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You limped through a dark forest, over rough thorns and damp leaves as the moon shone dimly overhead. Blood was left in your tracks from your bleeding paws, which throbbed with pain with every step. The darkness around you seemed to swallow up all hope of survival, and the cold felt like it was soaking into you, numbing your mind until nothing but dread remains. The sounds of the giant noises that chased you into this damp grave still rang in your ears. You felt something's presence, but when you looked around, there was nothing. You closed you eyes and press on, you must find help, shelter, anything in this cold wasteland.

After hours of torturous searching, you finally find a small, abandoned fox den. You limped inside, your legs frozen and weak, and collapse on the stone floor, blood beginning to pool as the thought of rest consumes you. Your last clear thoughts are if you will even survive until the next morning as you fall asleep.

You blink your eyes open, dawn's light streaming through the entrance of the cave, and temporarily blinding you. There is movement next to you. You shake the frost that had settled on your pelt overnight off and look up. As your eyes ajust to the light, a large, spotted canine appears next to you.

"Are you okay?, he asks, "Our pack is nearby." The canine glances at a small hole in the burrow.

You stutter nervously. What could this dog be talking about?

The canine trots over to a hole in the burrow. "I am Malacai, Beta of the Pack of Harmonious Howls. Follow me, the Alpha is waiting outside." He leaped out of the burrow in a fluid motion, disappearing into the bright sunlight.

You turned towards the hole in the burrow, a silver muzzle reaching in and dragging you out of it carefully. As you emerge from the burrow you notice many things. The beautiful light of the dawn is everywhere, completely transforming the once gloomy forest into a paradise. As you look around the forest, your eyes stop the dog the silver muzzle belonged to. It was a beautiful silver wolf, her fur rippled as she spoke, the sunlight streaming down upon her making her fur shimmer. The silver wolf spoke, her voice gentle, like that of a calm stream.

"I am Mist, Alpha of the Pack of Harmonious Howls." She gently helps you to your paws. "You are safe now." She smiles sweetly, then motions with her tail for you to follow her.

Speechless, you fall in behind the wolf through the forest you once thought would be your end. After travelling throug various locations, you pass a small stream, and round a corner, coming out into a large clearing.

You follow Mist into the clearing, wolves and cats alike scurrying around camp hard at work. As soon as Mist entered the clearing though, they all paused in their work and looked at her, trying to find out weather you are friend or foe. A few pups scurry up to you, and begin to ask you questions.

"Who are you?"

"Where did you come from?"

"Why do you smell so weird?"

Malacai shushes them, bounding ahead as Mist hops up onto a stump nearby, her fur shimmering.

"Welcome to the pack," She says, "We are peaceful, strong and harmonious above all else." Malacai leaps onto the stump next to Mist. He flashes you a smile, lifting his head to speak.

"Welcome to your new home."

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"We are the canines of the forest; cunning, intelligent, favored by Forest Dog. We are sometimes peaceful and harmonious, but other times we're merciless, brutal, feared, and deadly. We are the line between good and evil.

We have a paw in both worlds, but we are one."




Recruiting? Of Course!
Orientation Neutral (Semi Dark)
Theme Song Warriors [Imagine dragons]

Species Dogs, Wolves, Coyotes (Most Other Canines Are Allowed, But Not Preferred.)

Domesticated/Big Cats (Not Preferred.)

Carnivorous Bears (Not Preferred.)

Any Realistic Hybrids, Specifically Wolfdogs

Notice: Any species outside of North America must have an explanation in their backstory for the reason why they are there.

Belief The Spirit Dogs
Naming Format One-Segmented


Tribal (Not Preferred)

Names Such As "Tiny, "Lick", or "Squeak" For Pups/Sharpclaw Kits/Cubs Until They Reach 6+ Months Of Age

Wolves Usually Have Descriptive Names Like "Brave", "Graceful", "Daunting", Etc.

Roleplay Style Traditional with some advanced
Season Fall
Main group or sidegroup? Side-group
AJ username Wiki Username OC names
Chncprincess04 Mitnywolf56 Mist, Kovu, Faith
Kittycatkaj KatTheKittyCat

Cinders, Iridecent, Silver

iioreohorse TaDeDaOreoHorse Shela
Tigressfeirce Tigressthefeirce Puakai
Cutekoalabear77 MoggieMuffin Kariomi
c33674 Salty Trashcan Pielu
Sølitåiré Førestation Paige, Ghost, Zara
3raejoy StarrySwirly Hurricane
Snowpaw47 Daisyaltacount Daisy
Survivorslover Mysterypine Wags


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