Introduction Edit

You were wandering around in a thick baleful meadow. You had been in search of food, and somehow ended up here. It grew darker and darker, and you were abo

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ut to leave. "Are you sure you want to leave dear one?" A soft gentle voice called out from the distance. You turned, only to find a pair of bright blue eyes. "U-um.." You stuttered not knowing what to say in slight fear, while you backed away. The pair of eyes disappeared. You froze, trying to find where they had gone. "Because you can't," The voice was louder this time.. You turned, trying to escape the darkened meadow. "I shouldn't have come," You thought. The voice voice was echoing throughout the meadow, causing you to become shriveled in fear. You made a sharp turn, only to find an extremely large shadow in the distance. It sprung after you, while you tried to escape. You were trapped by a rushing stream of water. You thought to yourself whether you should swim through it.. But it was too risky. You look back towards the shadow- It was gone once more. You turned back to the stream of water, then back at the only path available. The shadow was right before you, staring at you deeply. You try to run away, but it's massive figure blocked the majority of the path. "You're afraid," It said bluntly. "W-who are you?" You asked, stumbling over your words. "I am Sankei." She answered roughly. Sankei was an extremely large British Columbian wolf with an intimidating, yet comely appearance. Her long thick black and brown pelt and bright blue eyes deceived her deadly inner-self. "I was only here in search of food.." You mumble nervously. Sankei inhaled, clenching her fangs. "There's plenty of food in my pack, If you're willing to join that is." She stated. You brighten, cracking a slight grin. "I am willing to join, Sankei." You said confidently. Sankei did not grin.. She only had a serious face as usual. "Very well. Welcome to The Darkened Horizon." Sankei greeted, guiding you to camp.

Who Are We? Edit


We are a peaceful pack, that comes with slight brutality at times. We are known as The Darkened Horizon. If situations worsen within this pack, it might lead to the disbanding of The Darkened Horizon. However, If it does not worsen, then this pack will remain standing.

Further Information Edit

Are We Active? It depends. It is nearly impossible for us to be online when the majority of the pack is offline.

Are We Recruiting? Of course! We are seeking advanced roleplayers and elite fighters. We are trying to gather as much members as possible.

Any Further Questions Contact Sankei's Aj: Elasticsoul


Dress code Edit


1. Head- Skull or nothing

2. Neck- Spike Collar(Not studded), Leaf necklace or nothing

3. Back- Spartan Armor, Elf Armor or nothing (Sorcerer's must have a worn)

4. Legs/Wrists- Elf or Leaf bracelets, Legendary Glove. (Nothing is NOT tolerated)

5. Tail- Nothing


  1. Head- Nothing
  2. Neck- Scarf or nothing
  3. Back- Worn or nothing
  4. Legs/Wrists- Leaf Bracelets (Rare is accepted). (Nothing IS tolerated)
  5. Tail- Nothing

Who Is Sankei? Edit


Sankei is a female British Columbian wolf, who does not take things lightly. She is the leader of The Darkened Horizon, and seeks for the blood of her own to tend the pack when she no longer can. When you upset her, it will most likely result in consequences or forgiveness. She does forgive, but it may take her a while in order to do so. When someone threatens one of her own, she will see to it that their blood will be drained until they perish in her own jaws. Sankei is the last person to mess with. Unless she's in a good mood, she's someone to fool around with. She becomes like a mother to all.

Territory Edit

Our territory is within Zios in the server Drava.

Want To Ally? (Form) Edit

Submit the form by COMMENT. ***ALL IS REQUIRED

  1. The Name Of The Tribe/Clan/Pack
  2. The Name(s) Of The Leader(s)
  3. The Leader(s) Username
  4. State The General/Overall Personality Of The Tribe/Clan/Pack
  5. For What Reason Would You Like To Ally?
  6. How Did You Find Us?

Requirements Edit

Brown tags with the symbol of a howling wolf

** Normal/Realistic pelt & eye colors!! (Ex: Bright pink eyes)

**Tag names MUST end with The Wolf (Ex: InfinityTheWolf)<<< ITS A MUST!

Players/Avatars- Bunnies are used for the Tykes. All other positions REQUIRE a wolf. (Not Arctic Wolf)

Our Schedule Edit


The Feast- The Alluvium decide when it occurs. Omegas take their prey last, while the Alpha goes first.

Sparring- It occurs daily (also decided by The Alluvium), keeping track of how the members improved in their battle skills.

The Spar Of Eden- Occurs every other moon, where every rank MUST fight in order to remain in their given rank. Tykes are welcome to choose whom they fight, but It will be considered training.

The Outcry- Resembles respect during ceremonies. Whether it be a promotion (A blissful howl, similar to a yip), a demotion (A howl of encouragement), a new recruit (A howl of triumph), or an exile (A howl of sorrow, showing that they will be missed).

The Ceremonies- Whether it be good or bad, its always considered a major event. We howl every time it takes place, in order to show respect.

[The Ceremony of Recruiting]- During this ceremony, the new recruits get introduced, state their name, and take a significant oath.

Oath: I, (State Name),swear my life to this pack, and I am willing to remain obedient, no matter the cost.

[The Ceremony of Exile]- During this saddening ceremony, a member gets banned/kicked out from the pack. We state his/her name, and what beneficial actions they have taken for the pack, as well as the reason for exile. Comments are tolerated, but objections for his/her exile is NOT permitted. We then give him/her a howl of farewells, as a Sentinel leads them out of camp.

[The Ceremony of Demotion]- During this ceremony, we focus on his/her previous rank and state why him/her is being demoted. We question our members, looking out for any objections and/or comments. When there are no objections made, then his/her new rank will be announced. We give him/her a howl of encouragement, acknowledging their flaws, informing them to do better.

[The Ceremony of Promotion]- During this blissful ceremony, a wolf receives a higher position within the pack. We focus on the wolf and his/her previous rank, and state his/her newly given rank. We then question our members, looking out for any objections and/or comments. If there were no objections made, then we howl blissfully while pawing at the Earth, showing pride towards him/her.

Religion Edit

The Darkened Horizon currently believes in The Spirit World, and The Spirit Dogs are tolerated.

Alliances Formed/Rivals Made Edit

No alliances or rivals yet!

Rules Edit


  1. You must respect your Alphas, Betas, and Alluviums. No matter who's in charge.
  2. Do not visit other Tribes/Packs/Clans. **Your life is at stake. (If you have a valid reason, come see Sankei)
  3. Do not begin fights (Unless a Spar is being held). There's no need to shed blood.
  4. Do not be the core of drama. Sort it out verbally, not physically.
  5. You must be active AT LEAST ONCE a week. If you are unable to do so, inform Sankei or any of the Betas.
  6. CONTROL your hatred towards our allies, no matter how much you might want them dead.
  7. It is REQUIRED that you use ADVANCED VOCABULARY and ANATOMY. ***Latin will NOT be TOLERATED
  8. Sorcerers are allowed to have mates, but will NOT be allowed to have pups of their own.
  9. High ranks requested by you WILL be declined. You must EARN them. (Might as well decline your whole request to join)
  10. If you whine/complain whether you are demoted or exiled, you have a better chance of facing consequences.
      • Do not threaten your peers. It WILL result in punishment.


In Order To Join(Form) Edit

Send this form by COMMENT. *** ALL IS REQUIRED

  1. Your ROGUE name
  2. Your AJ(Animal Jam) Username
  3. Your Gender
  4. What Is Your WOLF Breed? (No Dog Breeds of Any Kind)
  5. Your Desired Rank
  6. Your Personality (How Are You Like?)
  7. Your Appearance (How Does Your Wolf Look Like?)
  8. A Roleplay Example (Any Is Acceptable, And Must Contain Advanced Vocabulary, Anatomy Is Accepted)
  9. For What Reason Do You Wish To Join?
  10. How Did You Find Us?
  11. Previous Tribes/Clans/Packs You Were Apart Of
  12. Do You Have Free Chat?
  13. Are You Currently Sharing An Account?
  14. Anything Important You'd Like To Inform Me?

Diet Edit


Deer- Anytime.

Bison- When needed. (Requires a group, as they are massive and tough to take down)

Beaver- During Summer season, as we tend to consume about 60% of them.

Grass- In order to support digestive system when you have consumed something that does not agree with you.

Rabbits- When larger prey are scarce

Squirrels- When larger prey are scarce

Mice- When desperate and/or when larger prey are scarce

Moose- When desperate

Fish- When desperate

Birds- Anytime. (Wolves eat them occasionally)

Wild Berries- Anytime. (Minor part of diet)

Fruit- Anytime. (Minor part of diet)

Rankings Edit

Alphas- The Alphas are the leader/head of the pack, and are highly respected. There can be 4 in total (2 Pairs of Mates) {1/4}

Betas- The Betas are the second in command (Deputies) of the pack and are also highly respected. {0/4}

Alluvium- The Alluviums are third in command (Deltas), they are also highly respected. {0/4}

Sorcerer- The Sorcerers are the healers of the pack. One of the most needed in the pack- they help us prosper and are highly respected. {0/3}

The Surveyors- The Surveyors are the ones who provide information on weather. They are significant and beneficial to the pack, as they tell us when a deadly storm is going to occur. {0/3}

The Temp- The Temp are the head hunters/assassins/fighters/spies/guards(patrollers). Their duty is to train their acquired rank, leading them to become an advanced member of the pack. {0/10}

[The Temps of The Bandits]- {0/2}

The Bandits- The Bandits are the fighters/warriors who are willing to set their lives on the line for their pack. {0/∞}

[The Temps of The Orion]- {0/2}

The Orion- The Orion are the hunters for the pack, who hunt larger prey in order to help the members remain healthy. {0/∞}

[The Temps of The Apache]- {0/2}

The Apache- The Apache are the assassins of the pack, who seek and kill the traitors of the pack. They are willing to take any chances, even if it means death. {0/10}

[The Temps of The Scouts]- {0/2}

The Scouts- The Scouts are the spies of the pack, who collect data from enemies. It is a very deadly position to take, and they must NEVER be found or else this pack will be in great danger. {0/10}

[The Temps of The Sentinels]- {0/2}

The Sentinels- The Sentinels are the guards of the pack, who patrol our territory and camp borderlines for any recent signs of enemies/trespassers. {0/10}

The Tyro- The Tyro are the apprentices of the pack, who train to become their desired rank. {0/10}

The Tykes- The Tykes are the pup of the pack, who tend to be very playful but must be able to learn right from wrong. When they reach 5 moons, they will begin training.

The Ancients- The Ancients are the elders of the pack, who tend to care for the pups. They are very wise and provide tons of wisdom when needed. {0/∞}

The Omega- The Omega are the canines who are remembered as foolish, and are most likely the ones who were demoted or taken in as prisoner. They are the ones who help with the sanitation of the dens, and put a halt to fights. {0/10}