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Greeting and welcome to OutCasts. Outcasts is a pack of rouge wolves, dogs and cats, all heruclean and resolute. ( strong and bold ). We only allow members that are worthy, loyal and willing to fight to protect the pack. I dont let broken rules go easily, and you will be punished. 

OutCasts is a Tradtional and advanced pack, having high expections we WONT and DO NOT take in people off the streets unless an alpha or beta has personally met them and tested them on thier worthiness to let them join. Our ways and rules may prove difficult to you, but if you wish to join outcasts, you must learn to cope. And as i said before, we are an advanced pack, which means you need to know advanced anatomy and vocablulary. But, im willing to make one exeption. If you really want to join my pack, i will be willing to let people join who know little advanced or a atleast basic anatomy. Im only willing to do so beacuse we will be hosting advanced lessons and saturday and sunday, and i expect all members to attend or atleast try. If you cant make it then you must give us notice.

Now thats out the way, i can give you more, and much needed information about OutCasts.

Alpha's InformationEdit

name: Jade ( for now )

pups: brothers:

father: unknown

personality and apprence: Jade is a Monumental wolf cross dog and her peltage is Caliginous Ectreed ( dark brown ). At times she can be calm, sweet natutered and kind hearted but most of the time she can be quiet Truculent ( aggresive ). Her peltage is long and thick, keeping her warm in the winter and helpful in battle as her thick fur protects her body quiet well. Her eyes are a brightish shade of green and she has black markings running along her sides and back. She will punish any cat, wolf or dog that disobyes her orders and will slaughter any animal in battle or any pack member that is given the punishment death straight away.

recent packs/clans: i have made many clans and packs just for fun but this one is going to be perement. My other clans and packs where: mistclan. feralclan. pack of falling stars. hounds of the red moon. pack of northern lights and dauntless pack. Like i said, this pack is going to be perement until i quit animaljam, or if everyone suddenly leaves or something like that. 

ive also been in pack of faded memories and thunderclan ( not madjesters ).

General informationEdit

Founding date: December 30, 2015 ( 30/12/15 )

Tag color: black or red 

Theme song: she wolf and how you remind me 

Status: inactive due to the wiki not been completed yet ( you can request to join just we wont be roleplaying until 1 January ).

den: epic haunted manor.

member count: only just started.

Hunting lands Edit

for now, we don't have alot of territory because I've just started the pack so we don't need alot, but i plan on getting more territory as we grow.

Territory- Edit

Lost river: Zois

The lost river is a misty kind of a swamp with a river at one end of the border. We mainly use this for training our young and warrior tests but we do use it for hunting sometimes. The large trees around the perimeter shade us from the sun and rain so we mainly use the land in winter due to the fact is shields us from the snow.

animals hunted in lost river: we mainly hunt fish and some birds here and the odd mouse or rat.

echoing valley: Coral Canyons

We called this the echoing valley because, as you can guess, its in the same of a valley and it sometimes echos. We use this all year round and only for hunting. Its mainly sunny here and never really rains, snows or anything else. As its sunny here we dont spend long hunting at a time and swap other pretty quickly.

animals hunted in echoing valley: again, we hunt small birds, some rabbits, mainly fish and mice and rats here. we also have be wear of the wild coyotes when we hunt.

Pack Laws Edit

This is the part that i might seem strict on, but the rules are the second most impotent thing in outcasts.

-Coming soon-

Dress code Edit

I know most people wont like this, but i dont allow loads of things that u can wear so sorry c:

Head- Skull Helmets. Fox Hats ( NM ONLY ).

Neck- Spiked Collars And Leaf Necklaces.

Back- Spartan Armor. Swords ( NM ONLY ).

Legs- Elf Bracelets. Silver Glove ( NM ONLY ).

Tail- Elf tail armor.

P.S. Don't use anything that's pink as it makes you look like a kitty pet or a leash dog.

Ranks Edit

As this is a pack, we don't use the normal names for ranks and we use for difficult and more effective ones instead.

Alpha- The Alpha is the leader of the pack. There can be no more then to at a time, and normal the alpha's are mates as there is alpha male and then alpha female. They decide what rules take places, what happened when and weather it happens within the pack and arrange the battles, meetings, gatherings and other ceremonies. What the Alphas say is law and you will away's respect them and what they say. If you disobey them, they have to power to punish or ever exile/ kill you.

Beta- Betas are the second in command, they are the Alphas most trusted pack members and they will always respect and be honest to their leader. They take charge when the Alphas are not around but dont have the power to exile or kill and member, just give them a basic punishment if needed. They also cant arrange a battle or ceremonies without an Alphas permission to do so. Also, they can be no more then 4 betas at a time.

Delta- Deltas are the third in command, they take charge when the Alphas or betas are not online or around at the time. They are picked by both, alphas and betas and are also highly trusted by both ranks. Like the beta they only have the permission to preform a basic punishment if needed at the time the alphas or betas are not around. They can only be 2 deltas at a time.

Salubaris- The salubaris is the healer of the pack and are also very wise, honest and loyal and normal kind a heart. They take care of the sick and injured of the pack until they are better to go back to their own dens and go back to doing their duties. There can be no more then 2 and 1 apprentice at a time.

Kunizu- Kunizu's are the hunters and huntresses of the pack. They are the ones who provide food for the pack and dont join in battle unless needed, so they do get trained a few attack moves in case. But their main job is to get prey for the pack and someones will be put on guard duty.

Shisho- Shisho's are the fighters of the pack. They only get trained to fight and they shall promise to protect the pack with their lives no matter what. They are the ones who border our territory as well as battle, and when we do battle, we expect, if not all, most Shisho's to be on to help us.

Guardian- Guardians are the mentors of the pack and are given a Neopythes only when we trust them. They need permission of a high rank before taking their Neopythes out to train and must train them for a week before the warrior test is given to them.

Monarchy- Monarchy's are the queens of the pack. They are the few that have mates, and have kits or pups. They stay in the nursery with their off spring for at least one week until they are given the rank Neopythes. Monarchy's will stay off their duties until 5 days after they have had the kits or pups with the, and only the Alpha's permission.

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