due to the fact our pack is thriving on members the empire is on hold until we are ready to reopen. PLEASE DONT DELETE


    Your walking down a dark graveled path the floating lights flickering off and on. You look around, your sides heaving for breath. You heard growls all around you. You start to panic and run the stones sticking to your pads. You trip over a rock skidding down the path. As you layed there, the figures moved towards you. You looked up weakly to see a Light gray and light brown and dark brown Clouded leopard and a Jaguar Tiger mix.

Your sides heave as blood dripped from your neck knowing you caught it on a sharp rock while you were sliding. The Clouded Leoaprd moved to help but the Jaguar Tiger mix said Stop Vira You must not help her(orhim). The one called Vira looked at her and protested She(or he) Needs help Lithium! You looked between them both as they argued with each other until Lithium gave in. Vira started healing your wound as you asked Are you a healer? She looked at you and shook her head Im a mercenary a advanced warrior in The Empire of Fierce Calamity. You looked at her like you were about to pounce on her and squeal like a cub.

You quickly said to her I've been looking for that empire!!! She looked at you surprised and looked at Lithium. Lithium growled saying What buisness do you have with my empire? You spoke your reason earning trust from Lithium and Vira. You stand up and limped after them as they lead you as you listened to them explaining the rules and such. You focused in on their camp that was small but wide enough. It was filled with trees, the dens were tucked into caves and when you entered 2 stacks of bones forming 2 cliff's were between 2 cliff's of stone. Many big cats leoaprds cheetahs jaguars tigers.. many different kinds of animal emerged in the clearing watching you in curiousity.

You were now welcomed into the Empire of Fierce Calamity.


'We are the ones who cause bloodspill, the ones who slip silently through the shadows,beware of the shadows and never stray near - Vira an mercenary in the empire.

Hello. Im Lithium the leader of the empire. We are a ruthless, vicious and fierce pack who causes calamity. This empire is filled with big cats only, Im a White Tiger while one of my elites that i trust is a Clouded leopard Cheetah mix. This is a vocb, and traditional empire where we only accept those who are strong enough or want to learn to be strong. I hope you enjoy staying. 


  1. Never disobey your elders, leader, or deputy
  2. Treat others with respect
  3. Must be a wolf in all ranks
  4. NO fighting unless you have permission
  5. Sparring takes place when said so
  6. Dont bother the leader when shes in her den unless its something important
  7. DO NOT insult the elite's 
  8. DO NOT attack the elite's, leader, deputy and etc.
  9. Follow all rules or you will be exiled, attacked or even death.

【Ranks】 Edit

Perior: This is the leader of the empire who deserves respect and leads the empire through battles to victory or comforts the defeat. He/She will always be remembered once all lives are taken in battle or anything else.(1/1)

-Lithium [User: Zoetoe Mate: Kage

Reaper: The second in command after the leader. Helps order patrols, split Empire into 2 teams when practice, and arranges the sparring partners. (1/1)

-Vira [User: Sparkle91 Mate:none] A Grayish brown clouded leopard. Shes usually cheerful and excited to meet others, just dont get her mad it might make you laugh or scared. Her height is 3–4 feet tall only weighing about 35 lbs.Her attitude usually brings out the good in people if shes happy.

Ghost: Co deputy. Organizes warriors into formations and helps all side the beta when the beta is currently unavalible. (0/1)


War Leader: They lead the Empire into war (0/1).


Healer: Med of the empire. Heals and cures the sick big cats of the Empire. (0/1)


Mercenaries: Advanced warrior(s).


Den Mothers: These are the caretakers, they basically watch over the cubs.


Cubs: Small felines born for their first birthday and future Warriors.


Cadets: They are like Apprentices. They learn Healer or Warrior. They fight for the Empire.


Grimes: These felines fight for the Empire. They usually protect the Den Mothers, Healer and Cubs.

【Application To Join】 Edit



Username on aj:

Roleplay example (use Advanced Vocab or put want you want to learn):

Reason to join (optional)?:

History (optional):

Desired rank (we will choose whether you get it):

【Ally Form】 Edit

Username on aj:



Roleplay example (to see how strong):

How many members?:


【Territory (Temporality)】 Edit

Adventure Base Camp.

Clover adventure (until it changes).