What is The Evergreen Grass? Edit

The Evergreen Grass is part of the religion, Shiverskim. The Evergreen Grass is kind of like Starclan for clan cats only you can't die there. The guardian of The Evergreen Grass has never been seen, but many believe it is a beautiful silver tom with dashing green eyes. When you die you wake up in a cave. There are two paths that look exactly the same. The paths lead to different places but no one knows which one is which because they change. The first path leads to a dark world but the other leads to a bright and beautiful place. If you go to the bright place, you see huge mountains with bright green grass and blue skies. You also see tinted silver cats with scars from their battles. Once you are in The Evergreen Grass you can't get out unless you are sent out by the guardian. You live there peacefully, watching over cats at the ground. Like Starclan you can connect with live cats but only if the guardian wants you to.

Whats is The Forever Cold? Edit

The Forever Cold is the dark, gloomy place next to The Evergreen Grass. When you enter this path when dead, you see huge trees covering the sky, and fog so thick you can't even see your paws. It is cold and everything is dead there. The cats still have wounds and they look down. You feel hungry and dead. The guardian of The Forever Cold is a dark black she-cat with gray eyes. She has raggy fur and crooked fangs but you must follow her orders there. Even though no one has exactly seen her, she can talk to you in your mind. No one can leave unless someone brings you out. After time you grow evil and the guardian trains you to become a cat like her. You train until your body is limb and you can't get up.

Dreams Edit

The Evergreen Grass Edit

The EverGreen Grass Can connect with you in your dreams. They will tell you prophecies, good or bad. When you are dreaming, you will see silver mist and a cat. The cat you see will be one of The Evergreen Grass. They then will talk to you, and a vision will appear. The vision is blurry but you can see part of the future. The dream will end and you wake up suddenly.

The Forever Cold Edit

Like the dark forest The Forever Cold can lure you to the dark side. They will train you in your dreams. When you have a dream you see gray fog and dark skies. A cat of The Forever Cold will persuade you, telling you how much power you can have. If you refuse they will attack you in the dream until someone wakes you up. If you say yes, the fog will disappear and you will wake up.

Rules of The Evergreen Grass Edit

-Obey your leader

-Don't kill everything in sight

-Respect your clan mates

-Respect your religion

"I promise to follow The Evergreen Grass religion, to follow the rules, to choose my fate. I will never turn dark, for I am bright and full of energy."

(The Forever Cold has no rules)

Followers of the Shiverskim Realigion Edit