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Aves (Birds) Typiclly birds of prey

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Stoney River: The Stoney River gets it name from the arch of twoleg stones created over part of the river. The area is marsh and is very good for hunting frogs and other reptiles. Everyone is warned of the dangers of the twoleg buildings and are advised not to go near them. The big ruins of stones in the middle are called, twoleg Rock and should be avoided

Hideaway Hollow: A dark and damp forest where warriors can really hunt in the shadows. There is multiple species of prey nesting here and it is often used for hunting and battle. The glade in the middle is a good place to train. The trees make a canopy which we like because it means there is more darkness. It gets it name because sometimes it looks like it goes on forever

Eagle Nest Mountain: A snowy area where prey is little but is very good in the winter time. It can be dangerous due to the ice. here is also the moo pool where medics come to speak to Starclan. It also is where our winter camp is located due to safety and the risk of flood in the normal camp

Sunset Peaks: This is the most dangerous area where there are falling stones, adders, and spiders. Apprentices are not allowed to enter until they are within 3 moons of training. Ravens bridge is a place where very few dare to cross. new warriors often try to cross o symbolize a change from apprentice to warrior. It also where the star stones are for leaders to go to speak to StarClan.

Nests of Cloud: A peaceful and quiet pathway that is not often used as a method of travel, therefore making it the perfect place for couples to spend time away from the clan. It is known to have ancient two-leg paintings everywhere, yet to be deserted by them.

BrokenHeart Valley: A warm sunny area where prey is available and training is easy. There is an old twoleg shack that should be avoided. There is a river with lots of fish and other food. The lovers cave is a place where meetings are held. It can also be a place where mating cats can spend the night away from the clan.

Twoleg ruins: A large twoleg village, filled with nests alike. Twolegs roam here almost all hours along with their kits and elders. It is a place no apprentice is to go, and should be avvoided at all costs,

Sunrise Cliff: Found on the edge of our territory it's a place where you can see all the territory. It's extraordinary at sunrise, and must see place for new apprentices, and all cats alike. Desert lizards are found here, but are hard to catch, as you must also be weary of falling, which would be fatal to any cat.

Chamber of Shadows: A small, damp, and dark room. It is compleatly and utterly hidden, and only a few, trusted cats withing our clan know about it. It is a sacred place where our leaders hold meetings among themselves, and rarely, other warriors.


In every group there are rules we must follow. These are here to help us stay orgonized. Read them over carfuly, for if you break one, you will be punished. It may be severe, or it may be small. It depends on what rule you break.

2 Oc's per Player

Multiple oc's per each account is getting overwhelming, so we've decided to cut it down to 2 oc's per person. If you have more than 2 oc's right now, please choose your most vital ones, or we will choose for you.


If you fail to respect your Leaders, severe punishment will follow your actions accordingly. These Aves have fought hard to gain their ranks, your life should respect them.

Double Grouping

Double Grouping is forbidden here in the Flock. If this is discovered from you, there will be no hesitation in exile. Acceptions are if you are in ShadowClan (Rosepaw16)

Stress and Pestering

Most certainly do not put stress on your Leaders. Your Leaders already have enough on their list, and don't need your stress on top of that. Do not pester them to do clan, as they have lives outside of Animal jam.


Power playing includes but is not limited to using any other language than english, fake anatomy, ignoring another enemies moves, and claiming to have powers ESPECIALLY without a backstory. This is not tolerated in any form here and you can be punished forit.


You must be active here in our Flock. If you don't want to be forgotten, you must be on often. The leader must be notified if you will be gone for multiple days, and for how long. At the rate we are currently growing, it can be hard to keep trach of who's on vacation or who has gotten bored and decided to leave without notifying someone. So make sure you notify the leader of a vacation.


drama can be a big part of roleplaying, but it can also be the worst thing about it. Most groups do evolve around drama, but most drama is very sutle and doesn't affect the entire clan. Still here in The Flock of Endless Shards, we don't like drama of mostly any kind. That is why we only allow 2 events of drama per week. This includes on the game and on the wiki. We need to remember that drama can and will stress people out and/or cause more issues than thought of.




[ Challengable by Sharps ]

The Crystal is the highest rank in the Flock. Tthey are in charge of everything from recruiting new members to leading us into war. Crystals must test all Wings before making them a Talon.

Name Username Mate Description+Species
Arya Fidget04 Ni4376 Tyto Alba (Barn owl)



[ Unchallengeable ]

Second in charge after the leaders. The flock here has two Sharps so there is always one on during Flock sessions. In charge of patrols, Talon meetings and Wing training.

Name Username Mate Description+Species
- Ni4376 Arya -
- Catsanddogs58104 Hushuzu -

Medicine Talons


[ Unchallengeable ]

Medicine Talons are the healers of our flock. They know almost everything there is to know about herbs, and are in charge of keeping everyone strong and healthy, from the smallest scratch to broken wings. They are to be taken seriously and to be listened to. Third in command next to the Crystals and Sharp. They deserve the most respect a bird can have.

Name Username Mate Description+Species
- Silverroseplays Newmonaltra -
- -



[ Earned ]

Fully grown Aves who protect and provide for the Flock. These birds of prey do border patrols and hunting patrols. Senior Talons are some of the most respected Birds in our Flock. To become a Senior Talon you must be an active member of the Flock for at least 4 actual months. This means you come to roleplay sessions every week.

Name Username Mate Description+Species
- Garnets201 - -
- Cmg06 - -
- Kkountz - -



[ Earned ]

Wings are the young Talons of our Flock. They are 6 moons old and are training to hunt and fight. They must treat their mentors with the upmost respect, and listen to their orders.

Name Username Mate Description+Species
- - - -
- - - -

Lights and Hatchlings


[ Earned ]

Lights- The expecting or already hatched birds of the flock that give us our newest members. They get to eat first along side the Crystal and Clouds. They deserve respect and the Wings are in charge of seeing to their needs.

Name Username Mate Young Description+Species
- - - - -
- - - - -


'Hatchlings- The youngest birds in the flock who will grow to become Talons or Medicine Talons. They may not leave our camp untill 4 moons old. They become Wings at 6 moons.''''

Name Username Description+Species
- - -
- - -




[ Earned ]

Retired Aves who have served their flock well. Must be respected and taken well care off. Wings are in charge of seeing to their needs and wants.

Name Username Mate Description+Species
- - - -
- - - -

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  • Personality:
  • Desired rank:
  • Roleplay Example:
  • Why you want to join:
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  • Previous clans/packs/groups:
  • How did you find us:


These are the Only people who can make major edits. Please Do not Edit this page and if you want to change something, let someone who can do it.

???: Catsanddogs58104/Adimar- Co Alpha

???: Fidget04/Willow-Tail Warrior

???: Ninjagir01/ShatteredxFeather

???: Rosepaw16/Lightningpelt7

???: Silverroseplays/DarkheartTide

Minor Editors

Minor editors are people who can add small things, like new cats, or fix grammar.

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