Welcome to the Pack of Misty Howls Edit

This pack is cunning, strong and has many more appearances. Go below to see what else is going on, our territory, whose in the pack, and many more!

Music: Wolf by: First Aid Kit

Weekly news Edit

3/12/16: This pack was created.

Territory Edit

Worlds- Nile, Asaros, Gangas, Elbe, and Pecos.

Land- Sarepia, Coral Canyons, Apondale, and Sometimes my den.

Dress Attire Edit

What we can wear- headresses (not the prissy pink or bright colored ones, only head wolves in this pack can wear them!), worns (again not the bright ones), elf bracelets, elf tail armor, three horned armor, leaf necklace, leaf leg armor, spikes (not the bright ones), and the scarves (not the girly and bright ones).

Anything else is a no.

Ranks Edit

Alpha- (closed) Blaze (Wolfy57021)

Beta: (open)

Delta: (open)

Med-Wolves: (open)

Warriors: (open)

Hunters: (open)

Trainers: (open)

Trainees: (open)

Apprentices: (open)

Pups: (open)

Omegas: (open)

Obea: (open)

Gnaw Wolves: (open)

Punishments Edit

Edit of this page: Depends

Fight with another pack member: Same actions against you.

Stealing from other packs or this one: Rank down, Severe stealing equals exile.

Murdering a member of the pack: instant death.

Double Packing: Exile.

Excuses For Double Packing: Exile and sometimes death

Allies Edit

None so far.