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"Do you feel death?" Breaths a hoarse voice next to your ear.

"Do you feel the dark abyss?" You struggle up, but the paw on your chest is shockingly strong. Well, for the blackout you just had, it's stronger than your current state can handle. You stare at the figure above you. She's a smallish white wolf with suspiciously red splotches on her coat. Her eyes are without the pupils, and in the surrounding shadows you can just make out the milky cataracts in her optics. She takes her paw off of your chest, and you struggle to your stomach. After taking several heartbeats to catch your breath, you glare at the fae. "What the hell?" You manage to snap. Her ear flicks. "I'm sorry, it was too tempting to pass up." She says. Then your old friend, common sense, slowly crawled back to you. "Your a lone wolf?" You ask, glancing around and seeing no footprints, no blood, nothing. She tilts her head and thinks for a moment. "Well, depends if that's rhetorical, but your not being very flashy with your wordplay," Her brow raises. "Which is surprising for a brute like you." You narrow your own eyes. "Shut up, where am I and who are you?" You growl. It only adds a few logs and a couple disposable lighters to your fury as she just whips her head back and laughs hysterically. "Well," She finally chokes out, her laughter dying. "Your in a valley, you were shoved off a fairly steep edge into here. Honestly, I'm surprised your skull wasn't cracked open." She tut her tongue. "Ah, would've made my job so much easier." You snarl and lunge yourself at the she-wolf, who had turned her side to you. When you reach your destination, your teeth close onto the damp, empty air. You whip around. Nothing. Not a stir of the wind, not the crackle of a twig. Something creaks above you, and your snarl fades. Staring back at you through the foliage are several dozen unblinking pairs of eyes, silent, in a full circle about you. The small fae jumps down from an oak, and you suddenly wish for the odd wolf you had in your company a few minutes before. The shadows creep around her face, highlighting her pupiless eyes, and unbelieving your own sight, the suspicious red markings she had on her white pelt seemed to have spread like a wildfire, and you can easily make out that it was fresh blood from the smell and the sight of it dripping down her muzzle. Insanely, she tilted her head to the side, and a crazed smile seemed to spread on her face. Her mouth makes the slightest movement, and the eerie, terrifying words escape her lips. "To the feast, mates."Her comrades instantly overwhelm you, attacking with lighting speed and silky movements. You try to grab a dark brown one, who raked his dull claws against your exposed underbelly, but your fangs just seem to slide off his sleek, loose pelt. You helplessly lash out at them, to no use. They might not be the largest brutes possible, but it felt like hell to be swarmed by them. Your own blood blinds you as they suddenly split like the Red Sea and allow the smallish fae forward. You whine, but try to curl your spine to grab her neck. Paws instantly catch you and slam you down by your neck. She chuckles, and her teeth glisten in the oily light that barely filters through the canopy. In one lightning motion, she slices your belly open with her teeth. Your pain is unbearable, and you howl in agony. More pain grabs at you as you feel your insides meeting oxygen, and you look to see the fae with your large intestines in her mouth.

"To feast, mates."She said over her mouthful of your insides, still in that hysterically quiet voice. You feel the other wolves swarm you, eating away at you alive.Death was not what you wished it to be that night. It was long and painful. They had to be doing this on purpose. At one point, you lay lamely, eyes half closed, watching as they dug into your ribcage, removing the heart, lungs, stomach... You wished to die in an honorary battle, surrounded by your pack and the enemy, bleeding out to another wounded brute. But this... This was being caught off guard and watching yourself die. The eyes roll back into your head, weakly, as your heart valves are severed, and you fall into Death's cold grip, which seems like the more comfortable option at the moment of half dead, half alive.

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