Storyline Edit

You pad into a stygian (which is a nefarious cave) forcing chills up your spine. Continuing to pad inward the stygian, you are greeted with the baleful aroma, blood. As you step closer, the aroma grows stronger. Your paws grow weary from the feeling of bones lining the ground. A unassailable, gelid wind rumpled your pelt, and the resonant sound of rain pounded against the cave top. "Welcome to the Beasts of midnight, may your malevolent deeds be done," a stentorian voice rang. A peculiar lamented pair of white, soulless eyes stared at you, watching your every move. The white eyes ascended nearer, and you finally saw her full figure. Her form was gargantuan and monstrous. You could tell she was a chaotic, merciless, powerful cat. Her copious muscles rippled through her dark pelt, and her cavernous jawline was saturated with a deep, dark, obscure crimson, making her jawline more audacious and prominent. Her hoary, red canines divulged, causing you to flinch back in sudden fear. You continue to stare at her, observing her alluring appearance. Her eyes were blanched from all sympathy and love. "I am Shou, Leader of the Beasts of Midnight." Her lips pressed together, and slightly curved, indicating a slight sign of happiness. You open your maw to speak, but it remained closed and silent. You're speechless. "C'mon, follow me, I don't bite unless you bite first." An evil grin arose on her face. You blinked, confused at her words. Speechless, you followed her into the never-ending abyss of darkness.

Ranks Edit

  • Sovereign: Leader of the pack. (Limit: 1.)
  • Proxy: Deputy of the pack. (Limit: 1.)
  • Pugilist: Lead warrior. (Limit: 1.)
  • Mercenary: Warrior(s) of the pack. (Limit: None.)
  • Cadet: Apprentice(s) of the pack. (Limit: None.)

Dresscode Edit

  • No elf tail armour, or any tail armour.
  • Leaf bands or a legendary gloves, and elf bracelets are perfectly fine.
  • No red necklaces. Diamond-shop spikes, rare spikes, and leaf necklaces are allowed.
  • No foxhats. Skull helmets are fine.
  • No jamaaliday bows. Spartan armor is fine.
  • No member swords. Only NM Swords are allowed for the NM(S).
  • No ribbon scarfs, or jamaaliday scarfs.
  • No headdresses.