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Shipping Rules

~No Shipping Closely Related Packmates, Unless it us an Adoptive Relation~

~No Insulting/Rudely Criticizing Ships~

~If There is Someone Who Just Really Doesn't Wanna be Shipped, Please Don't Ship Them~

~If You're Uncomfortable With a Ship, You May Remove it~

~Multi-Species Couples And Ships Are Allowed~

~You May Ship Packmates With Close Allies~



For Ships Between Same Species (DogxDog, CatxCat, BearxBear)


Setup: Female + Male = Ship Name

Melody + Rascal = Mascal


Multi~Species Ships

For Ships Between Different Species. (DogxCat, BearxDog, ETC.)

Multi Species Ships

Setup: Female + Male = Ship Name

None Yet!


Joke Ships

For Ships Including Dogs With Mates, Characters, or Objects


Setups: Female + Male = Ship Name, Packmate + Character = Ship Name, or Packmate + Object = Ship Name

None so Far!



For Couples of The Same Species

Couples 2

Setup: Female + Male = Ship Name


Hope x Hurricane = Hopicane


Meadow x Kovu = Keadow

14948111726206 (1)

Mist x Cinders = Minders

149481013557277 (1)

Moon x Ash = Mash

149481013557277 (2)

Angela x Slush = Sangela

149481013557277 (3)

Pringles x Bark = Barkles

149481013557277 (4)

Silver x Avalanche = Silverlanche

149481013557277 (5)

Dream X Chase = Cream

{ Insert Image Here }

Paige X Hurricane = Purricane


Multi~Species Couples

These Are For Couples Who Are Not of The Same Species.


Setup: Female + Male = Ship Name

None so Far!


Deceased Couples

This Section is For Couples Who Have Sadly Departed


Setup: Female + Male = Ship Name

Secret Admirer Notes

This Area is For Dogs Who Have Crushes, But Don't Want to Admit it to Their Crush Flat Out

I really think your kind your my best friend your the best I think I like you

by a unknown secret dog

i have only known you for a few days and i have seen the other side of you when your sick ill curl up next to you, when your sad i'll be happy for you, when you luagh i'll laugh with you, and when i see your smile i'll know your the one... I really like you one day we can become mates? - Kele


Blood Relations

This Area is For Packmates Who Are Directly Related by Blood. (No Adoptive Relations)

Mist + Silver = Sisters

Posy + Paige = Sisters


Parents And Pup Packs

This Area is For Parents And Their Blood Offspring

Parents: 1st Pup Pack: Second Pup Pack: Third Pup Pack:
Blossom X Duke TBA TBA TBa
Mist X Radiant TBA TBA TBA
Hope x Hurricane: TBA TBA TBA
Meadow x Kovu: TBA TBA TBA
Moon x Ash: TBA TBA TBA
Mist x Cinders TBA TBA TBA


Adoptive Relations

This Area is For All Relations That Are Linked Through Adoption And Not by Blood.

Ginger + Hurricane = Adoptive Mother + Son

Ginger + Bark = Adoptive Mother + Son

Hurricane + Bark = Adoptive Brothers

Paige + Crossbow = Adoptive Mother + Daughter

Paige + Sage = Adoptive Mother + Daughter

Crossbow + Sage = Adoptive Sisters

Meadow + Kovu + Drop = Adoptive Parents + Son

Paige + Isa (?) = Adoptive Mother / Daughter

Hurricane + Crossbow = Adoptive Father/Daughter

Hurricane + Sage = Adoptive Father / Daughter


Theme Songs

Kovu x Meadow =

Two Young Hearts (With Lyrics) - Sabrina Carpenter-003:49

Two Young Hearts (With Lyrics) - Sabrina Carpenter-0


Art Gallery


Realistic Gallery



Paige ~ Forestation

Meadow ~ Kittycatkaj

Crossbow ~ Seawings4Life