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The Pack Of Harmonious Howls


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You limped through a dark forest, over rough thorns and damp leaves as the moon shone dimly overhead. Blood was left in your tracks from your bleeding paws, which throbbed with pain with every step. The darkness around you seemed to swallow up all hope of survival, and the cold felt like it was soaking into you, numbing your mind until nothing but dread remains. The sounds of the giant noises that chased you into this damp grave still rang in your ears. You felt something's presence, but when you looked around, there was nothing. You closed you eyes and press on, you must find help, shelter, anything in this cold wasteland.

After hours of torturous searching, you finally find a small, abandoned fox den. You limped inside, your legs frozen and weak, and collapse on the stone floor, blood beginning to pool as the thought of rest consumes you. Your last clear thoughts are if you will even survive until the next morning as you fall asleep.

You blink your eyes open, dawn's light streaming through the entrance of the cave, and temporarily blinding you. There is movement next to you. You shake the frost that had settled on your pelt overnight off and look up. As your eyes ajust to the light, a large, spotted canine appears next to you.

"Are you okay?, he asks, "Our pack is nearby." The canine glances at a small hole in the burrow.

You stutter nervously. What could this dog be talking about?

The canine trots over to a hole in the burrow. "I am Malacai, Beta of the Pack of Harmonious Howls. Follow me, the Alpha is waiting outside." He leaped out of the burrow in a fluid motion, disappearing into the bright sunlight.

You turned towards the hole in the burrow, a silver muzzle reaching in and dragging you out of it carefully. As you emerge from the burrow you notice many things. The beautiful light of the dawn is everywhere, completely transforming the once gloomy forest into a paradise. As you look around the forest, your eyes stop the dog the silver muzzle belonged to. It was a beautiful silver wolf, her fur rippled as she spoke, the sunlight streaming down upon her making her fur shimmer. The silver wolf spoke, her voice gentle, like that of a calm stream.

"I am Mist, Alpha of the Pack of Harmonious Howls." She gently helps you to your paws. "You are safe now." She smiles sweetly, then motions with her tail for you to follow her.

Speechless, you fall in behind the wolf through the forest you once thought would be your end. After travelling throug various locations, you pass a small stream, and round a corner, coming out into a large clearing.

You follow Mist into the clearing, wolves and cats alike scurrying around camp hard at work. As soon as Mist entered the clearing though, they all paused in their work and looked at her, trying to find out weather you are friend or foe. A few pups scurry up to you, and begin to ask you questions.

"Who are you?"

"Where did you come from?"

"Why do you smell so weird?"

Malacai shushes them, bounding ahead as Mist hops up onto a stump nearby, her fur shimmering.

"Welcome to the pack," She says, "We are peaceful, strong and harmonious above all else." Malacai leaps onto the stump next to Mist. He flashes you a smile, lifting his head to speak.

"Welcome to your new home."

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"We are the canines of the forest; cunning, intelligent, favored by Forest Dog. We are sometimes peaceful and harmonious, but other times we're merciless, brutal, feared, and deadly. We are the line between good and evil.

We have a paw in both worlds, but we are one."




Recruiting? Of Course!
Orientation Neutral (Semi Dark)
Member Count 53
Theme Song Warriors [Imagine dragons]

Species Dogs, Wolves, Coyotes (Most Other Canines Are Allowed, But Not Preferred.)

Domesticated/Big Cats (Not Preferred.)

Carnivorous Bears (Not Preferred.)

Any Realistic Hybrids, Specifically Wolfdogs

Notice: Any species outside of North America must have an explanation in their backstory for the reason why they are there.

Tag Color Dark Blue
Server Grande

Mist (Chncprincess04)'s Den

Back Up Camp N/A
Belief The Spirit Dogs
Naming Format One-Segmented


Tribal (Not Preferred)

Names Such As "Tiny, "Lick", or "Squeak" For Pups/Sharpclaw Kits/Cubs Until They Reach 6+ Months Of Age

Wolves Usually Have Descriptive Names Like "Brave", "Graceful", "Daunting", Etc.

Roleplay Style Traditional with some advanced
Season Summer
Prey Most normal prey.
Conflict None

Assorted Rules for Families

Insider's Guide


Traditions and Ceremonies


Member Information

News and Updates



Rules and Notices



Note: Punishments majorly vary and are completely unpredictable. Breaking serious rules can result in exile, even for pups.

~Powerplaying in any way will not be tolerated unless the opponent is powerplaying. All of the following is considered powerplaying: Dodging (Rare exceptions), healing automatically, superpowers, 'missing', acting strong when wounded severely, killing anything other than prey automatically, NN (Not very seriously considered powerplay), etc.~

~Double-Grouping with a different OC is allowed, but not preferred.~

~Goofy behavior when roleplaying is not allowed. It's very irritating for the leader for to have to remind someone over and over to be serious.~

~No killing pack-mates without the Alpha or Beta's command.~

~Be realistic. No acting like a human or pet. Pink pelts (excluding hot pink) are only accepted for hairless animals. Other very unrealistic pelts are only animals that have been dyed.~

~No naming an OC Lucifer, Satan, Jehovah, Jesus, or any other religious names, as this is disrespectful towards religions.~

~Though two-segmented names are allowed, feline kits in the Pack cannot have names such as 'Bluekit' or 'Stormkit'-they must have regular youth names. They can only have clan names when it is time for their Naming Ceremony, and they cannot change it after that. So if they call themselves 'Leafpaw', etc., that will be their name forever no matter their age. The same goes for Tribal names.~

~Major drama is prohibited, thought minor drama is fine. Please no all-the-time getting hurt by something imaginary, poisonous gas, random wolf attacks, etc. just make sure to ask the leaders first.~

~Be fairly active on Animal Jam.~

~No pestering or asking for a higher rank.~

~If you need help, alert the pack with jamagrams having the howling wolf background, then howl in roleplay to make it realistic. If you are sent one of the these jamagrams, help your pack-mate as soon as possible.~

~NO swearing will be tolerated. (that includes damn and hell)~

~If you need to say something outside of roleplay, border it like roleplay. EXs: (I have to go.) (( I have to go.))~

~No changing avatars in roleplay unless your OC is maturing or you become non-member ~

~Listen to Alpha and Beta, especially during meetings. They have the power to exile or punish you afterwards.~

~Tell Alpha about most important matters.~

~We don't follow the Warrior code or use Warriors terms. StarClan is irrelevant.~

~No annoying or stressing members, whether it be in or out of roleplay.~

~Mother-Dogs must go back to their original duties when their pups are a few weeks old.~

~No whining about or excluding nonmembers.~

~Rules for Families here.~

~NO false accusations towards members, allies or rivals.~

~No growing unrealistically fast.~

~No attention-seeking. It's extremely annoying and rude.~

~Alpha is usually the only member who can deliver punishments, declare war, accept new members, etc., though the Beta and other lead ranks may sometimes take part.~

~No randomly attacking other groups without the Alpha's and Beta's consent.~

~No cowardly behavior or distrust in the leaders. plans are their concerns, not yours.~

~Canines do not unsheath claws.~

~Do not question the Alpha or Beta, though respectfully reminding them of flaws in plans is fine.~

Dress Code


Head flower, Flower Crown, Big Skull, Cat Ears (DOMESTIC CATS ONLY), Rose tiara, Clover hair pin, Spring dragonfly hair pin, Holly tiara, Rocker hair, Spring flower crown, Butterfly hair bow, Nothing


Leaf Necklace, Deer Fur, Spring Amulet, Pinecone Necklace, Lei, Fang Necklace (Not Preferred), Flower amulet, Feather necklace, Moon necklace, Spiked collar, Nothing


Worn Blanket, Nothing


Feather Tail, Rocker tail rings, Skullys, Nothing


Leaf Leg Armor, Vine Anklet, Flower Bracelet, Spring Flower Bracelet, Seashell Bracelet, Jamaaliday leg armor, Furry cuffs, Nothing


Name tag

Color: Dark blue


Alpha - Arctic Wolf

Beta - Howling Wolf

Third Dog - Lighting Bolt

Hunters - Paw

Scout Dogs - Raccoon

Patrol Dogs - Arctic Fox

Mother-Dogs - Heart

Healers - Flower

Pups - Fox

Omega - Monkey



Alpha {1/1}

Leader. Extremely respected-more than any other member or outsider and is often feared. Makes all important decisions and rules in most cases, with help from Betas and the Third Dog. Sometimes spies or hunts if she/he desires. Must be obeyed. Is the only member allowed to accept alliances, give punishments or start wars. Cannot be exiled.

Beta {1/1}

Technically a deputy. Respected very highly, almost as much as Alpha. Can hunt or spy if she/he desires, like the Alpha. Helps Alpha make decisions and usually becomes Alpha when the original one passes away.

Harmonies {2/2}



Third in command. Have high respect but less than Alpha or Beta's. Helps to organize patrols/hunts and have similar duties to Beta. Takes part in official decisions and often supervises lower ranking members. Traditionally mates.

Hunters {8/∞}
Hunting party

Are responsible for hunting. There's usually a Lead Hunter who has higher respect and often leads hunts-they are sort of like "fourth in commands".

Scout Dogs {2/∞}



Go along with hunters and sniff out for dangers. Usually a Lead Scout-Dog who has higher respect and often has superiority over the other Scout Dogs. When hunters need to leave their kill to hunt for more, two Scout Dogs must guard it. They also must help to fight off any problems during hunts.

Healers {9/10}

They are the healers of the pack, they are skilled in herbs and taking care of the wounded and sick. They also have a novice in which they teach all of what they know to them. There can be two healers and one novice, rarely two novices. (Considered high rank but can apply)

Patrol Dogs {26/∞}

Guards of the Pack who defend territories. There's usually a Lead Patrol who leads patrols and higher respect. Must have fair sight, smell and hearing. Can hunt during some patrols, but must stay more focused on the patrolling.

Mother dogs {3/∞}

Nursing or expecting mothers. Temporary rank in most cases, though some members, specifically elderly ones, nurse or care for very young, orphaned pups. Must be respected equally, even by higher ranks. They do not attend war.

Pups/Kits {9/∞}
Adorable gray wolf pup howling by wolfwithwingsgal-d6gyep0

Youngest members of the Pack. Older pups train to become Patrol Dogs or sometimes go on hunts. Weak elders are sometimes categorized as pups. Cannot leave camp without a fully grown member. (xunlimited)

Omega {0/3}

Lowest possible rank. No respect, often picked on. Must obey all members, cannot leave camp. Is called Omega instead of their real name. No bedding. Must gather fresh bedding and bring out meals.





Q- How many OCs can I have

A- Three.

Q - Can I be Alpha, Beta, Third Dog or a Lead Rank?

A - All the lead ranks are currently taken. There is very little if any chance of you getting a high rank right out. Alpha and Beta will choose. To become a Lead of your rank, you have to prove yourself. That means be the best of your rank! You can challenge any higher rank under the Forest Law.

Q - You have no Trainees or Apprentices, but don't older pups have to train?

A - They do train when they are fairly older, but there is no rank for this.

Q - Is the pack based off Survivors?

A - Yes, but obviously different in ways.

Q - How do non-canines participate in The Great Howl?

A - They can yowl or try their best to howl.

Q - Can I recruit?

A - Yes, but please only realistic roleplayers and inform them of the dress code.

Group Name Leader
The Pack of Red Moons Rose (Queenangel12) Shade (Ks115) Frost (63hermisaged)
Crimson Trails Wolf Pack Flow (Flow309) and Price (Wolfythewolf132)
The Dragons of Beyond Namira (Fluffina1)
MistClan (Zoroark3923) Quietstar (Zoroark3923)


Group Name Leader Reason of Rivalry


Group Name Leader Reason of Rivalry
- - -




We're not too picky about avatars, but it is preferred that Arctic Wolves and Wolves are used for canines, Snow Leopards and Cheetahs for felines, and Polar Bears for bears.


Joining Form

OC name:

Animal jam username:

Brief OC backstory:

Desired rank:

OC age (pup, trainee, adult or elder):

Breed(s) and species:




RP example:

Loyalty promise:






Other Applications

-Alliance Form-

Group Name -

Name Of Alpha(s) -

Alpha(s)'s Username -

Name of Beta(s) -

Beta(s)'s Username -

Species You Allow -

Why You Want To Ally -

Beneficial -

Allies -

Enemies -


-Gathering Form-

Group Name -

Event Description -

Time -

Time Zone -

Date -

Location -



  • Mist
  • Hurricane
  • Ginger
  • Holly
  • Wag
  • Whimper
  • Blaze (Ignore Dog Treat And Inaccuracies, Closest Picture I Could Find)
  • Squeak
  • Shipe?
  • Paige
  • Haggis
  • Kovu
  • Dash
  • Fawn ( don't mind the background )
  • Eden :-)
  • Alexander
  • Togo
  • Creek
  • Wobble
  • Dim
  • Shela
  • melody
  • Plague


Alpha [1/1]

Name Username Breed/s Gender Description Mate
Mist Chncprincess04 Gray Wolf F

A medium sized, white and light gray wolf with purplish gray markings, cyan eyes, a silver muzzle/paws, and purple roses in her fur. She has a scar on her left front paw from when she was a pup. Mist is calm and loving with all of her packmates, and smart and witty during battle but peace is always her first Answer.


Beta [1/1]

Name Username Breed/s Gender Description Mate
Malacai Shatterdreams Wolf/Austrailian


M Mal is a large white muscular canine with grey splotches accented with smaller, brown specks. He has crystal blue and green eyes, his Beta scar is on his left shoulder -

Harmonies [1/2]

Name Username Breed/s Gender Description Mate
Hurricane 3raejoy Doberman M A sleek doberman with a white tip on his tail. Is a very fierce fighter and would die for his pack. He has crimson eyes. Paige

Lead Crescendi [1/1]

Name Username Breed/s Gender Description Mate
Eclipse Darkrose84 Gray wolf X Border collie F Eclipse is a small, slender female wolf-dog with a black and white coat

dappled with a chocolaty brown. Her eyes are as clear and peircing as ice with the matching color. She has large ears that help her hear softer sounds than most wolves. She has a long tail, which helps her balance with the poise and grace she holds. Although she is small, she has an intimidating look to her. Her paws are a little larger than normal, but she still keeps a petite look. She is known to be able to jump very high, and was once caught on a low branch of a tree. She has multiple scars across her face and back.


Lead Hunter [1/1]

Name Username Breed/s Gender Description Mate
Puakai Tigeressfierce Samoyed/Timber wolf F A beautiful, graceful, yet large wolf-dog, with a brownish red pelt which has flecks of grey, her underside is a cream. Her eyes can change to a light grey to a light blue/cyan in the light. A very daring, brave, yet kind canine. -

Hunters [5/Infinite]

Name Username Breed/s Gender Description Mate
Aurora Nørtthern Alaskan Malamute Husky M A grey, greyish-whiteish and black coloured with brown eyes dog with a notched ear, a flower crown on his head, orange leaves around his neck and paws. -
Perk Whisperingdreamerr German Shepherd/Wolf/Coyote/(Yellow) Labrador Retriever F A big, swampy colored canine with a pale, blondish muzzle and paws. She was once a Leashed Dog but escaped. -
Stone Hercules1god Grey wolf? M TBA -
Sky Rosypod1 Chocolate Labrador Retriever F A medium-sized, dark and light brown dog with white markings. -
Shewolf Tigriss791 doberman pinscher and collie mix F Sleek doberman body with the build of a collie. Is very happy caring and would die for her pack and family. Loves to hunt and chill with friends and likes to swim. -

Lead Scout Dog [1/1]

Name Username Breed/s Gender Description Mate
Ginger qweqwe123123 Saluki F A rust colored swift dog with brown eyes -

Scout Dogs [1/Infinite]

Name Username Breed/s Gender Description Mate
Flame Chncpuppy Gray wolf M TBA -
Leo Sodish Canis Lupus x Canis Rufus M Leo's Pelage is mostly a russet color with some lighter Achromatic highlights. His Abdomen is a soft Ivory color. -

Lead Healer [1/1]

Name Username Breed/s Gender Description Mate
Kele Wolvesareawesome1051 Doberman x Golden Lab x Beagle F TBA -

Healers [3/10]

Name Username Breed Gender Description Mate


survivorslover's Secondary OC American Staffordshire Terrier F She is Black and White With Brown Eyes. She Always Wears a Flower Crown of Pink Roses and White Daisies. She Wears a Vine Around her Neck, a Vine Around her leg, and Bluejay Feathers on her Tail. N/A
Angela Imawhitetiger West Highland Terrier F A white westie with strange light-pink markings and black eyes. Slush (Kittcatkaj's Secondary OC)
Daisy Snowypaw47 Golden Retriver F -

Lead Patrol Dog [1/1]

Name Username Breed/s Gender Description Mate
Shela Iioreohorses Great Dane F A light grey dog with brown and black spots dappled about her pelt. She has a white patch that surrounds her left eye. She has amazing dark blue eyes. -

Patrol Dogs [26/Infinite]

Name Username Breed/s Gender Description Mate
Mountain Epicpengain Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Corgi mix M He has a white muzzle, tail, belly and paws and brown everywhere else -
Athena Bubbacat37290 Mexican wolf F Tan wolf with black and grey splotch on her back. Her eyes are brown and she has a white underbelly and muzzle. -
Broken beckweeno123 Black wolf/ Desert Jackal F Black pelt Small frame Long legs Small paws Big ears -
Doge Dogewoodtree Shiba Inu M Tannish/cream in color -
Kimba baldomino Geat dane X bernese mountain dog mix F Mainly black with white and brown splotches, bald spot on nose -
Thorn anna33334 coyote/jackal F silverish grey with white underfur and tan patches and icy blue eyes and a torn ear -
Savitar Exoticwave Great plains wolf M A majestic black wolf, with dark lack fur and golden eyes -
Willow Carlyloulou German Shepard/Gray Wolf F Black with a brown underbelly and amber eyes -
Fieryeyes Bunnyofthirst Siberian Husky/Wolf M A big, purplish black, furry wolf with lighter grayish purple blotches. -
Holly Margaret0005 Boxer F A female purebred boxer dog with dark green eyes and a hazel brown pelt with some white streaks running down her flank. -
Echosong Powder23 German Shepherd/Siberian Husky F A medium-sized, brown dog with black and white markings. Wag's litter-sister. -
Bones Puppop26 Eurasian Lynx M A Hazel Brown Lynx with Black markings all over his pelt, a Cream underbelly and black tufts at the tips of his ears. -
Shipe Haggiswolf Rough Collie F TBA -
Xero Amazonx Siberian Husky/Golden Retriever mix M Burnt Sienna, tawny, and ivory, with emerald eyes and a torn right ear. -
Kaili Cutegalaxykittens Pitbull F Gray, white, tall and muscular, still wearing her jet black collar. -
Ussu YoungBaryonyx Saluki F A thin grey-ish brown-ish Saluki with deep amber eyes. -
aphrodite Amazingwolfperson33 Gray wolf? F TBA -
Fallen xxfallenteaxx maned wolf x Czechoslovakian Wolfdog F burnt rust colored, with blue eyes, white paws, and the tip of her tail is white -
Ozzie haggisseal Australian Shepard M A white, dark and light gray, and brown Australian Shep. with one brown

eye and one blue eye, very muscular, and he has many scars but his fluffy fur covers most up, though he has one from his hind leg, to his foot.

Jupiter xflowerajx giant schnauzer F she is very tall she has a pure black coat and brown eyes she has scars on her and she is very active -
Dim browie304 Canis Lupus Baileyi F An Alabaster Ashen wolf with black and dark Ashen Splodges on her pelt, she has long black legs with one Ashen colored paw. Her left black ear is slightly torn. And her eyes are an odd, ghostly pale color, yet they look both gentle and sweet. -
Badger llamaz8146 Wolf M Badger has pitch black fur other than a few white patches on his chest and shoulder area. He is abnormally large, and as icy blue eyes. -
Maple mckenzieanne Labrador F brown on top, tan underbelly, light coral stripes , and green eyes -
Griff jedediah277 Saint Bernard and Redtick Coonhound Mix M A fairly large dog, he has orangish brown eyes with pale brownish white fur. He has brown going down his pack, on his ears and around his face. He has dappled spots up and down his legs and tail. He has a scar on his muzzle the goes from one side to the other. He has long legs.
Alari nikalya Long-haired Northern Inut dog and Grey wolf mix F Long grey brown fur, icy blue eyes, she has a slash on her left ear. -

Mother-Dogs [2/Infinite]

Name Username Breed/s Normal rank Description Mate Pup(s)
Daisy snowpaw47 Golden Retriever Healer cream with white daisy petal shaped spots and golden eyes she also wears

a flower crown made of dasies and a large scar going down her shoulder

- Nudge and expecting
Mist Chncprincess04 Gray wolf Alpha A stunning silver shewolf with bright cyan eyes, white highlights and a scar over her left paw. she often wears purple roses in her fur Cinders Gaze, Topple, Frolic, and Whimper

Pups/Sharpclaw Kits [8/Infinite]

Name Username Breed/s Gender Guardians
Wag Ivynelly German Shepherd/Husky M Blossom & Duke (Adoptive)
Fuzzy dog1900 Gray Wolf F Mist (Adoptive)
Nuzzle Champawsome Dalmatian F Undecided
collie irirr candian marble fox F cottonball and fallen (adopted)
Fawn Floralsweet TBA F -
Nose 0ooo46 German Shepard F Crossbow (Adoptive)
Nudge Shunkai Pure Border Collie F Daisy
Growl Luckygamer1 Coyote F TBA

Omegas [0/Infinite]

Name Username Breed/s Gender Description Mate Reason of Demotion

Realistic Gallery

  • Mist
  • Paige
  • Bjorn
  • Slay And Thunder's spirit
  • Nudge As An Adult?
  • Bjorn and a Trespasser
  • Bjorn
  • Juvenile Bjorn
  • Streak
  • Sleepy Streak
  • Ruffle Howling
  • Mist
  • Streak Howling
  • Mist Carrying Swish
  • Mist
  • Dusk
  • Dusk
  • Dusk
  • Holly
  • Mist When Angry
  • Raven
  • Oak
  • Perk
  • Angry Streak [Adult]
  • Streak Guarding Her Kill [Adult]
  • Kovu
  • Mist In A Hunting Patrol
  • Pepper
  • Mist's Gaze
  • Mist Howling
  • Feather When Angry
  • Paige
  • Ginger/Omega
  • Ginger/Omega As A Pup
  • Paige
  • Paige
  • Streak Playing With Her Deceased Brother
  • Streak And Her Deceased Brother
  • Streak
  • (Left to Right Top to Bottom) Lilac (Adult), Ruffle (Adult), Swish (Adult), Radiant and Mist
  • Feather
  • Swish As An Adult
  • Nose when older ( ignore background )
  • Ruffle And Tumble As Adults
  • Howl and Swish As Adults Possibly
  • Paige
  • Meeko as a puppy
  • Meeko(Adult)
  • Hush as a lone-dog
  • Hush
  • Angry Hush
  • Wiggle
  • Paige
  • Paige
  • Echosong
  • Shipe
  • Paige Guarding a Tree
  • Paige ( Adds longer coat )
  • Slay
  • Mist with a watermelon X3
  • Meadow, (Mother of TPOHH)
  • Paige Hunting
  • Skipper
  • Sleep
  • Ussu
  • Quartz
  • Kovu
  • Kaili
  • Moon ( ignore color and white Dash on chest )
  • Moon hunting
  • Zephyr ( When Calm )
  • Collision
  • Meadow :D
  • Fawn ( don't mind the background )
  • shewolf-hunter-
  • Ozzie
  • Dakota
  • Griff


Art Gallery

  • Blossom -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom -Petra (Former Member)/XxWarriorcatsxanimexX
  • Petra -Petra (Former Member)/XxWarriorcatsxanimexX
  • Blossom (Right) and Duke - Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Fade -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom, Dust, Snow and Kavik -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blue -Blue (Former Member)/Random4157
  • Duke (Left) and Blossom -Blue (Former Member)/Random4157
  • Blossom -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Poison and Blossom -Poison/Levi.Le.Wolf
  • Duke -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Duke and Blossom -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Shatter -Shatter/PackShatter
  • Wag and Willow -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Sandy (Former Member) -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Shy (Former Member) -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Duke -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Shatter -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • R. I. P. Shatter -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Duke -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Starry -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Palden -Palden (Former Member)/Pawsofwater
  • (Left To Right) Shatter, Mist, Duke and Blossom -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Poison -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Our Vicious Side (Blossom/Alpha) -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • R. I. P. Shatter [Coloured] - Zistia/Streak (Former)
  • Bramble (Deceased Member) [Coloured] - Zistia/Streak/Bramble (Former)
  • Blossom [Coloured] - Zistia/Streak (Former)
  • Willow -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom -Raven/Samantha726
  • Blossom (Left) and Shatter -Shatter/PackShatter
  • Duke (Left) and Shatter -Shatter/PackShatter
  • Dove (Whimper) -Dove/Dove the wolf
  • Ginger/Omega -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • R.I.P. Poison - by grace6599
  • Dusk - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Poison's Death (Poison, Duke, Dusk and Blossom) - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Dusk - By Dusk/XxTigertailxX
  • Blossom and Poison's Spirit -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Harmony - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • R.I.P. Poison - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom and Duke - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Happy birthday budgie o3o! (Girl duke o.o??)
  • Duke -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Blossom - Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Duke - Duk/Budgiekeet
  • Ginger - Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Bramble (Deceased Member) - Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Tumble :3
  • Howl (above) and Tumble - Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Squeak - Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom's Pups (when they older) -By Squeak/grace6599
  • Squeak -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Blossom the Mother-Dog (Blossom, Tumble, Nose, Howl and Squeak) - Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Howl - Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Family Portrait (from left to right top to bottom) Duke,Blossom, Squeak, Tumble, Howl, Nose, Wiggle's Spirit-By: Squeak/ grace6599
  • R.I.P. Willow - By: Squeak/grace6599
  • Blaze - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Tumble by tumble
  • R.I.P. Bramble - Squeak/grace6599
  • R.I.P. Willow - Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Tumble When Older - Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Howl
  • Bjorn - Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Tumble - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Ruffle - By Ruffle/Willowtree2016
  • Bjorn-Dusk/XxTigertailxX
  • This is all your fault!
  • Tumble and Ruffle :3
  • Duke and Blossom (Lines by @Rukifox) - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Tumble X Ruffle ~Tumble
  • Perk -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Blossom - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • On The Hunt - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Duke - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Our Deceased (Left To Right-Willow, Shatter, Wiggle, Poison, Bramble) -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Bjorn, Dusk and Nose (Husky) -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Duke & Blossom -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • The Omegas (Blaze and Ginger) -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • TPHH - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Ginger - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Dusk - By Dusk/XxTigertailxX
  • Tumble & Ruffle (Roleplay Scene) - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Squeak - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Nipper
  • Duke - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Ruffle (Adult Form) - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Snap - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Swish - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Fiery - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Raven - By Duke/ Budgiekeet
  • RuffleXtumble
  • Briar x3- By Tumble (( No base used :D ))
  • I'm not trying to freak you out...- By Tumble
  • Duke and Blossom -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Snap -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Ruby -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Sad Tumble -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Blossom -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Lick -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Tumble X Ruffle -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Duke & Blossom (Edited Base, Credit To Unknown User) -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Blossom X Duke (Edited Base, Credit To Unknown User) -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • TPHH Art - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Alpha Dog - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Mates - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Mist, Duke and Blossom (Roleplay Scene) -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Blossom (New Art Style) -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Sky Fire -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • "What's Wrong With Me..?" (Roleplay Scene) - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Thunder & Licorice - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Moon Fox/Omega -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • The Begining (Roleplay Scene) - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Mist - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • You're alive! Roleplay scene~ By Licorice
  • Lily -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Denali (Credit Goes To Unknown User) -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Arrow (Credit To Unknown User) -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Sky Fire - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Licorice - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Eagle -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • ""You may call us weak, but that just makes you weaker. We'll rise up, and you'll fall down. You'll beg for mercy when we're done with you, I assure you that." -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Starry -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Storm -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Letting Go~Denali/XxTigertailxX
  • Before Blossom's Death -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Sneeze -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Hop - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom - By Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Echosong -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Scratch -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Crimson Dusk -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Olivia -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Hope -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom's World (Roleplay Scene) -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Olivia :D
  • Blossom -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Duke -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Banner - Unknown/Unknown
  • Snap -Snap/XxSmoothmovesXx
  • Blossom -Snap/XxSmoothmovesXx
  • Duke -Snap/XxSmoothmovesXx
  • Eclipse -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Eclipse's Dark Side -Eclipse/Darkrose84
  • Sad Eclipse -Eclipse/Darkrose84
  • Eclipse -Eclipse/Darkrose84
  • Rise Above All -Snap/XxSmoothmovesXx
  • Blossom -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Howl -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Harmonious Howls Banner -Snap/XxSmoothmovesXx
  • Licorice's Death -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Edgy Quote -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom's Death -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Crimson -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Family -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Thunder & Pups -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • R. I. P. Shatter -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom After Badger Attack -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Sad Thunder -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Before Blossom's Death (Roleplay Scene) -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom's Death (Roleplay Scene) -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Blossom's Death (Roleplay Scene) -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Eagle, Duke, Blossom and Eclipse -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Denali -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom's Death -Leap/Coyotestarrs
  • Blossom's Rage -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Duke & Howl -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Eclipse's Last Moments -Ginger/No Acct.
  • Amber -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Crimson -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Olivia & Siri -Olivia/Nortthern
  • Nudge -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Olivia -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Duke Meets Olivia (Roleplay Scene) -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Hope & Olivia (Roleplay Scene) -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Amber -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Hope -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Primrose -Primrose/Sierralewolf
  • Alpha Blossom -Primrose/Sierralewolf
  • Ginger -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom's Death -L.A.R.P. AJ
  • Duke, Beta of TPOHH~ By Scarlet/Nortthern
  • Scarlet of TPHH - Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Yip -Blossom/Onlydogknows
  • Denali of TPHH - Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom Hunting -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • R.I.P. Starry
  • Duke -Denali/XxTigertailxX
  • Duke In Autumn - Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom Fighting A Giantfur (Roleplay Scene) -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Mist -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Swift's Light And Dark Sides -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Blossom -Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Hera-By Hera/BunnyBrookey
  • R.I.P Blossom :c - Hera/BunnyBrookey
  • Shipe-By Shipe/Toastywafflz
  • You are strong, but we are STRONGER
  • Mist, Duke, and Hope - Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Duke-Shipe/Toastywafflz
  • Denali & Amber - Duke/Budgiekeet
  • Amber-Shipe/Toastywafflz
  • Denali-Shipe/Toastywafflz
  • "We Are Strong" -Denali/XxTigertailxX
  • by Ginger
  • by Ginger
  • by ginger
  • by ginger
  • Jackal-By Toastywafflz Shipe/Haggis/Skipper
  • Eye of the Hurricane-By Toastywafflz Shipe/Haggis/Skipper
  • Angry Paige - Paige / Octavia / Forestation
  • Octavia and Aussie - Octavia / Forestation
  • Octavia - Octavia/Forestation
  • Sad Paige - Paige/Forestation
  • By Hurricane
  • By Hurricane
  • By Hurricane
  • By Hurricane
  • By Hurricane
  • By Hurriacne
  • By Hurricane
  • hazel as pup made by hurricane
  • Duke's death-by Toastywafflz/Shipe/Skipper/Haggis
  • moon, jet black border collie of tpohh
  • By Paige/Octavia
  • Slay Vs Paige Rp Scene ( Older )
  • Paige By Paige/Octavia
  • Dash, Pup of TPOHH
  • Puakia/Dash - By- Puakai/Dash
  • by mist
  • by mist
  • by mist
  • By mist
  • by mist
  • by mist
  • dude
  • Credit to Paige
  • Griffff
  • Aurora!-Aurora/SnugglyLittleKitty


Name Wiki username Rank What they can edit
Mist mintywolf56 Alpha Everything
Malacai Packshatter Beta Everything
Hurricane StarrySwirly Harmony Almost everything (Major edits need leader's permission)

<center> Den tour </center>

  • Meeting area
  • Leaders den
  • Healers den
  • Mist's favorite spot
  • Mothers den
  • another mothers den
  • Omegas den
  • IDK what to call this XD
  • Pup den
  • prsioner den
  • Hunters den
  • Scout den
  • Patrol forest den


  1. Meadow Made This! 4/24/17
  2. Meadow has given birth to six pups, Howl, Sing, Timid, Blush, Chirp, and Swirl 4/26/17
  3. The new banner is Moon's banner! Thanks to everyone who entered!
  4. Mist and cinders are now mates <3 5/10/17
  5. Hope has died
  6. Paige has been made secondary Beta
  7. melody is expecting six pups , yelp,dot,nip,sneeze,crawl,chew 29/6/17
  8. rascal and melody are mates now 27/6/17
  9. melody's pups are due on 21/7/17 at 5pm australian time 

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