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TPoHH Shipping Page


Shipping Rules

~No Shipping Closely Related Packmates, Unless it us an Adoptive Relation~

~No Insulting/Rudely Criticizing Ships~

~If There is Someone Who Just Really Doesn't Wanna be Shipped, Please Don't Ship Them~

~If You're Uncomfortable With a Ship, You May Remove it~

~Multi-Species Couples And Ships Are Allowed~

~You May Ship Packmates With Close Allies~



For Ships Between Same Species (DogxDog, CatxCat, BearxBear)


Setup: Female + Male = Ship Name

Melody + Rascal = Mascal


Multi~Species Ships

For Ships Between Different Species. (DogxCat, BearxDog, ETC.)

Multi Species Ships

Setup: Female + Male = Ship Name

None Yet!


Joke Ships

For Ships Including Dogs With Mates, Characters, or Objects

Joke Ships

Setups: Female + Male = Ship Name, Packmate + Character = Ship Name, or Packmate + Object = Ship Name

None so Far!



For Couples of The Same Species

Couples 2

Setup: Female + Male = Ship Name


Hope x Hurricane = Hopicane


Meadow x Kovu = Keadow

14948111726206 (1)

Mist x Cinders = Minders

149481013557277 (1)

Moon x Ash = Mash

149481013557277 (2)

Angela x Slush = Sangela

149481013557277 (3)

Pringles x Bark = Barkles

149481013557277 (4)

Silver x Avalanche = Silverlanche

149481013557277 (5)

Dream X Chase = Cream

{ Insert Image Here }

Paige X Hurricane = Purricane


Multi~Species Couples

These Are For Couples Who Are Not of The Same Species.

Multi Species Ships

Setup: Female + Male = Ship Name

None so Far!


Deceased Couples

This Section is For Couples Who Have Sadly Departed

Deceased Couples

Setup: Female + Male = Ship Name

Secret Admirer Notes

This Area is For Dogs Who Have Crushes, But Don't Want to Admit it to Their Crush Flat Out

I really think your kind your my best friend your the best I think I like you

by a unknown secret dog


Blood Relations

This Area is For Packmates Who Are Directly Related by Blood. (No Adoptive Relations)

Mist + Silver = Sisters

Posy + Paige = Sisters


Parents And Pup Packs

This Area is For Parents And Their Blood Offspring

Parents: 1st Pup Pack: Second Pup Pack: Third Pup Pack:
Blossom X Duke TBA TBA TBa
Mist X Radiant TBA TBA TBA
Hope x Hurricane: TBA TBA TBA
Meadow x Kovu: TBA TBA TBA
Moon x Ash: TBA TBA TBA
Mist x Cinders TBA TBA TBA


Adoptive Relations

This Area is For All Relations That Are Linked Through Adoption And Not by Blood.

Ginger + Hurricane = Adoptive Mother + Son

Ginger + Bark = Adoptive Mother + Son

Hurricane + Bark = Adoptive Brothers

Paige + Crossbow = Adoptive Mother + Daughter

Paige + Sage = Adoptive Mother + Daughter

Crossbow + Sage = Adoptive Sisters

Meadow + Kovu + Drop = Adoptive Parents + Son

Paige + Isa (?) = Adoptive Mother / Daughter

Hurricane + Crossbow = Adoptive Father/Daughter

Hurricane + Sage = Adoptive Father / Daughter


Theme Songs

Kovu x Meadow =

Two Young Hearts (With Lyrics) - Sabrina Carpenter-003:49

Two Young Hearts (With Lyrics) - Sabrina Carpenter-0


Art Gallery


Realistic Gallery



Paige ~ Forestation

Meadow ~ Kittycatkaj

Crossbow ~ Seawings4Life