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You wake up in a dense area with a small cottage surrounded by salt licks. Not too far off you smell food: carrots and cabbage. And most delicious, cheese. You want to scamper toward it but you can't move. Your stuck in a mouse trap. You look on the other side of the mouse trap and you see all 3 of these foods. Your worried something might find you and kill you. A giant or a masked feather! Or worse the Monsters! You can't take it anymore and scream and call out. Before long a mouse with a grass sash with a stick tied to it, sort of like a mine spear, comes to your rescue. She's a small, plump deer mouse with a kind smile. She easily lifts the metal teeth open with her spear. "Hi, you seem lost in the old giant's home. This is were we trap intruders. Don't worry, we won't kill you! We only do this to attract new recruits. We live in this old abandoned barn filled with spoiled food and seeds. Here, I think you deserve these carrots and lettuce," the mouse says. She hands you the food. You quickly eat, famished. "So you want to join the Horde eh? Well that's wonderful~!"


Horde's are groups of rats or mice, we don't allow rats though~ they're evil!!!!!!!!! This role play is based off the book "Poppy". We do allow weapons but they aren't as strong as an actually sword, they probably stick a cat or something like a splinter. Horde leader's are called chiefs and they wear a piece of "shine stone" around their neck.

We are often fat little critters. We have a huge storage of food under the Barn. Mice are usually in and out of the tunnel. Beware of giants. They hate mice. Sometimes small giant will take us and kill us more easily than large giants. Masked Feathers are owls. They hunt at night. They sometimes are friendly if you don't step into their domain. We except squirrels and chipmunks and other small rodents. WE DO NOT EXCEPT RATS THOUGH, THEY'RE MEAN!!!!!

This Horde was started generations long ago when a small pygmy mouse and his mate had their first litter. They started infesting and buildings and serving their chiefs.

We are normally named after the stuff we eat. Like: Poppy, Oakseed, Pinecone

We run of monarchy

Poppy Book Cover


How to Join Edit

Just read all the sections and put your name under members

Make sure you have a brief description


Chief- the leader of the horde( represented with masked feather fur)

Advisor Chief- the chief's mate( represented with masked feather fur

Leader Figher(only one)- the leader of the fighter mice, leads fights and dangerous missions (represented with a dead grassblade

Fighter- Mice that fight for the horde( represented with a grass blade

Lead Farmer- The mouse that organizes the harvest

Farmers- Mice that go out and find food( represented with a flower blue flower petal

Lead Scout-The mouse that directs the scouts

Scouts- Mice that scout the horde( represented with a purple flower petal

Sniffers- Mice that sniff out toxins in food( represented with a red flower petal

The Lead giver(always male)- The mouse that keeps his heroine of females to become givers

Givers- Mothers of mice(One of the most respected ranks and it is represented with pine needle

Elders- Old mice than assist the Chief in his/her choices. ( represented with a wilted rose

Blacksmiths- they craft weapons (represented with a fish scale

The Leader Finder- The mouse that directs the Finders

Finders- They find items for the black smith (represented with a Monster tooth

Bucks- young male mice(represented with a light blue petal

Does- young female mice (represented with a pink flower

Pinkys- Baby mice( represented with nothing

Healers- Medics, there are plenty, but only one is aloud to give birth, which that is the Mother medic.. basically the "Queen" of all the medics and all of their mothers(represented with white flyer fur

Mother medic- the mother of all the healers(only one)(represented with black flyer fur

Shamans- like medics except these are usually retired Mother medics (represented with blue feather fur

Lead Tailor- The mouse that assigns Tailors to cilents

Tailors- the sewers, they make all the 'clothing' for the mice. No we don't wear T-shirts or pants we wear like shawls or small head bows (represented with a curled maple leaf

Butcher- look up the definition of butcher :) Meat=Bugs

Bartender-... Grillby?

Master Bartender(only one)- the leader of the bartenders and the one who keeps the bucks and doe's away from the beer


  • Cottonspore the female Chief- a completely white deermouse with a feather tied to her tail, signifying that she's chief
    CottonSpore real


  • Sapling the Mother Medic- a very fat house mouse with grey fur and dark brown eyes User: Pomchiepompei


  • Black the lead fighter-full black mouse with chipped ear and long scar on back. she also has bright blue eyes
  • Honeysuckle the master barn tender- A fluffy,cream colored mouse with a vibrant honeysuckle flower attached to her ear.She has a long tail and glittering brown eyes. User:MarshaCatty
  • Pepper the lead giver- A black colored male mouse with large ears and a long tail, along with black eyes. User: XxFoxyFoxesxX
  • Cattail the Finder- A dusty brown house mouse with a monstertooth attatched to his tail User: Pomchipompei



Porcupine sword- One of the rarest swords. It is only used by elite Fighter mice and the lead fighter. It is very precious and sometimes passed on to generations of mice. It is a porcupine quil tied to a t-shaped hilt with a weed

The spear- just like a normal spear it is a large stick tired to a sharped stone with a weed.

Vial- a jug like acorn containing holly berry juice it can be injected into the foe

Bow and Arrow- pretty self explanatory

Woodsword- A stick tired to another stick

How to play Edit

Go to our Role play page and start role playing: No using nm or nn

We don't even fight( thats a lie)

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Rules Edit

1. When you Role play, make sure you stay in the "Mouse power field" meaning that if they try to brawl something larger than them, they will probably fail

2. Ask to posses a weapon

3. Starting a Horde is perfectly fine with me~ just role play on a different page

4. You can not kill Monsters, or Masked Feathers or any other creature that isn't rodent like

5. Respect all of Horde members

6. Eat as much food as you'd like~ As long as you don't eat all of it~

7. We don't except rats!!!!!

8. We can communicate with every animal

9. No powerplaying, only shamans have powers but they are not major, which the only power they have is future telling

10. If your a shaman, you have to ask to say something that will happen in the furture

11. Umm I'll add more rules if needed

12. You can have the limit to 10 ocs in this horde(This might change)

13. You can not role play as a "Barn Horde" Member until you fill out an approved form

14. Mice only! Other rodents will be deplicated

Customs Edit

The New ball- everymouse will grab a partner and dance around their dens celebrating a new year Jan 1rst

The Heart ball- a mega marriage party where different mice couples will dance and be honored Feb 1rst

Luck Day- Farmers will gather clovers and spread them all over the Barn

Sun Dance- When the months are hot, All the mice will come out and dance with light bugs June 21rst

Havest Moon(last August and September)- The first day of autumn were the Farmers will get as much food as they can and the Horde will fatten up for winter August 1rst through October 1rst

The Spirit Gazer- Elders will tell stories of dead mice that fought to their deaths and the horde will eat sweet rocks(Oct 31rst

The Singing Dance- where the horde will exchange gifts and dance on frozen puddles( Wnter Solciste/ Christmas)

The Choosing- when a doe or buck becomes an adult rank

The Bearing- when a pinkie is named

Allies and FoesEdit

  • Allies
  • Mousi Hideaways: We better have food sacrifies~
  • TundraClan
  • Foes

Cow Choir: Because they are butts

News Edit

1/5/16 The Barn Horde finished version one of page code structure!

1/5/16 Allied with Mousi Hideaways in exchange for monthly food

1/5/16 Allied with Trundra Clan

1/6/16 New Member! Honeysuckle!!!

1/11/16 New Member! Pepper!!!