Is anyone here? you call. Who is there? why are you here?! you hear a deep growl and a huge husky padded out of the shadows of the cave you stood in front of. You gulp, scared if he was going to attack you or not. I'm assuming you came to join my pack, eh? He smiled and stared at you with his blue eyes. I'm North. Welcome to The Pack Of Ancient Blood. Before I let you join I must lay down some rules for you. Whatever you do, you ALWAYS listen to me, the Alpha. You nod and followed him into the cave.

You both stop at some leafs that looked like beds, many dogs lied on them, sleeping, but they still looked powerful and strong. this is where my pack sleeps. He turned back to you. You nodded respectfully and followed him towards a huge rock. this is where I call the pack and I tell them to hunt, patrol, train, or share news with them. You looked at the rock, smelling all kinds of scents near it. Then before you both took off you saw some leafs behind the rock and you looked at him. that is where the Alpha rests. You nodded. I think you're ready to join my pack. Welcome youngster to The Pack Of Ancient Blood.

                                         Rules of joining ( MUST READ ALL! )

- Jag jammer35q17 - Tell us your pack name ( ex: Rocky, Bone, Spike ect. ) - We will tell you if your name is already token. Most likely not. - Follow the Alphas rules at all costs. - Attack strays, other packs, or dogs from the humans. - No powerplaying. - Not too much drama. - No fights about stupid things or be exiled. - Make sure you these colors: Black, white, brown, red ( if bleeding ) gray, or yellow ( golden ). - Be arctic wolf or regular wolf. - Pups are foxes or bunnies. - Respect every dog in the pack especially Alpha and Beta. - No cats or eagles invading the pack. - We only except SERIOUS roleplayers.

                                                               Items you can wear

- Spiked Collars - Head Flowers ( Depends on color ) - Worn Blankets - Neck Ribbon ( Depends on color ) - Golden Tail - Golden Foot Wear - Skull Helmet ( Depends on color ) - Elf Tail Armor ( Depends on color )

                                                         Who is who?

- Leader: North ( A husky looking dog half wolf and blue eyes. ) - Beta: Bone ( White dog with black patches Blackish eyes. )

                                                             Stats needed for now.

- Hunters - Healer - Fighters - Pups

                                                       Ally Pack Total: 0

How to make allies with my pack: Jag jammer35q17, in the jag say your alphas name, pack, and your territories.

What my dogs I have in my pack look like in real life-
Animals Dogs Blue eyes Siberian Husky 048601

Alpha: North.

Vixen-the-dalmatian 38163 2009-12-07 w450

Beta: Bone.