The wind howls and blows a bitter chill past the dying trees, making them quake in fear like a kittypet confronting warriors.  The breeze dances with the leaves, dragging them unwillingly away from the hard, cold ground.  The clearing is damp and stagnant with the odor of decaying wood and the rot of something you don't want to imagine as the pale, icy stars pierce the dark fabric of the universe, the moon a slim crescent in the night sky.  Ravens fly above, barely recognizeable in the chilling haze, looking down on your rain-dampened pelt, their black eyes gleaming with a lost vengeance as their unnerving screams echoed like a foreboding omen through the leaves. 

   As the tall, empty silhouettes of the undergrowth block your path, the forest seems endless.  And then you hear it- a soft, barely audible noise, distinct nonetheless.  The pawsteps of a canine.  They are light and quick, much like that of a blackbird hopping on a tree branch, and you realize that the canine is quickly approaching.  Due to the prison of brambles on all sides of you, you cannot see the creature until he slides out from the undergrowth.  He is smaller than you imagined him to be, with a fragile, diminutive frame. A jackal.  He moves with a dangerous elegance, and his pelt is as black as the inky sky above you, interrupted only by his chestnut brown underbelly. But most striking are his eyes, like two yellow, dull harvest moons.  You are paralyzed by overwhelming feelings all at once- fear, relief, uncertainty, and you wear a confused expression on your face, until the jackal speaks.    

"Lost, are you?  Follow me. You will find safety ahead." Although his words are simple, it brings you out of your daze.  Puzzled, and unsure where to go, you follow him as he slides beneath the briars, and you come upon an icy river, with a bridge of stones conveniently strung across the center.  Leaping swiftly from stone to stone, the dark canine beckons you to the other side with his short, rabbit-like tail.  Following, you immediately see a shadow rise from the mist that had obscured this area.  An abandoned TwoLeg den.  The splinters of ruin lay scattered around the entrance of the den, and you can see that age has taken it's toll on this structure, ubiquitous brambles eating at the walls as the roof is consumed by ivy. 

   The jackal then slips into the entrance, and you scent the many animals who have been here before.  You look down, and there are pawprints in the soft, rain-soaked ground beneath you.  As you enter, you are greeted by the overwhelming scents of dozens of animals, as pairs of glowing eyes pierce the darkness.  As your own eyes adjust, you make out the figures of these animals, sheltering from the cold wrath of leaf-bare.  For the first time, the jackal turns to you, and his black maw curls into a crooked, yet somehow warm grin.  "Welcome to the Fallen Empire.  No matter where you come from or your beliefs, you can find shelter here."    

The Three PrinciplesEdit

The Fallen Empire is based upon three main ideas, known as the Three Principles. Creating a utopia among a sea of bloodthirsty chaos will not be easy, but it can hopefully be achieved by following these three basic ideals.

The First Principle is the idea that anyone can join. Whether you use anatomy or vocabulary, you are accepted. Strong or weak, you will be welcome here. Any and all species are accepted, and same goes with names and beliefs. We will be welcoming to each and everyone, no matter their background. The secondary part of this principle is that the weak can come here to become strong, and if they cannot become strong, then they will be trained to defeat the strong while remaining weak. The Fallen Empire does not care for recruiting strong animals only, as this can build tension and jealousy within the group and can result in power grabs. Additionally, what does a group exist for, if not to train one to become stronger? Seeing each animal progress as an individual is a goal of the members of the Empire.

The Second Principle is the idea of a group for the animals, by the animals. There are no leaders and only two ranks in the Fallen Empire. All conflicts are resolved in friendly debate and voting, which is done in a clearing in one of the camps. In this way, the most animals possible can be satisfied with the decision made. Animals will be given the ability to vote and shape the Empire's future. They can vote whether to have a leader or not, and who that leader might be. They can vote whether to go on the defensive or offensive in a war, or to engage in war at all. However, the right to vote can just as easily be revoked. Exiled Knights can obviously not vote, and the right to vote can be taken if an animal is still in question as to whether they should be exiled or not.

The Third Principle is the idea that the Fallen Empire will be a ray of hope amid the storm. With the many evil and bloodthirsty packs on the rise, searching for vengeance, the Empire will serve as a safe haven for exiles and outcasts with a change of heart. They are mainly anti-pack, but this does not apply to all packs. They will rescue kits and other animals when necessary, as well as take in the sick, weak, or wounded. They will care not for power, because it is power that can rip a group apart.


There are, as stated previously, only two ranks in the Fallen Empire. These two ranks are Guardians and Knights. Knights are the regular members of the Empire. Upon joining the Empire there will be a Knighthood ceremony performed by one of the Guardians or older Knights. Animals born into the Empire will have a Knighthood ceremony as soon as they can open their eyes and walk. Knights hunt, fight, heal, and use any and all abilities they have to aid the Empire. Younger or newer Knights will be trained by all the older and more experience Knights, but a single mentor will not be appointed.

The Guardian rank is also known as the Founding Knight position. Guardians are the Knights that founded the Empire, but are mostly seen as older Knights and less as leaders and founders. Guardians have few abilities that rank them above normal Knights, but the privileges they do have is that when there is a draw in votes when deciding something, the Guardian(s) vote will count as two Knight's votes and ultimately lead to the side the Guardian chose winning the draw. Also, a single recommendation from a Guardian is worth three recommendations from three different Knights.

The current Guardians are Kuro (tanglecat22), Strider (Corvus2), and Krome (snowywolf45). If one of them die, a vote will be held as to who will replace the deceased Guardian (although the replacement must have joined the Empire within the first month of its creation in order for them to be eligible).

How to JoinEdit

To join, you must be recommended by either three Knights or one Guardian. When you are officially accepted you will have a Knighthood ceremony, but if you do not have your ceremony that means you have not yet fully joined the Empire.

Another way to join is to Jam-A-Gram a Guardian, post a message on a Guardian's Jammer Wall, or buddy one of the Guardians, then meet up with them and get a brief introduction to the group, during which the Knighthood ceremony will be held.

Or you could just post a message below that includes your character's name, species, age, and your username, and I (Strider) will buddy you and meet up with you to perform the proper procedures for you to join.