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- Rules For Familes -

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This page is for rules about mates, litters, and parents.
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Rules For Pups/Sharpclaw Kits

  1. No purposely killing other pups of your own Pack.
  2. No whining.
  3. No disrespecting any of your packmates that are older than you except for Omega.
  4. Don't run away.
  5. During wars or invasions, pups will be expected to retreat into a pack camp den.
  6. No "helping" any pack member spy or fight.
  7. Listen to your Alpha and Parent-Dogs.
  8. No making prophecies about yourself. This isn't Warriors.
  9. No leaving Pack Camp without a Scout Dog or any higher rank.
  10. Must have pup names such as Squeak, Whimper, Nudge etc. until back teeth grow in.
  11. No interrupting gatherings of any sort-attending them is only for trusted and well behaved pups.
  12. Pups cannot speak until a few days after their eyes have opened.
  13. Growth time at this link.



Rules For Mates

  1. Pica
  2. If your mate betrays this pack, don't go with them UNLESS you happen to like being taken as prisoner.
  3. Stay appropriate, it's a kids game. Sweet talking etc. is allowed but don't overdo it.
  4. Alpha MUST be aware of all relationships.
  5. Don't mate unless you're serious about it! Don't split up randomly either, or at all unless it's for a VERY good reason!
  6. You can only have ONE mate per OC. There will be ZERO exceptions.
  7. You can be mates with a Packmate of another species but you can't have hybrid kits/pups/cubs unless your mate is of the same family (canines with canines, felines with felines etc.)

Rules For Parent-Dogs

  1. Lovec
    1.No teaching your pup how to be an Alpha of this pack (unless you happen to be the Alpha) or any other. This may result Punishment for you and the pup.
  2. No making another account be your pup, find a real person.
  3. Sire-Dogs will still have to do their normal duties.
  4. Mother-Dogs must go back to their original duties when pups open their eyes. She can still nurse them when she has time.

Rules For Birthing

1. Disgusting details are not acceptable!
<p style="text-align:center;">2. You must birth in a Pack camp den if possible.

3. The mate of the birthing packmate is the only one allowed to attend. There may be exceptions.

4. You MUST have/have had a mate to birth!