~~The Dark Mystic Revolt~~ Edit

~Opening~ Edit

A cat was walking in a forest with a river nearby, where their was a huge tom cat their who had found the other cat's scent. The huge tom bore down on the smaller cat like a battering ram, making the cat fall to the ground. The smaller cat was you. The huge tom pinned you down with one paw, claws unsheathed, ready to strike down your side in one blow. "You are you? What do you want?" the Tom's growls was low. you just stared at him. "Basta, benissimo*." said a dull, grief-stricken, bored voice. At that the tom got off of you, and the cat flicked her tail for you to follow. You did for you had no choice, if you ran they would surely out run you. After minutes of walking and weaving around trees and other things, you came across a stream in to a clearing, with an old unused two-leg den. In the den was more dens made of moss and trees growing in the two-leg den, a giant stone stood out side of the den, overlooking the clearing. A Tom stood on top of the stone along with another smaller cat next to him, Must be a kit you thought. At that minute the kit slipped off the rock, the she cat the both toms darted forward but were too late, a deafening crack sounded off the trees from the clearing. The kit had broke its neck from the fall, "NO!" The she-cat let out a wail. She stared at the tom on the rock and screeched "I hope your happy now, cara*!" She spat venom at him and ran off. The huge tom was about to leave after her but, "Basta, who is this?" the tom on the rock said to the one on the ground. "An intruder, Signore." He said, "Benissimo!" the one on the rock praised."Salve, brave one, what brings you here?' he asked, you said nothing. "Well then." the tom frowned down at you. "Feel free to stay the night and have some prey." The tom offered you, "Thank you" you said at last. "It speaks!" the one next to you said in shock. "Si,si, it does, well go have some prey and get some sleep, both of you." he said and leaped off the stone. "Come with me" the Huge tom next to you said and you followed him to the prey. You began eating your prey, it was dark by the time you went to sleep. You woke up to a paw shaking you awake, you saw the she cat from before. And with a kit in between her paws! "Come with me if you want to leave." she said, you nodded then said "May I pay my respects for your loss?" "We can do that together then." she said, and began walking to the grave of the kit. You sat with you head down as she spoke "Arrivedrci, cara angelo." to you she added "Avanti" and started walking, you followed, you soon walked out of the forest. "Who are you?" you asked, her head turned back to you and your eyes were met with alluring red ones, " My name is Shinx, the kit that died was my son." Shinx said in grief, " I couldn't take it anymore so I left." she said. You nodded, it made sense, " You can go back if you wish or go alone, you pick." she growled, "What about you?" you asked. "I'm going to find a place were my kit can grow up happy and can live to have kits of her own and become an elder." she mewed and walked off. And about you will you go back, or go alone?Edit

*Some of these words were Italian: Basta-enough: that will do. Benissimo-excellent; very good. Cara-my dear. Signore-Mr.; sir. Salve-hi; hello. Si-yes. Arrivedrci-goodbye. angelo-angel. Avanti-let's go; forward.Edit


Tag color: Cyan/Light blue/dark blue Edit

Recruiting: yesEdit

RP type: No Anatomy, Vocab aloud.Edit

Breeds: Wild cats, Wild wolves.Edit

Beliefs: Coming soonEdit

Names: We Don't careEdit

Season: Late SnowfallEdit

DM - is short for The Dark Mystic Revolt Edit

~Dress code~ Use realistic colors for fur!!! Edit


Head- Fox hat or nothingEdit

Neck- Heart lockets, scarfs or nothingEdit

Back- Swords, bows or nothingEdit

Legs- leafs, gaulets or nothingEdit

Tail- NothingEdit


Head- Fox hat, skulls or nothingEdit

Neck- same as non member, spike, leaf or nothingEdit

Back- same as NM, Jamaaliday Bows, armour,or nothingEdit

Legs- Same as NM, elf braclets, leafs or nothingEdit

Tail- Armour or nothing ( Not sure ).Edit

~Sparring~Rules Edit

  1. ====Both roleplayers must agree to the spar.====
  2. ====Sparring for higher ranks is aloud, but the Mystics get to pick who you spar with and for what rank.====
  3. ====Only spar with that of a higher rank, if a lower rank asks a higher rank to spar the higher rank can decline or accept. If higher rank asks lower rank, punishments will be given.====
  4. ====Ask the Mystics before you spar.====
  5. ====No Messing with a spar/helping one win in a spar, punishments will be given. unless said to====
  6. ====Only Seasoned Trainees may spar with hopes of being a higher rank when entering a squad====
  7. ====If a roleplayer dies in a spar,the other roleplayer gets their rank, even if its lower then the one they had. punishments will be given.====
  8. ====If Any of the Mystics says to stop a spar you stop, no matter what.====
  9. ====Remember we are bound by no Warrior code, we spar to help and test our battle skills.====
  10. ====If all of the Mystics agree and say "End Him/Her" Do so. ( this only happens to spies and double-clan-ers, if we catch you that is.)====

~Our Lands~ Edit

Zios, Kimbara, the forest.Edit

~Punishments~ Edit

  1. ====Lose prey for a day====
  2. ====ear/ears scarred====
  3. ====Nose/ nose+ear scarred====
  4. ====missing a tail====
  5. ====Demoted or blind====
  6. ====Sparring with two higher ranks same time.====
  7. ====Sparring with Mystics/ sparring with who they chose.====
  8. ====Tortured====
  9. ====Exiled====
  10. ====Tortured then exiled====
  11. ====Death====
  12. ====Tortured then killed====
  13. ====Tortured, exiled, hunted, killed.====

~Ranks~ Edit

Little Info to help you understand. The Dark Mystic Revolt, are run by a group of leaders who make up the Mystics. Each leader has a deputy who helps the leader, he/she does not normally go to a meeting of the Mystics. Some leaders chose to have two deputes. When a leader is off a deputy will fill in for his/her leader. Every Leader has a squad to lead, every squad has ranks, all ranks listen to their leader, Ranks are categorized by agility, strength, accuracy, and if you can command Edit

Cadet - young kits and pups in training to be in a squad, are taught by Trainers. Edit

  • ====Leader's Cadet - Cadet being taught by a leader to become the next leader.====
  • ====Shaman's Cadet - Cadet taught by a Shaman to become a shaman.====

Infant - the future of DM, the young ones not old enough to be trained. Edit

Veteran - the elders of DM, who entertain the Infants with stories. Edit

Hunters - they are quick and agile, and stalk well some times used as spies, all hunters learn to fight, hunter also do spar. Edit

Shaman(x2 per squad) - they are the Healers, they also learn to fight but not for higher ranks, If you train as a Shaman you stay a Shaman till you become a Veteran.Shamans know alot about herbs. Edit

Guardians - Guardians have a lot of strength, and they are the main rank for combat.Their blows are stronger then that of a hunter and private, they are like cave-guards strong and ready to fight.  Edit

Officers - An Officer is the third highest rank, under The Mystics and the Deputies. Their is an officer for every rank ( not counting Deputy and Mystics). The officers report to the deputy how People in their group are doing, and often leads patrols. Officers are often trusted by the higher ranks, and are best at their job. Equal to ObserversEdit

Observer - Observers are quiet, they watch from the shadows, be it friend or foe they are watching. They report to the Mystics or to a deputy if they see a person Double claning, or spying on us, they also help with battle tactics and plans. they are quick and agile, and have control over them self. Equal to Officers Edit

Prisoner - Prisoners are under guard by any rank. we use them for Info. on other Clans/Packs/Tribes, they do NOT need treated fairly but they WILL be able to eat, drink and help us in battle tactics/spar, or join us. Edit

The Mystics - the highest rank within The Dark Mystic Revolt, or, DM for short. The Mystics word is law, what they decide, the others follow. Observers, and Deputes all report to The Mystics. Edit

Deputy - the deputy is 2nd in command, if the Mystics are off they are in command. Deputies report and work for The Mystics. Deputies are In charge of major areas, plans for battle and ultimately decides what to do. and how to do it. they command the Squad in times of need. Edit

Sergents: the Trainers, they train the Cadets. If they think a Cadet is ready they will tell The Mystics. This can't be won in a battle, unless rule 3 of sparring comes into play, it must be Given. Sergents are aloud to be in spars for higher ranks. In times of War or Battle they help with plans.Edit

Private: The first rank a Cadet goes to,They are strong but young, they are very useful. they are the soldiers in war, hunters in times of peace. A Young mind might just be wiser then an old one. A Private can share His/Her ideas any time.Edit

Assassin: Like blades in the night, assassins hide in the shadows ready to strike at any one and anything. There claws are sharp and longer then most cats' , their pelts are often dark to help them be one with the shadows. They are often mistaken as Observers due to them being just as quiet. Edit


The Dark Mystic RevoltEdit

The MysticsEdit

Aku: An ambitious sleek sliver liger, pitch black paws and underbelly. and Fierce blazing pale eyes. [User: Ni05467] {Mate: Shinx}.Edit


Chaos: A hate-filled loyal, black leopon (Leopard and lion hybrid), light grey underbelly, and dark grey spots. With bloodlust-filled crimson eyes. [User: LovemeorHateme19523] {Mate: none} Deputy to Aku.Edit

Infants Edit

Eclipse: A young inocent pumapard and Liger hybrid, sleek sliver tabby she-kit with deep brown underbelly and paws. with light red alluring eyes. [User: nicol89303] {Mate: None} Kit of Aku and Shinx.Edit


Joining forumEdit

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