Fire King, otherwise known as Ash, was a 37.9 moon old wolf. He was Alpha of Black Fire Pack. He has shaggy black fur.His enemies include Fire Storm Pack and Lightning Valley Pack. His family is...

Mother: Scarlet (dead)

Father: Nightmare (dead)

Grandmother (Mother's side): Ember (dead)

Grandfather (Mother's side): Spot (location unknown)

Grandmother (Father's side): Tigerlily (dead)

Grandfather (Father's side): Blaze (dead)

Sister: Amber (lost)

Brother: Duke (travelling)

Kids: Wildfire and Hawata

Nieces and Nephews: Snowflake and Dash (Amber) and Poison, Storm, and Shadow (Duke)

Aunts: Sharp (Mother's sister)

Uncles: Bolt (Sharp's mate)

Cousins: Pitch (Sharp's son)

Mate: QueenQueen


-Lived with Pack of Midnight Shadows

-Fought for Black Fire Pack

-Became Alpha of Black Fire Pack

-Fought against Duke

-Captured by humans

-Escaped from humans

-Opened Pack to cats and domesticated dogs

-Fought another war with Duke


Username: bunny10455

Armor: Amulet, Cow-Skull-Helmet with sharp horns

Weaknesses: human hunters, sneaking

Died: The First Battle, nowadays called the Fire Battle

Heir: Wildfire


Fighting: 98%

Hunting: 92%

Sleeping: 84%

Leading: 89%

Settling Deals: 56%

Nurturing: 76%

Surprising: 67%

Running: 90%

Hiding: 42%

Sensing: 78%

Punishing: 95%