Territory Q&A Edit

Q - Do You Allow Your Members To Trespass On Other Groups' Territories?

A - No.


Q - Are Allies Allowed On Territory?

A - Yes, they are allowed to do whatever they please in TPHH territory most of the time. If TPHH is very short on prey, allies will not be allowed to hunt on TPHH territory.


Q - Do You Let Other Outsiders Come Into Your Territory?

A - No. If they have a very good reason, they probably won't be punished.


Q - How Do You Protect Your Territories?

A - There is a certain rank in our pack called a Patrol Dog. When they're online, they take shifts with one another and patrol the boundaries. Non-roleplayers aren't to be attacked (obviously), but if someone trespasses and is serious about it, we chase them off or give them a punishment.


Q - What If Someone's Already Claimed Your Territory?

A - We don't care. At all. We'll ignore it unless they try to make a problem. If we see any of their members on the territory, they'll be punished as anyone else. If it comes to war, we'll happily rip their throats out.


Q - How Come You Have Aldan And Congo As Territories?

A - If it says "no" after the word protected, it's not actually a territory, just a hunting ground. We don't have Patrol Dogs there or give trespassing punishments, but if someone else tries to chase us off or attack us, they'll be torn to bits.


Q - What Happens To Trespassers?

A - If they are from a rivalry, they will probably be held captive and forced to tell everything they know. If they gain the trust of the Pack, they may be made official Pack members. Random outsiders may be taken in, killed, mauled, or chased off.

Territories Edit

Revenge Hill Edit


Revenge Hill

World: Aldan

Room: Sarepia Forest

Protected?: No

Dangers: Poisonous Berries, Snakes, Badgers, Other Animals

Prey: Rabbits, Deer, Rarely Goats, Giantfurs (Bears), Other Canines/Felines, Bugs, Very Rarely Horses, Birds, Squirrels, Mice, Snakes, Tusknoses (Wild Boars), Raccoons

Description: A forest with very tall trees and some flowers. There is a small stream (near the slide on the east part of the screen). There's lots of undergrowth. Very tall grass near the stream that spreads across the north part of the forest. Caves (lowest part of the screen) as well.

Fierce Dog Swamp Edit


Fierce Dog Swamp

World: Aldan

Room: Temple Of Zios

Protected?: Kind Of, Not Seriously Though

Dangers: Longpaws, Some Polluted Water, Poisonous Berries/Frogs, Snakes

Prey: Birds, Frogs, Bugs, Rarely Other Canines/Felines, Voles

Description: A mucky swamp with soggy land and tall, wet trees. The water is distasteful.

Aurora Borealis Edit


Aurora Borealis

World: Aldan

Room: Mt. Shiveer

Protected?: Yes

Dangers: Cliffs, Slippery/Thin Ice, Lack Of Oxygen, Freezing Temperatures

Prey: Rarely goats, elk and maybe some birds

Description: A foggy pine forest with snowy grounds and some mountains in the distance. There are usually clouds covering any traces of blue in the sky.

Murky Water Edit


Murky Water

World: Nile

Room: Temple Of Zios

Protected?: No

Dangers: Slipping Into The Water, Quicksand, Snakes, Alligators

Prey: Lizards, Bugs

Description: A huge swamp filled with water-lillies that is surrounded by trees. Water is very bitter and undrinkable. The shore is very muddy.

Floral Peak Edit

World: Amur

Room: Mt. Shiveer

Protected?: Yes

Dangers: Cliffs, Poisonous Berries

Prey: Goats, Deer, Rabbits, Hares, Foxes, Other Canines/Felines

Description: A plateau that is near the peak of a mountain-covered in pink and purple plants with some rocky areas and a white sky. There are a few trees and a pond. The fields of flowers are seemingly endless.

Hunting Hills Edit


Hunting Hills

World: Kama

Room: Sarepia Forest

Protected?: No

Dangers: Snakes

Prey: Rabbits, Deer, Birds, Snakes, Other Canines/Felines

Description: A forest with many thin, spread out trees and medium-lengthed grass.

Middle Climate Edit


Middle Climate

World: Draa

Room: Canyons Pathway

Protected?: Not Really

Dangers: Slipping On Rocks, Crabs

Prey: Sea Birds, Fish, Crabs

Description: A narrow path between high, red cliffs with rocky ground. Near the Endless Lake.

Floral Forest Edit


Floral Forest

World: Grande

Room: Sarepia Forest

Protected?: Yes

Dangers: N/A

Prey: Rabbits, Deer, Berries, Other Canines/Felines

Description: Beautiful forest with many, many flowers of all sorts. Ponds of fresh water with a few water-lillies in them are sprinkled throughout it.

Drowning Hounds Edit


Drowning Hounds

World: Grande

Room: Temple Of Zios

Protected?: No

Dangers: Longpaws, Poisonous Berries, Falling Into The Water

Prey: Bugs, Birds

Description: A huge lake full of flowers that has blackish-greenish water that is drinkable but not very good to the taste. It is shaded by a large tree and there are many other trees in the distance. Vines hang from them.

Fire Highlands Edit


Fire Highlands

World: Grande

Room: Coral Canyons

Protected?: Yes

Dangers: Falling, The River

Prey: Goats, Birds

Description: Red canyons with a river flowing through them. This river is clean and fresh, but it is very rapid flowing therefore hard to drink from or get close to.

Mist Glances Edit


Mist Glances

World: Congo

Room: Sarepia Forest

Protected?: No

Dangers: Longpaws, Snakes, Not Being Able To See

Prey: Other Canines/Felines, Deer, Rabbits

Description: This forest is full of very thin, tall trees and blanketed with fog and mist which makes it a bit hard to hunt.

Hot Sands Edit


Hot Sands

World: Chimbu

Room: Kimbara Outback

Protected?: Yes

Dangers: Snakes, Heat, Lack Of Water

Prey: Hares, Rodents

Description: A very hot desert with a few shrubs and bushes. A beautiful oasis with a waterfall and crystal clear water is in the center.

Orange Prairie Edit


Orange Prarie

World: Chimbu

Room: Appondale

Protected?: No

Dangers: Heat, Lack Of Water

Prey: Rabbits, Deer, Buffalo, Birds, Coyotes

Description: A vast area covered in yellow grasses and pebbles/rocks.

Abandoned Longpaw Place Edit


Abandoned Longpaw Place


The Abandoned Longpaw Place

World: Pensacola

Room: Jamaa Township

Protected?: No

Dangers: Longpaws, Poisoned Longpaw Food, Unstable Houses, Strange Longpaw Things, Snakes, Loudcages

Prey: Food Wrappers, Rats, Any Remaining Food

Description: An old longpaw town that is abandoned and torn down; the houses are overgrown with vines and tall grasses.

Frozen Peak Edit


Frozen Peak

World: Rocky

Room: Mt. Shiveer

Protected?: Yes

Dangers: Drowning, Low Temperatures

Prey: Rabbits, Foxes, Birds, Mice

Description: A beautiful area with a huge river, white, long grass, and snow-covered trees that look as if they're made with ice.

The Endless Lake Edit


The Endless Lake


Running on The Endless Lake

World: Rocky

Room: Crystal Sands

Protected?: No

Dangers: Drowning, Sea Creatures (Which Dogs Don't Know About), Crabs

Prey: Sea Birds, Fish

Description: A beach with sand that is hard to walk on and beautiful blue water

Floral Gardens Edit


Floral Gardens

Den: Volcano

User: Chncprincess04

Protected?: Yes

Dangers: N/A

Prey: Rabbits, Deer, Birds, Squirrels

Description: Forest sprinkled in purple flowers and many trees.

Note: This is where Mist's pups were born.

Enchanted Valley Edit


Enchanted Valley

Den: Volcano

User: Budgielove

Protected?: Yes

Dangers: Snakes

Prey: Rabbits

Description: A beautiful valley with flowers sprinkled on the green grass and large, green hills.

Stony Ridges Edit

Location: Adventure Base Camp

Protected?: Not Really

Dangers: Cliffs, Snakes

Prey: Birds, Fish, Rabbits, Bugs, Rats

Description: A small clearing with a rocky bridge to the left leading to a swamp. North of the clearing is an old wooden bridge made by longpaws a long time ago which leads to a very large clearing with lots of large stones. Northeast of that is a stony cliff ledge with a drop thousands of feet. A bit northwest of that is a rocky path that leads to a small, flat rocky area. Below the stony cliff ledge (southeast of flat, rocky area) is another rock path that goes downhill to a small area that is sort of dark with a cliff. There is a huge volcano in the distance, similar to Fierce Dog Swamp. Note that there is water surrounding the entire territory. Now, if you go back to the first small clearing and go south, there is a steep edge with a short fall to a sandy bank with rocks scattered over it. Water full of coral surrounds it. It isn't drinkable though due to it being saltwater from the Endless Lake.

Paradise Jungle Edit


Paradise Jungle

Location: Paradise Party

Protected?: No

Dangers: Snakes, Poisonous Berries, Drowning

Prey: Birds, Fish, Rabbits, Deer, Longpaws

Description: A beautiful jungle with some rocky ruins and a huge river and lake that are crystal clear. There are lots of birds here and many paths throughout the very large area.

Note: Please ignore non-roleplayers.

Shamrock Fields Edit

Location: Lucky Clovers (Adventure)

Protected?: No

Dangers: N/A

Prey: Rabbits

Description: A very large series of clover fields with a huge pond and some old longpaw houses etc.

Note: Please do NOT do the adventure while we are roleplaying. This adventure is obviously only available during March/early April. Ignore non-roleplayers.

Flowery Wonders Edit

Location: Spring Festival (Adventure)

Protected?: No

Dangers: Drowning

Prey: Rabbits, Birds

Description: A beautiful maze of flowers, bushes and trees with some streams/rivers flowing throughout it.

Note: Please do NOT do the adventure while we are roleplaying. This adventure is obviously only available during April. Ignore non-roleplayers.

Pack Camp Tour Edit

Ignore all walls, stairs, and the Mira statue.

Entrance Clearing Edit

AJ Location: Mira statue

A small clearing with paths in each direction. There are some nettles in this area of camp, and there are thorns and brambles in the path from outside of the territory leading to this, making it very difficult to trespass.

Pack Central Edit

AJ Location: The first, largest room in the right-hand corner castle in the Sky Kingdom den

A large, open meadow with a stump covered in flowers and a rock that are both used as thrones for Alpha and Beta. There is an area sheltered by trees that has a bed of clovers where Alpha and Beta sleep. Gatherings, punishments, and pretty much everything is held here.

Prey Store Edit

AJ Location: The small area surrounded by cherry trees that is NW of the Training Grounds.

A small pond with a rocky bank surrounded by cherry trees; kill is buried deep in the mud in the pond (the mud is drier and a bit harder) to keep it cool and preserved.

Hunter Den Edit

AJ Location: The slightly smaller room above Pack Central, also the 2 very small rooms to the northeast.

A meadow full of soft clovers that is protected by trees where Hunters sleep.

Scout Dog Den Edit

AJ Location: The medium sized room above the Hunter Den

A grassy clearing where Scout Dogs sleep that is like all the other dens, protected by trees. This is a plateau hanging above the earth.

Patrol Dog Den Edit

AJ Location: The southwest part of the den, a forest.

Where Patrol Dogs sleep when they're not on a shift.

Shimmering Pond Edit

AJ Location: The pond north of the Patrol Dog Den

A pond where dogs can wash, swim or drink from. There are many shiny fish in it.


Drizzly Stream

Drizzly Stream Edit

AJ Location: The entire northwest part of the den

Where prisoners are held hostage, a drinking supply and where we get ready for war. Omega sleeps here.

Training Grounds Edit

AJ Location: The southeast part of the den

A clearing with a few drinking areas. Used for training.