Welcome, you can go in any Clan of; RiverClan, ThunderClan, Windclan, and ShadowClan! Storyline Edit

As you wander through the forest, you smell a strong scent of cats, you wander through it, thinking its loners, and because of other loners. as you go you go through it, you see a shimmer of hope, its a den! Its actually a border of a Clan, but you don't relize it. As you walk through, you see 4 or five dens, then this big rock, when you relize what you did, it's to late, the Clan came back from there Gathering, and now all the cats have surrounded you hissing, unsheathed claws; all but one. "Stop!" they yell, "Who are you?" He/She says calmy, but sternly, -you never thought ouf a name, you were to focused on trying to get a home, you never considered it, and your parents never got the chance, as soon as you were born, you were put up for adoption! "I asked who are you?!" He/She hissed "U-u-uh i never considerd a name before! I-i-i was to focused on finding a home and that...!" you explain weakly, the other cats looked at you as if you had grown two heads! "Then where do you come from" He/She asked cooly, "Umm, i grew up in a twoleg home, but hated it, so i ran away....." you say more confidint now, "i say we teach them a lesson! Then they'll never come back!" a young cat piped up, an Apprentince in fact, but you did not know this at the time, "silence!" He/She scolded at the young cat "I want to have them join us, we could use some new cats...." the cat says, ripples of agreement, and disagreement went through the Clan, "Your name shall be ________!" "YAYYYAWHOOOOOWHOOYAYAYAWAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" cheers of the cats go through, you feel great, you finally have a home.

The Rules Edit

  • You have to have appropiate wear for every Clan.
  • We are allowed to have battles, but only in: Zios, Seripia, ect. in that sort
  • We will be having appropiate laguage for Warrior Cats.
  • We need Twolegs.
  • The Place is held in haggismonkey's den.
  • All hunting grounds will be held in full worlds, Sarepia, and Zio, ect. of that sort.
  • We need kittypets

The News! Edit

RiverClan is having scarce for food, and herbs, (that's because i dont have enough, donation i will accept. Im so sorry D:) meanwhile, everyone else is ok, but ShadowClan went through a huge tree falling upon there Camp, and everything was crushed to bit, and wood is scattered everywhere, meanwhile there sleeping outside of dens (again its my fault dont have enough, im so sorry D:, will accept donations) meanwhile ThunderClan and WindClan are fine!

Thats the news for today, thanks for reading it! :D!