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Drunk frost


Here, we have only darkness. It looms over our existence, a pitch-black void of nothingness. We don't believe in the so-called justice of the warrior code, or its pitiful existence or purpose. Here, we make our own rules. Whether others like them, or not.

Many have walked this cold, morbid territory, but few still dwell here to this day. We are the coldest of the cold, the darkest of minds, the bloodiest claws. Of all great Clans, we were chosen to roam these wastelands for all of eternity. We are the hell of the Clans. We are the Dark Forest.

B A S I C - I N F O

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Established 2/12/17 (MM/DD/YY)
Founder Erin Hunter/XxStitchxX
Species Felines
Member Count 9
Status Open
Considered Double-Clanning? No
Orientation Dark
Lighter Realm/Opposite Belief StarClan


༄༅⠀Ꭱule , Regarding Prophecies/Omens

⋆ Do not make prophecies/omens without your leader's permission. It is strictly forbidden to make any prophecies/omens with your first-in-command's authority.

༄༅⠀Ꭱule , Guidance/Dreaming

⋆ You may act as a guide or walk in the dreams of others, as long as you follow rule one.

༄༅⠀Ꭱule , Regarding Acceptance

⋆ Acceptance into the Dark Forest is more stringent than StarClan. Your character must meet at least one of these requirements, and have to have experienced them during role-play:

— Your character has killed one or more cats with unjustified reason/wicked intentions

— Your character has tried to murder one or more cats with no redemption

— Your character has had hunger for power, and attempted to claim leadership of their Clan through brute force

— Your character has a good reason behind their actions; No edgy OCs that may have "killed their family because they weren't loved." Any other OCs with mental illnesses such as insanity will not be accepted and immediately denied.

༄༅⠀Ꭱule  , Regarding Reincarnation

⋆ Your cat may only reincarnate 1-3 times. Please contact a manager on their message wall for more details, or if you decide on reincarnating your character.

༄༅⠀Ꭱule  , Regarding OCs

⋆ You may have as many OCs as you can handle, but be sure to keep those OCs under control. You can start off with three, but if it seems like you have too many, we will ask you to tone it down to five OCs. On a side note, we will only accept developed charcters.

༄༅⠀Ꭱule , Regarding Managers

⋆ Managers have all respect and authority over The Dark Forest. Please, please, please do not ask to become a manager, for the Founder and Co-Editor will usually pick the third Manager by asking someone if they wish to be one. As time goes on, there will be a max of five managers.

༄༅⠀Ꭱule  , Regarding Activity

⋆ You aren't expected to be active; this is a database, after all.

༄༅⠀Ꭱule , Regarding Clans/Clan Systems

⋆ Feel free to use this page for your Clan however you want. Whether its for your Clan System or Clan alone, we encourage you to use our page as a religion to your Clan.


Is This Considered Double-Clanning?

⋆ No. We highly encourage you to enter your character into The Dark Forest, and you will not be counted as double-Clanning.

Does The Dark Forest Role-play?

⋆ The Dark Forest acts more as a database for deceased characters, and a religious page, so do not expect this Clan to role-play. At times we will have threads for your characters to role-play on, but do not completely expect actual role-play on Animal Jam, or just role-play in general.

How Do I Become a Manager?

⋆ Please read rule six.

Can I Use This Page For My Clan?

⋆ Yes. We highly encourage you to use this page.

Can I Make A Prophecy/Omen?

⋆ Ask your leader's permission first before making prophecies.


Clans Using Us

⋆ BearClan, lead by Birdstar

⋆ WaveClan, lead by Sweetstar

⋆ RiverClan, lead by Ghoulstar

⋆ BloodClan, lead by Lightningstar

Ongoing Prophecies/Omens


Clan Systems Using Us



☬⃝☽⠀⠀Beastly Bellows - Once a swollen river filled with life is what the Dark Forest cats like to call a wasteland. Rumors has it that it is home to all strange things, and even monsters. The weakest of the Dark Forest that travel here are usually grabbed by the monsters, and their spirit is killed, resulting in never coming back.

☬⃝☽⠀⠀The Forest - This is the Dark Forest's signature land mark. Firs and oaks scatter the land, as well as thorns and gnarled roots. You could say this is the safest place in this never-ending nightmare, and most cats make nests here.

☬⃝☽⠀⠀Catacombs - In the ghastly hallows of the Beastly Bellows lies a vacant lot. Bones scatter its terrain from cats battling to get the precious resources here.

☬⃝☽⠀⠀Rat Pit - Dark Forest cats like to come here for a friendly battle, or to train their chosen apprentices. The spectator will gamble the rats, and the winner gets the most rats that have been hunted. Bones scatter the area, both of cat, and rats.

☬⃝☽⠀⠀The Jaggedpeaks - The Jaggedpeaks are a large mountain range, vacant and rid of the once flourishing plant life. It is very dangerous to travel here, and there were reports of major injuries or even death.

☬⃝☽⠀⠀Warrior's Passage - These are the slabs a warrior of the Dark Forest climbs into the Jaggedpeaks with. There were repeated sightings of monsters lurking around the very corners of this, and the thick fog makes it hard to navigate. It is advised you do not go here.

☬⃝☽⠀⠀Black Shores - These black-sanded beaches border the Myriad Sea. The Black River leads into the Myriad Sea, and some of its water is what caused the shores to be hued black.

☬⃝☽⠀⠀Myriad Sea - This sea is myriad, hence its name. This sea borders the Dark Forest and StarClan territories, and so endless, no cat has survived when tried crossing it. If you try to cross the sea, the waves will get rougher and rougher as you go, soon to be so hectic a cat can drown. It is highly advised you do not swim in the Myriad Sea.


⋆ Managers [x3] -

⋆ The managers have authority over The Dark Forest. They code the page, make sure it's a safe community, accept cats, etc. and have the uttermost respect. There are usually three of them.

Name Wikia Username Position Group
Bri/Stitch XxStitchxX Founder/Writer/Main Editor/Acceptance BearClan
Halle/birb The Optimum Co-Editor/Acceptance/Writer BearClan

C A T S - O F - T D F

⋆ Deceased Leaders [x∞] -

Name Roleplayed By Description Cause of Death Reason Former Clan
Leafstar Swampheart Large ginger Mainecoon tom with deep blue eyes Killed by a rogue Murdering several cats with unjustified reasons BeeClan
Nightstar ab99535 Black she-cat with a dark grey underbelly and phosphorescent amber eyes. Killed by Tornadostar Has murdered many cats with unjustified reasons NightClan
Dappledstar pinktalethefab Muscular tuxedo she-cat with a scar on her right eye. Killed by a patrol of three during a battle on a territory Murdered many cats to get to leader by brute force. Seasons, Summer
Twistedstar xxstitchx Brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes and tufted ears Old age Murdered many cats with wicked intentions/unjustified reasons CrescentClan
xx xx xx xx xx xx

⋆ Deceased Deputies [x∞] -

Name Roleplayed By Description Cause of Death Reason Former Clan
xx xx xx xx xx xx

⋆ Deceased Senior/Elite Warriors [x∞] -

Name Roleplayed By Description Cause of Death Reason Former Clan
xx xx xx xx xx xx

⋆ Deceased Warriors [x∞] -

Name Roleplayed By Description Cause of Death Reason Former Clan
Sunblaze Somalithegreat A large golden tom with piercing amber eyes Killed by a fox while on patrol Took away three live shows from the Clan leader with an unjustified reason just to become leader through brute force GustClan
Battlecry dpears974 Tan oriental tom Starvation and dehydration Killed multiple cats with unjustified reasons RowanClan
Gingerleaf Neixes Ginger tom with a tattered ear Fell of a cliff Killed multiple cat sitting with unjustified reasons RowanClan
Mapleshade blvckceiling Mapleshade is a large, thick-furred ginger, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat. She has primarily thick yet matted fur, with a fluffy white tail and a white muzzle. She is equipped with sharp yellow teeth and amber eyes. Killed by Perchpaw Murdered many cats with wicked intentions/unjustified reasons RiverClan
xx xx xx xx xx xx

⋆ Deceased Apprentices [x∞] -

Name Roleplayed By Description Cause of Death Reason Former Clan
Littlepaw Junaxy Small, pale she-cat with ginger tabby markings and a white underbelly/paws Killed by Chillpaw Killed multiple cats with unjustified reasons SageClan
xx xx xx xx xx xx

⋆ Deceased Queens [x∞] -

Name Roleplayed By Description Cause of Death Reason Former Clan
xx xx xx xx xx xx

⋆ Deceased Elders [x∞] -

Name Roleplayed By Description Cause of Death Reason Former Clan
xx xx xx xx xx xx


⋆ Applications -

Name -

Roleplayed By -

Why Your Character Is In the Dark Forest -

Short Description -

Cause of Death -

Rank At Death (we are not accepting medicine cats, medicine cat apprentices, or kits) -

Clan At Death (your character must have had a Clan) -

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⋆ Credits to all of you who applied your character to StarClan and support us

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