warriors.  Do you want to join??" You think about your options.  Then you nod yes.  Little lectures you on the life and rules, then asks if you accept it.  You nod happily, not actually knowing what happened to you while you were carried.

Hunting and TerritoryEdit

Our hunting/fighting/grazing territory is Crystal Sands, canyon pathways, and Apondale.  Our camp is in my den.  We occasionaly travel to Mt. Shiveer.  We hunt only with permission from me. Also, I will chose who we hunt.  Hunting may be awkward because we welcome any animal into the pack.  If you don't want to hunt, stay at the camp.  If you want to hunt, hunt with me.  Here is our camp:

Meadow: Small-Biters' training grounds, Flower-Users' and Small Flower-Users gathering of flowers, Gathering place

1st Hole: Red Pillows= Leader's Den; Orange Pillows= Warriors/Deputies Den; Yellow Pillows= Small-Biters' Den

Middle Hole: Purple Pillows= Ashes' Den;

Last Hole: Grey Pillows= Nursery; Green Pillows=Flower-Users' and Small-Flower-Users' Den;

Sign UpEdit

If you want to join, you have to first comment.  Your comment must have:

Pack Name:

AJ Username:

Desired Position: (Deputy/flower-user/biter/small-biter/small-flower-user//small-small/ashes/mother/father/)



Then I will Jam-A-Gram you saying if you got in or not.


Deputy: If leader dies/quits, the deputy is leader

Flower User: Animal that heals ohers with herbs and stuff.

Biter: Animal that fights/hunts

Small Biter: Biter-In-Training

Small Flower User: Flower-User-n-Training

Small Small: Baby animal

Ash: retired Biter/Flower User

Mother: A mother animal; must have mate and small smalls to be mother

Father: A Father animal; must mate to be father

Note: You can have 2 combinations: Ash/Biter/+Mother/Father/Eater/Deputy and Eater+ Anything but Small smalls, Flower Users, Deputys, and small-biters/small-flower-user.

If you want any special powers, you must ask me first and see if I approve.

Any question??  Ask me.


If you break a rule 3 times, you will be either suspended or banned.

  1. Don't skip reading the rules
  2. Don't look for trouble
  3. If you have anything to ask/tell me, tell me
  4. No weapons; only teeth and claws and hooves and antlers and talons and tails and natural stuff
  5. No really gory bloody stuff; this is suposedto ne a kids' game
  6. All troublemakers, my pack or not, are to be brought to me to be trialed
  7. Respect others
  8. All animals are welcome; no animal descrimination
  9. Do not tell anyone what the pack's power is
  10. You must have my permission and choice in order to hunt or fight
     Thats all. Thank you very much.  I will post my Pack's members here using their AJ usernames.  Please no hate comments.
Leader: happywolfpuppy
Small biters:
Flower users:
Small flower users:
Small Smalls: