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~ About The Leagues Of Intact Evolution ~ Edit

This is not something you've seen before. This is almost like a remake of Intact Evolution, but Intact Evolution is still up and running. This is a monthly sparring tournament. Here's how it works.

Every weekend there will be spars held in my den, they will be simple trainings for the monthly sparring tournament which are scheduled for a specific time. The winner of the Half - Year spar, ( which is the person with the most wins in 6 months ) will receive a spike. The winners of the monthly sparring tournaments will gain the admiration of their friends.

This is separated into 3 leagues to be fair. The leagues separate the most advanced to the least advanced. They are below.

~ The Three League Realms ~ Edit

To be fair, we separated the advanced from the non-advanced. To join our sparring events, you'll be tested with a roleplay example to see which league you belong in.

The Advanced League - These are the most advanced people, they are usually in the Advanced Realm, and they are majorly descriptive and most likely use advanced Vocabulary.

The Intermediate League - These are in the Mid - Advanced Realm. They usually know little Vocab and are descriptive, and they are NOT powerplayers.

The Traditional League - These can be advanced, but they use traditional which sometimes people see as "weak" but it's not. They are separated from the others because traditional roleplayers usually have about the same skill as each other. ( I'm going traditional :P )

The people in these Leagues do NOT have to attend spars that aren't in the same league as them.

~ Sparring Events and Tournaments ~ Edit

Sparring events are held on Friday nights at around 8:00 Est.

Monthly Sparring Events

February 2016 - February Fights will be held 2/27/16 at 8:00 EST.