This is yet another page I have made for my OC Crismon. The Dark Fog is ractically the Darkforest in Canine Form. The Dark Fog can also be referred to as the Dark Shadow, The Dark World, and The Dark Mist.

Dermon  Edit

Dermon is the Leader of the Dark Fog. Now, Dermon was one of the creators of the world itself. His old name was Saith. He created many things on the earth, such as Rivers, Plains, and he was the one to suggest Trees to Faith and Star. All of the changed when he tried to over-power Faith and take over the Horizon. Faith chased Dermon too the edge of the border, forcing him into the depths beyond. During the chase, Faith had feircely ripped off a wing of Dermon, leaving him bleeding and limping into The Dark Fog. Now Dermon leads The Dark Fog, planning his revenge for moons to come.

  • Dermon
  • Surge
  • Fang
  • Charlet
  • Pincer
  • Feiona

About Faded's Edit

Faded's are canines that have been in the Dark Fog for over 10 moons. There called Fadeds because there often slightly faded out as well and bitter. These canines will only socialite with other Fadeds and some Ruthfuls along with there apprentices.

To Be Added: Edit

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